Zlatan zaps around in Porsche 918

Posted: 17 April 2015 Time: 15:43

The PSG striker showed his need for speed, pulling away in a limited edition Porsche 918 in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Being one of the best paid players around comes with a huge amount of perks. For Zlatan Ibrahimovic, its owning 1 of 918 Porsche Spyder hybrid sports cars ever produced.  

The 11th model to come off the Porsche 918 Spyder conveyor belt belongs to none other than the eccentric goal-poacher, who turned plenty heads when spotted pulling away in his all black beauty (see below). 

At a cost of a cool R9 million, the Porsche 918 is as bespoke as they come with a myriad of options for personalisation. It includes a modified V8 Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 race car engine that produces 608hp and top speeds at around 340km/h.

Article by: KICK OFF

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