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Nnamdi Oduamadi described his hat-trick against Tahiti at the Fifa Confederations Cup as 'massive'

Posted: 18 June 2013 Time: 15:07

Nnamdi Oduamadi described his hat-trick against Tahiti at the Fifa Confederations Cup as 'massive' and says it is the reward of hard work.

The goals have also earned him an immediate recall to his parent club AC Milan.

"I am very happy. I really worked hard and getting three goals in the Confederations Cup is massive for me," he told

Oduamadi, on loan to Varese from Milan, was to find out just how massive it was indeed when he discovered that after his second goal, AC Milan president Adriano Galliani called up manager Massimilliano Allegri and directed him to bring the Nigerian back Milan's pre-season training camp.

"That's fantastic for me and I want to give glory to God."

Oduamadi spent last season on loan at Varese, playing a very good second half of the season after returning from injury, which cost him a spot on Nigeria's Nations Cup squad.

But on a night of personal glory, Oduamadi, like the rest of the Nigeria squad felt a tinge of disappointment not only at the numerous missed opportunities, but also at his wrongfully disallowed goal.

"I'm a little bit disappointed that we missed so many chances and that the referee cancelled a good goal which I scored.

"But let’s see what happens in the second game."

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Lady Goldilight
posted: 03:17 pm
Good for you brother.
posted: 03:22 pm
Keep it up
Cosa Nostra (5Families)
posted: 03:23 pm
What i like about this nigerian players is that they always associate everything they do with God that is why they always prosper.Gentlemen continue praising God so that the world too can recognise his ability.Glory goes to the Almighty.

Hope even some of the devil's advocates on this site can change and give contructive criticism if necessary.We dont need to swear at each other like what has been happening lately.
The Phoenix
posted: 03:28 pm
I'm happy for u man! I'm sure you now realize why its much wiser to ignore the NFF and d bonus at times like this and focus on making a name for yourself. Would u av had dis chance if we had missed the competition and got banned from the WC by FIFA? Even if Milan does not call you, they know they risk losing you to other clubs watching now.
Sometimes when u descend into gutter fight with someone who doesn't send you, u end up soiled in the gutter yourself.
Nothing stop u guys from rejecting d bonus and letting everyone knows and then travel to Brazil for your own sake and your country. Then let the press, public and sport ministry and presidency descend on NFF.
You guys would have reached Brazil in time and maintain your focus. Maybe we would have seen more of the boys impressing against Tahiti and catching the eyes of the watching football world.
Your destiny is in your hands boys and not NFF, please don't treat the ConFed as an NPL league. Wake up and change your destiny!
posted: 03:30 pm
This is what we are talking about, "You do good you do for yourself, you do bad you do for yourself ooooooooo, cunning man die, cunning man bury am"
If Ujah had scored three goals yesterday and Mba 3 goals they too will get some offers or at least attract some interests.
Bottom line,our game yesterday was a disaster even though we won, and worse still when all those rubbish was going on neither Keshi nor his assistants stood up to caution and call the boys to order.
posted: 03:35 pm
You heard it first from me here yesterday that this guy is going back to the roseneri and now that prediction has come to pass. He just needs more games to enhance his stamina. Oduamadi is a talent. I pray he doesn't sustain injuries and the sky is the starting point for him. A Milan player in the Eagles camp, that's a huge achievement coach Keshi.
posted: 03:38 pm
Chiffo, the boys and the coaches were tired. You could see tiredness written on the faces of keshi and Amokarchi, it was only Ike that was still managing to stand on his feet. The next game is going to be different and explosive. We need that win badly to progress in the group and I know the boys can do it.
posted: 03:39 pm
What you get from playing for the national team transcends the bonus. Someone else would have been enjoying the benefit Oduamadi is enjoying now if given the chance. They should be focused and stop their petty fight for increased bonus.

This forum is full of extremists - extreme optimists and extreme pessimists. I am surprised at Enyeama's rant. Hear him: "We don't really care about the goals. What mattered was getting the three points." As a member of a team who narrowly crashed out of a nations cup tourney just two years ago, he should know that it is important to take your chances when you get it. I do not have any sympathy for them if they are fatigued because of their late arrival in Brazil. The NFF had a perfect travel arrangement for them to get to Brazil on time but they decided to miss their flight due to petty squabble. In contrast to what most fans have presented online, they were not owed their bonuses, NFF presented them with the match bonuses for the Kenya and Namibia game only for them to reject the bonus unless they are paid $10000. They decided to miss their flights without having alternative plans knowing fully well that it will be hard to get an optional flight at a very short notice. Today, they are all shouting about fatigue.

In addition, Enyeama is not totally saying the truth. There is no difference between the pattern of play yesterday where many goal scoring chances were missed and the matches played against Mexico and Kenya. The truth is that the SE has a goal scoring problem that needs to be sorted out. Admitting the problem and looking for a way to solve it will help the team a lot. I am surprised that nobody commented on the convincing away wins of Ghana at Sudan and Lesotho in the last set of matches, ditto Ivory Coast. If it was the Super Eagles that played against these teams and escaped with a narrow 1-0 win or lucky draw, the meteorologists among us would have stated how hot Omdurman is, the journeymen would have stated how hostile the north Africans can be and all sort of reasons. The truth is that the opposition team is as good as you make them to look.

I am surprised that a forumite stated that we will be foolish to dispense with Mba because of his heroics at the nations cup. Do we now have permanent place reserved for players in the SE? Is Mba even the best player in the local league? Probably no. Mba did well at the nations cup, scoring important players and he was duly compensated. He has MON title to his name, several choice lands and a lot of money obtained as bonus.He worked for it and he deserved it but should he not be able to measure up to the standard expected of him, wouldn't it be wise for us to look at the same local league who brought him forth if we can find a better replacement for his role. The funny thing is that he brought it upon himself by going idle after the nations cup allowing himself to be drawn in a transfer saga between Rangers and Warri Wolves.

Going further, we need to be careful so that Malawi does not steal the world cup place from us. Small teams can be tricky especially if the big teams do not take their chances. We must find a solution to our scoring problems. Keshi should use friendly matches before the Malawi game to experiment. Musa at the wings does not cut it. Why not try him in the striking role where he fluorished in CSKA this past season? I do not believe that we need to keep inviting new players. Few players brought in recently have not measured up to expectation. Rather the coaches should look at how to get the best out of the ones they already have and they should not be afraid to drop the non-performing ones. As good as Enyeama is, we cannot totally rely on him in matches where we dominate. He seems to lose concentration. If we allow Malawi to score us first in Calabar or Abuja, it may be difficult for us to find a way back because they will employ all means to protect the lead (falling down, ballooning ball away, etc). The coaches should not allow those praise-singing them to lead them to destruction. The match against Malawi will determine whether the building process started over a year ago will stand a test of time. But before that time, we need to see improvements. As tedious as this summer time is, it has given the players the chance to be together for a long time. They should get used to one another. Stray passes and glaring missed chances should be corrected. If they had been accurate in their passes and final balls yesterday, the match would have been won easily and they will not even feel the fatigue but when you give balls away easily without being forced, you cause strain on the midfield and defense.

Good luck to them in their remaining matches and they should put a stop to their laughable fight for increased bonus.

The Phoenix
posted: 03:48 pm
Mikel really need a club that will give him better opportunities and free roles than he has with Chelsea. Turkey shd be for guys past their prime. I hope he grabs this chance and show top teams in Spain, Italy and Germany what he can do. For christ sake, only Messi beat this guy to the best player award @ d Junior WC!
When I look @ this team, all I see are young players with huge potentials struggling in little rated clubs in Europe and back at home. Its too early for you guys to be fighting NFF over match bonuses, distracting yourself and messing up good opportunities!
Focus and concentrate! Choose your fights wisely and not be used by anyone to settle their own scores!
Kanu, Okocha, Finidi and co all thrived in the so-called system to become the best in their position. Its all a matter of priority and knowing when to fight and when to sheath your sword!
Again, like old man Kenny Rogers sang, u gotta know when to walk away... U never count ur money when sitting @ d table, there'll be time enuf for counting when d deal is done.
posted: 03:58 pm
I hope this goes out to show the boys especially the ones in the local clubs. Every second in an international competition is an opportunity to market yourself. The better you perform, the more interests you attract. If I was in this team and I was a local player. Old boy, the game against a team like Tahiti for be die for me O.... Die in such a way that I go overshine to the extent that na Man U and Arsenal go dey fight for me. So I hope our local boys get to see this comment to boost their confidence. As my father always told me : HARDWORK WILL ALWAYS BEAT TALENT BY 100-0 , ANYTIME, ANYDAY, IF TALENT REFUSES TO WORK HARD. FACE YOUR OPPONENT MAN TO MAN, BONE TO BONE, OKPUKPU TO OKPUKPU.
The Phoenix
posted: 03:59 pm
That was a great post! Only a deep and thorough thinker can reason the way u did. At the end, extremism in any form - blind optimism or high pessimism - will not help anyone. Only truth can set free!
posted: 04:18 pm
I hope players like Zongo are able to read this !!
posted: 04:38 pm
According to ESPN stats, ODUAMADI is the first AFRICAN to score a HAT TRICK in a senior FIFA competition.
Congrats young man, Not Drogba, Eto but ODUAMADI? wow.
posted: 04:41 pm
@Segun please tell me if you have idea how other countries treat their national team players concerning bonuses, do they give them bonus or not? is it true that NFF is poor? dose it mean that SE is not marketable, or we don't have companies that can sponsor our SE in Nigeria, country like Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, name them but a few can play for their country with out demanding money but not country like Nigeria that God has blessed with oil and other resources, what made our athletics chose to run for other countries rather than Nigeria, if we learn how to make our players happy sky will be our limit, bonus motivates my brother lets say the truth and shame the devil have a nice day.
posted: 05:02 pm
segun good write up.... you are damm spot on and i can positively say you know much about soccer not all this sentimental pigs in here who go on supporting this team even when its clear they are not good enough....
posted: 05:13 pm
@Ogbonna, quote any player in the Eagles team who said they were not given bonus. What they are fighting for is the sustenance of the $10000 winning bonus per match which the NFF cannot afford at the moment. Journalists who have followed soccer across Africa agree that Nigeria pays one of the highest bonus in Africa. In fact, the Super Eagles players have been paid winning bonus for drawn matches in recent time. Bogus bonus should not be the only way of motivating the players, wearing that green-white-green jersey alone should motivate enough. Remember that these players cannot be on the top for the next ten years. If we do not fund the youth teams, where would we get fresh talent? Should we spend all money on bonuses alone? Instead of just castigating the FA, we can ask for the inflow and outflow of fund (both private and public) be made public. Then we can begin to speak. FYI, the prize money of the African Champions league and the nations cup is not even enough to take care of first round of matches of the team. That NFF needs to improve its marketing department is not debatable, but until then, I am not in support of extra judicial spending just because we need to make our players happy. At $5000 per match winning bonus, these players still take home tens of thousands of money home from Nigeria annually, tell me which public servants get that as gratuity after retirement. Therefore the argument that they do not get retirement benefits does not hold any water to me.

posted: 05:23 pm
Ethiopian FA has admitted that they fielded a suspended player and will now lose 3 points. NFF should make sure they don't make the same mistakes o, FIFA should have a way of reminding the countries of their suspended players, especially those on 2 yellow cards from different matches. They should have a way of stopping these players from entering the pitch instead of taking 3 points off after the match. NFF please be careful, it's very easy to forget that a player had a yellow card on the previous match.
posted: 05:25 pm
@Segun, NFF went on to appoint 3 technical advisers on higher salaries, after sacking some of Keshi's staff. How does that equate to being broke?
posted: 05:27 pm

Suarez you will be meeting the Super Eagles. I agree with you that your next opponents, including the Super Eagles, will be different. The difference is that the Super Eagles did not concede superiority to Spain before this tournament; you did. And, there is no reason why they should concede given the records between the two teams at this level of football.

Another difference is that this is an African team with an entirely different brand of football. This brand of football overwhelmed a star studded Spanish team in 1998. Nigeria killed off Brazil and Argentina (your neighbors) en route to Olympic glory in 1996 with this brand of football. Your team probably did not qualify for this Olympic showpiece. Just recently, Mexico, another team like yours, scampered to a stalemated game against Nigeria while under the influence of this brand of football.

It is foolish of yours to dismiss African football with the sleight of a hand as you did. I pray the Super Eagles rises to the occasion and shame you prejudiced South American. We already know your impression of Black people at the English Premiership. So, we are not surprised by your bigoted analysis of African football. We also know that you are still under the influence of colonialism. That's why you practically worship Spain; and that's also the reason you are currently at war with anything British including its Prime Minister. It is also the reason you are in a haste to run from Liverpool to Real Madrid in Spain not withstanding all the love they gave you at Liverpool.

But, we will see on Thursday. It's only a matter of time. I want to know which players in your team are bigger than the players of Ivory Coast on a one-on-one comparison. This Super Eagles demolished Ivory Coast for your information and lifted the 2013 African Cup of Nations. It is the reason they are in this tournament.


Yours Heckler-in-Chief

Futbol Aficionado.

"Knowledge is like onyx. One digs deep to have it."
posted: 05:31 pm
Let him go and score against Uruguay and Spain.
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