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12/06/2013 16:00

Godfrey Oboabona scored for Nigeria

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Nigeria drew 1-1 with Namibia in their 2014 World Cup qualifier on Wednesday night.

Posted: 13 June 2013 Time: 06:33

Nigeria missed a chance to become the first country to reach the final phase of 2014 World Cup qualifying when they could only draw 1-1 to Namibia on Wednesday night.

With victory over Kenya secured a week earlier, and Namibia in disarray following the resignation of coach Roger Palmgren barely 48 hours before the match, Nigeria were expected to secure the three points that would push them over the line.

Desperate for goals, Stephen Keshi spent his final training sessions working on shooting practice, and dropped striker Brown Ideye for Anthony Ujah who had looked lively when he came on against Kenya.

And it looked like the move had paid off when the Eagles created an opening within the opening minutes.

But just like in the Kenya game, that chance was fluffed. It set the tone for the rest of the game, with Ahmed Musa, Nnamdi Oduamadi, Anthiny Ujah and John Mikel Obi all spurning good opportunities.

And they were soon made to pay the price when substitute Deon Hotto volleyed past Vincent Enyeama to give the hosts a shock lead.

Not that it lasted for long. Defender Godfrey Oboabona restored parity soon after with a superbly curled free-kick.

Nigeria pushed for a winner, but towards the end, Keshi settled for the point by shoring up his midfield with Fegor Ogude.

The result means Nigeria stay two points clear of Malawi, and only need a result in their final group game at home to Malawi to reach the final phase of qualifying.

It also takes Nigeria to 18 games unbeaten under Stephen Keshi.

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Previous comments on this story...

Ozigi express
posted: 06:54 am
Nigeria need a real striker.so many miss opportunity.heart attack soccer. Do we have to play like this all the time ? Changes need to be made Asap.
posted: 07:13 am
we really really need a creative attacking midfielder and a clinical finisher like Aghahowa.
For the midfield, Kalu Uche and Obiora nwankwo will do, Obinna Nsofor will certainly bench Oduamadi.
posted: 07:19 am
Minds already on Confed CUP. No more small team in Africa. Do not underestimate your opponents.
posted: 07:32 am
All teams are uping their game......no more small teams. Well done to Namibia for holding the african champs to a dull draw
posted: 07:33 am
We certainly need goal machine in our attack. Although, it's difficult to play on artificial pitch. I believe they will fail in confed cup cos their is no one who can score
Brain on soccerladuma
posted: 07:57 am
Malawi gona qlfy nigeria alwys win by like they play skop an dono malawi all the way . Proudly south african
Me,myself and I
posted: 08:00 am
Keshi needs to go to his drawing board, and look back to see that he needs some of this boys that he is backing, some people where happy when Nigeria want up in ranking to 30th with this draw Nigeria next month ranking will go down to about 50th, this is not but one step forward 10 steps backward, Peter is very fresh and hunger for action, we need him, Keshi should weak up now before its too late.
posted: 08:06 am
we did lost so no hope lost.we need emenike and moses for the next match in september...we really missed the force in the midfield,cus we did play well no force. striker totaly dead.ujah is not a striker.keshi becarefeul.
posted: 08:14 am
KESHI needs to GO!!! Nigeria will NEVER get better under KESHI's management because he is very bias in his selection of players. He will not advance Nigeria football because he is part of the problem, him and NFF.
Santi Santi
posted: 08:27 am
I dont know why we dont like making things easy for ourselves, we had enough chances to bury Namibia in the 1st half and the players refused to take any, were they thinking of Brazil already? Nevertheless another good performance, our boys showed character after going 1 nil down but the result is unacceptable, and can Oboabana be taking set pieces for us that was some brilliant FK to level scores.
Santi Santi
posted: 08:32 am
Denonso after reading and you dont know what to comment just exit your browser rather than make this stupid comments you always do here, your type will ruin Nigerian football if you get the chance but who dash monkey banana.
posted: 08:49 am
KESHI needs to GO!!! Nigeria will NEVER get better under KESHI's management because he is very bias in his selection of players. He will not advance Nigeria football because he is part of the problem, him and NFF.
If you can't see what Keshi is trying to do with the team, you must be staying in another planet !
posted: 08:56 am
Now we have seen a difference between a coach and a trainer.Keshi supposed to be a trainer,not a coach.There are no improvements in the team.He can't even read a SIMPLE match.The match was served on a silver platter waiting for Keshi to kill it off and i was very shocked that he didn't even notice.In a match like this,I would have turned my defence into attack for more goals.Namibia has the leakiest defence so far,and if we couldn't defeat such a team,we need to start looking for a black goat in the day.

A team without their head coach PEPPER SPRAYED a team with a coach.Nawoo.Those who hired Keshi as a coach of Super Eagles should be fired and those who gave him a coaching certificate should be exterminated.
niyi oyedola
posted: 09:11 am
Hmm! I was not suprise atall is only Keshi that understand what is doing know I think he has lost purpose. We can't him for christ invite some tested players in the attack line to complement the team. He is so stubborn and egocentric so sometime one need to be flexible but Keshi is not just too rigid. We don't have quality strikers yet we have some experience players that are available for selection.I hope Keshi will not regret just as Siasia after dropping Enyema for all important match against Guinea.
posted: 09:17 am
For me we played well, the Namibian that came ambitiously for a combat were all over the dead pitch playing TAKUADO read to kill or brake our guys legs not ready be humiliated knowing that they are at the tail of their WC exit, that was their game plan did anybody sees that. It’s away difficult playing African team so people should know that Namibian played and are ready to die in front of their countrymen compensating they for the about to crouched out of WC qualifier. I mean we are talking about people that knows that if they lost the match they lost world cup qualification they are playing their dread final, I love NIGERIA game like other games that goal failed to come having done all things possible that is life for you; if it was easy we all should achieve our dreamed goal at ease. SE played better all we need for reality is good finishing I know the big boss is taking note if not Amoudu S. should ask himself some question what has been his impact to the bench and how do they use this encounter rejuvenate the hope of CONFAB with good performance at list at semi final level nothing less will sing a song. Again what would have been said if Godfrey Oboabona meticulous free kick was barricade? Lol that is what you call a champion ability to fight back like a wounded lion. I was in SE as soon as that goal was in they were red hot like venom of a viper and they reiterate with no hesitation (Champion spirit).
We’re sport followers should know that been a champion come with responsibility your entire opponent are ready to fight you with all they have. Thanks all forumit that SE and thank God it’s not over. SE is still on the table undefeated not even Malawi at our home a draw make it all in Sept; at 3rd round we will win at home and draw away that is my perdition.
God bless Nigerians and God bless Super Eagle.
niyi oyedola
posted: 09:18 am
Hmm! I was not suprise atall is only Keshi that understand what is doing now I think he has lost purpose. We can't him for christ invite some tested players in the attack line to complement the team. He is so stubborn and egocentric so sometime one need to be flexible but Keshi is not just too rigid. We don't have quality strikers yet we have some experience players that are available for selection.I hope Keshi will not regret just as Siasia after dropping Enyema for all important match against Guinea.
niyi oyedola
posted: 09:19 am
Hmm! I was not suprise atall is only Keshi that understand what is doing now I think he has lost purpose. Why can't him for christ sake iinvite some tested players in the attack line to complement the team. He is so stubborn and egocentric sometime one need to be flexible but Keshi is not just too rigid. We don't have quality strikers yet we have some experience players that are available for selection.I hope Keshi will not regret just as Siasia after dropping Enyema for all important match against Guinea.
posted: 09:23 am
My opinion here is that we should stop gallivanting the parade of players in array for Keshi if all the player that we are calling are so good why didn’t we win world cup with then we have lost out of CAF with Peter O., etc name those we are recommending for Keshi I will tell you we have played with them without a goal even losing the match. One Man can’t make a team, you don’t just bring this and that to a team can we take a breath and ask if they can blend with the team or else we will qualify and repeat WC 2002. Kudos for a team that played 18 games with no lost. Some time our criticism is bore out of love for team but should still show that they are human and no robots Thanks.
posted: 09:32 am
I so wish Nigeria meets SA in the playoff. It would be a great match.
posted: 09:46 am
Please spear us this 18 game unbeaten run. Keshi lost against Peru, 1-0 and Egypt 3-2 in friendlies. His team hardly dominated matches like Siasia's. He is struggling against Kenya, Namibia and Malawi shame.

Siasia only lost against Argentina in Bangladesh with Messi on the field and Togo. Spear us all this unbeaten runs.
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