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Sunderland to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day

Posted: 25 March 2013 Time: 16:14

English Premier League club Sunderland will celebrate their recent collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation by designating their game against Manchester United at the Stadium of Light ‘Nelson Mandela Day’.

The unique partnership between both parties was launched earlier in the month to help promote the President’s legacy, through the global reach of the Premier League, and Sunderland have become a legacy advocate for the foundation.

On March 30, Sunderland’s players will wear T-shirts for the pre-match warm-up bearing the foundation’s logo and a special ‘text to donate’ message in support of the foundation.

Both teams will take to the field through a guard of honour of youngsters also wearing Nelson Mandela Foundation T-shirts, along with 11 specially chosen mascots. A flag bearing the foundations’ logo will also be displayed pitch side.

African musicians, the Abatimbo Drummers of Burundi, will entertain fans before the game and again at half-time, showcasing the unique musical sound of Africa.

Across the next 18 months, Sunderland will support a number of fundraising initiatives on behalf of the foundation, including a gala dinner planned for later this year.

The players’ shirts, as worn during the game, will be auctioned online via the club’s official website, to kick off the fundraising, with all money raised going to help the foundation continue its work.

“By becoming a legacy advocate of the Nelson Mandela Foundation we hope to accomplish even more for a common good,” Sunderland’s marketing director Mike Farnan says.

Sunderland began its off the field relationship with Africa in 2011, forging a partnership with the Invest In Africa initiative, which also helped the club grow its fan base and global presence, particularly in Africa, where nearly 1.2-billion people watch Premier League matches.

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Previous comments on this story...

Filaz Roger Feutmba...Sandawana
posted: 04:22 pm
Why kungabikho SA Artist to perform??? Mandela is, in fact, a South African...
just thinking out loud...

but its a good thing...
Football Fanatic
posted: 04:24 pm
Bravo Sunderland,just pray that Madiba Magic will assist you to atleast draw against ManU.
posted: 04:25 pm
ANC has made this made the center of all the hard work fought by many fallen heroes. Mandela is really stealing the lime light of our forgotten heroes who are not even celebrated today.

Why where all those who posed a threat assassinated? Why is Nelson celebrated by the white mlungus than his fellow brothers.?

Do people even know when the ANC was formed and by who?
posted: 04:27 pm
This man gave our economic freedom to the Mlungus at the Codessa negotiations while comrades had agreed on a memorandum, he changed tune at the table.
Football Fanatic
posted: 04:36 pm
"This man gave our economic freedom to the Mlungus at the Codessa negotiations while comrades had agreed on a memorandum, he changed tune at the table. "...Mandela was a face that was needed at that time to unite the country,however i agree that he is often overrated & overpraised in isolation of other struggle heroes,particularly non ANC members
Gucci Man
posted: 04:40 pm
Sunderland FC …..Well done , that’s a good job right there.
We appreciates your acknowledgement ngobaba wethu uMadiba .
I like the fact that this initiative will help the less fortunate kids/ppl of Africa .
El Sol
posted: 04:42 pm
KING? Please..this is not the time nor place for politics ndoda..wena ne vrou yakho( Maminz) are always out of tune..shintsha baba iskhath sisakhona..&please pass the message to that idiot that always talk about Shabba even if the article is about Sepp Blatter..just the word of advise madala iknow you can do better..
Mgugudi: The Treble Addict
posted: 04:42 pm
@ King,

Mandela is not the giant of the struggle he is made to be, he is just like an overated coca-cola brand that is so dominant in the minds of the people for no reason. The likes of Feelo & Gucci when sent to buy Lemon Twist, they say we want i coca-cola eluhlaza. The do the same when they see Biko or Mabhida or Sobukwe Or Langalibalele, they say here is Madiba.
posted: 04:46 pm
Mgugudi: The Treble Addict
posted: 04:49 pm
@ El Sol,

Don't dismiss King. Do you remember the Patriotic Front & what led to its fall? Do you remember CODESA 1 negotiations & the reason why the likes of Hani were against some of the resolutions? CODESA 2? Where we lost everything before we voted. Sun set clause? etc.

Our constitution, the output of CODESA is our biggest enemy & was designed for that purpose because our white SAns did not believe that the ANC will govern for more than 10 year. Today, the same constitution is used to fight policies that could benefit the majority. It is fed upon us to accept the ways of Kaizer Jnr's of this world, etc.
El Sol
posted: 04:54 pm
@MGUGUDI baba I'm not dismissing any1, le blog is for FOOTBALL & football only..don't you think politics is a bit too far kodwa? Iwould understand if he went on & talked about Proteas' win against Pakistan, or Super Rugby but POLITICS?? Please man..
Mgugudi: The Treble Addict
posted: 05:01 pm
"I don't know Mandela" says Andile Jali.
Sgoloza82 *Golden Champ*
posted: 05:41 pm
I GIV UP!!! King will neva change...
Sgoloza82 *Golden Champ*
posted: 05:42 pm
I GIV UP!!! King will neva change...
posted: 06:15 pm
Why Burudien music?we have lot of artist in Mzansi and they are hungry for money.n 4 them to perform it might b a boostup jst bcos there is lot of parency
posted: 06:18 pm
Mgugudi: The Treble Addict

"I don't know Mandela\" says Andile Jali.

that is my champ right there, Mgugudi we G, This man was never in prison, he was on holiday, giving a black mans soul away.
posted: 06:22 pm
Or why they dont take that game to Burundi if its just to boost Burundien music?Mzansi let us wakeup or otherwise we ll endup earning nothing.Artist we r behind you.or otherwise no game .South African people r sturving for jobs while they are still taking money to support outside music.we have the likes of Freddy Gwala,Dr Thomas Chauke,Dr Malinga,Benny Mayengani an many more to entertain the crowd mxm mxm mxm mxm? Why why why why why or let them go n play their game at burundi
CJB Ramses III
posted: 08:33 pm
Mxm.... another Mandela money making mChina initiative...

He and his institution are quick to
make a quick buck but he has nothing to say as the country's majority is sinking in economic depression...

I have no respect for this man and his "Rainbow Nation Mandela Project"....

CJB Ramses III
posted: 08:40 pm
Mgugudi: The Treble Addictposted: 04:42 pm  |  Report
@ King,

Mandela is not the giant of the struggle he is made to be, he is just like an overated coca-cola brand that is so dominant in the minds of the people for no reason. The likes of Feelo & Gucci when sent to buy Lemon Twist, they say we want i coca-cola eluhlaza. The do the same when they see Biko or Mabhida or Sobukwe Or Langalibalele, they say here is Madiba.
My Brothers, I don't know what to say.............. I could shed a tear... if I've never hailed you 2 gentleman before please please forgive me...

This goes beyond our Championship affiliation but finds more relevance as humans, Africans and as South Africans....

I have the utmost respect for you gentlemen with all sincerity...

Mandela and his Rainbow Nation are a fake....!
King Leonidas
posted: 08:52 pm
Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems. Nelson Mandela is a true leader when many concentrated on the problems, continued and still continues to blab and complain about who deserves what. He concentrated on the solutions and a way forward. The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is easy to say yes. Yes comrades, yes comrades, yes, yes, yes. That was never the kind of leadership we needed, Nelson was Brave enough to say NO. And that's why He is the most celebrated leader.

And YES effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. and if you pause and take a good look at our continent you ll find only 2 countries, South Africa and the rest but if you don't see the results of that man 's leadership then I don't know.

NO black people were robbed of economic freedom by Nelson Mandela

RIP to my grandfather all He wanted was a free election. IFP niggaz, I forgave yall niggaz.

Listen. Nelson Mandela owe Nobody sh!t, mxm, yall niggaz need to chill for real

Just think of the Nazi, what comes to your mind when you hear the name Nazi?. Hitler is the name we all hate a true example of evil, does that mean He was behind that operation by himself. NO infact they were more men who were more evil that he was in that operation but Hitler is the name you here all the time.

Same thing with ANC Nelson Mandela Is not the only but He is the man the world recognize and that is just how the world works

And the only member cards I have are that of ORLANDO PIRATES, medical aid, and scorpion legal wise. I'm NO PARTY's loyal Voter I Just had to say what was in my mind like that slaughterhouse : truth or truth

And I aint reading no book that was writting by some white folks, my best friend is white though, I aint hating. Yes I leave in the burbs but I'm still from SOWETO. #### Back to football now

GOD bless his Proud nation
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