Maigari with Nigeria soccer ambassador Nwakwo Kanu

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NFF President Aminu Maigari: Nigeria in SA for the Africa Cup of Nations trophy

Posted: 17 January 2013 Time: 21:39

NFF President Aminu Maigari said on Thursday that the Super Eagles are at the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa to fight for the trophy that the country last won in Tunisia 19 years ago.

Speaking in Johannesburg, when he arrived in the capital Johannesburg on Thursday morning, and at about the same time the Eagles delegation was landing at OR Tambo International Airport, the NFF President said the Super Eagles will take no prisoners or hostages at the Nations Cup.

“People have been talking about the chances of the different teams. It is nothing out of the ordinary. Some persons have gone ahead to name their favourite teams for the trophy. My own favourite team for the trophy will be the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

“We have come to the Finals with a fine blend of experienced and ambitious competitors; only few of them have been at the Nations Cup before. But the bulk of them have been together over the past 15 months and blended very well,” Maigari told the media in Johannesburg.

Players and officials of the Super Eagles, who had been in a final training camp in Faro, Portugal since December 28, and played a total of four warm-up matches, arrived in Nelspruit on Thursday evening and immediately checked into the Ingwenyama Conference and Sport Resort.

The delegation, which was led by NFF executive committee member Chief Felix Anyansi-Agwu from Portugal, was received at the Nelspruit Airport by executive committee member and chairman of the media and publicity committee, Chief Emeka Inyama, NFF’s director of competitions Mohammed Sanusi, director of marketing Idris Adama and store manager Tajudeen Tiamiyu.

Head of protocol Ibrahim Abubakar received the delegation in Johannesburg.

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▌▌ Y1NKA ,¸¸,ø¤º°º¤ ᵀᴴᴱ'ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ ╚ll╝
posted: 11:41 pm
▌▌✨Yiηkα ★

This one is comming home to Nigeria. Yall SOUTH AFRICANS can hate all you want. Your sh!t team cant make it pass group stage. Im sure!

....Oηє ℓσvє Nαιjα
sonny ****
posted: 12:27 am
May the best team's only a game!!
sonny ****
posted: 12:29 am
May the best team's only a game!!
NU KING (ba mu da kingi)
posted: 12:36 am
I have little faith in this baby team of us. I mean to say to get browse is there but little hope we can make it to the final.
We have also what i called a baby coach... he has also shown he is one no doubt. But only if luck is on our side and God with us. We can end this 19 yrs of no Gold in AFCON in SA!

posted: 04:24 am
Maigari,You are one of the bad eggs in our football.What are the main job for Okocha and kanu?What a hell are the legends doing inside the house instead of outside on the field teaching the younger ones how is done.Do you really believe in Keshi winning the AFCON?How many coaches in Keshi's caliber has won the AFCON since the beginning?

Mr Maigari,When you get everything in wrong perspective,that is what you will have.You made a wrong choice and handed super eagles over to a coach who is not even qualified to be U20 Nigerian team.Now we want you to prove us wrong in few days.No more excuse.

Maigari,the reason why people are banking on other teams is because of poor performance of our coach and his team.Who see gud tin say Ino gud?.Maigari,I have a dream.I was in a dream 3 months ago president Obama won re-election and I have another dream last week.I was in a dream Super Eagles left the tournament earlier than expected.I hope we pray against this dream instead of criticizing it.Thank you all.
posted: 04:34 am
@Apiripah i think you are a blind dreamer or may be you have high fever/malaria!!...well your dream can not be better than mine..i was in a dream the Super eagles lifted the cup by beating CV 2-1, i was also in a dream where you were sacked from your place of work as a banker , abi? tell me if my dream is wrong?
posted: 05:02 am
Every nations cup it's the same story. We are tired of empty promises. If matches were won with mouth, Nigeria would be the undisputed world champion. Let the Eagles show their resolve on the pitch. We don't want to hear useless talk anymore.

Mr. Anonymous: if Nigeria should finish second in our group and Ivory Coast finish first, the quarterfinals would be Nigeria vs Ivory Coast. The same thing would happen if Nigeria tops our group and Ivory Coast finish second in theirs. Can any of us confidently say we can beat Ivory Coast if we have to face them as early as the quarterfinals?
posted: 06:21 am
I am a Nigerian, but I know that most Nigerians are not scientific. We are dull and stupid!!! We are the only people that support Chelsea's bad play and hate coach Ahmodu technical approach. We are the only one that hate our indigenous heroes...
Considering our past from coach Fintch in 1945 to Keshi only one Coach had qualified us to the World cup twice and had had one silver and two bronze in Afcon under so much hate by cross section of Nigerians who are like Arsenal disciples of good play and no trophy... We have had an indigenous coach who had never lost any qualifying match from his various stings with Nigeria from 1994 I 2010. The most decorated, but we booted him out for that age grade coach who relagated Bayelsa united, Juth FC and couldn't win with Hearth land either...
The hate toward Keshi is to some his association with Ahmodu...for that some see him as Ahmodu...
I was personally a footballer when Nigeria missed the point and introduced their usual corruption into football... Some of us were able to spot that and left for higher education instead... Today Keshi is doing a good job by exposing the right materials we are still trying to sabotage him.. What is the need for playing those who had continued to fail us?
Baby or no baby team they are the only squad that had given us goals near the USA 94 squad, no one can change that...
Boring or not boring Ahmodu remained the most decorated coach in Nigeria domestic football as well as in the Super Eagles, until another coach qualify us to two world cups unbeaten...
We claimed been hated... It is our propblem, because other African know our potentials and had hope on us to deliver Africa, but we have consistently fail them...
Until we learn to be logical, we can never succeed like the English..
Good luck
posted: 11:58 am
I wishes Keshi and his teams best of lucks in the AFCON, may God grants you the strengh and power to overcome and rules African, Naija forever!
posted: 01:26 pm
@Azeebi, did you just say the English are successful ? When was the last time England won a major international trophy? The answer is 1966 in England, they even had to host it. How successful is that? Please wake up, this is 2013, that was 47 years ago.

I should have known your long story made no sense when you referred to Amodu as Nigeria's most successful coach. How many Cups did your great Amodu win for Nigeria? Under Amodu, Nigeria never ever played in one final not to talk of winning a cup. Please tell us the Afcon Amodu won silver? For your correction, the last time Nigeria won silver was at the 2000 Afcon finals in Lagos and Bonfrere Jo was in charge. Amodu only won Bronze in 2002 and 2010 just like Chukwu in 2004 and Eguavoen in 2006. How is Amodu better. Amodu is only better at lobbying NFF to give him a job. If Chukwu or Eguavoen got 3 or 4 chances to lead the Eagles, they will win another bronze too. Please do not use lies to argue for your "super" coach. Some of us know the facts. If your memory has failed you, check Slyman
posted: 01:34 pm
@naijabros, Yes, Nigeria can beat Ivory coast. What is so special about Ivory Coast anyway ? What have they achieved with all their super stars ?? They haven't gone pass the group stage in two World cup attempts with wealth of talents at their disposal. They've being top ranked African team for years with nothing tangible to show for it. They had their chance at the 2012 Afcon and Drogba blew it......this is either Nigeria or Ghana's chance . Triumph belongs to Nigeria finaly.
NU KING (ba mu da kingi)
posted: 06:05 pm
i am just amazed all of a sudden people are beginning to think nigeria should win the cup. with what class of players should they win the cup? some one should give me a good logic.

as for me, i will say the experiment worked during qualifiers and i wait to see how it will work in AFCON. I AM NOT A DREAMER but i believe there is miracle.

posted: 07:44 pm
I believe in God because of all the miracle he has done, starting with the miracle of creation. I believe in God more and more because of what I notice Him do everyday and everytime. I believe in God and can no longer believe more than I have always believed in Him.

I used to dream of the shape of AFCON cup when ever Super Eagles are on the tournament. Today, I seriousely wish my old dreammy dreams will be fast forwarded into the present. I long and hope to revisit that old feeling of victory all the way. Yes, I want to believe in our team for the present (as this is the only team we have for AFCON), even if it means undermining Couch Keshi's words which is enveloped in utmost lack of confidence. He said they are in South Africa as contenders only, that he is not making promises.

Keshi's words further cemented my intention of watching the first two matches before deciding on the capabilities of this team. Someone on this forum rightly said that friendlies do not always determine or undermine a teams capabilities. May God bless and help the Super Eagles.
Me,myself and I
posted: 09:07 pm
My people the time is almost at hand, everything now dey for baba God hand and all we fit do naa naa na to pray to baba God, so as of this moment make una knee down and say The Lord pray with me.

1. The Lord na mai shepherd, I dey kampke

2. He make mi sidon for where betta dey
flow and come put me next to stream make
mai bodi Thermacool.

3. He panel beat mai soul come spray am
white, come dey lead me dey go through
express road of righteousness for sake
of Hin name.

4. Walahi!, if I waka pass where arm
robber, 419 and juju people borku,
come even join okada reach valley of
the shadow of death sef, mai bodi dey
inside cloth. Your rod and staff nko?
Na so dem dey back like bone dey
comfort me.

5. You don prepare Banga and starch make
I chop. All mai enemies dey look
You rub me for head wit Vaseline
Intensive Lotion.
Mai cup na Ogunpa river wey come
overflow hin bank.

6. True true, betta life and mercy go gum
mai back till I quench. And man go
tanda for God house sotey sotey from
Lai lai to lai lai.

▌▌ Y1NKA ,¸¸,ø¤º°º¤ ᵀᴴᴱ'ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ ╚ll╝
posted: 09:13 pm
▌▌✨Yiηkα ★....Oηє ℓσvє Nαιjα ...C'mon SUPER EAGLES
▌▌ Y1NKA ,¸¸,ø¤º°º¤ ᵀᴴᴱ'ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ ╚ll╝
posted: 09:14 pm
▌▌✨Yiηkα ★....Oηє ℓσvє Nαιjα ...C'mon SUPER EAGLES
posted: 12:23 pm
@ anonymous..why u bringing south africa in this topic..and most of all u cursing and disrespecting our nation..please we aiming to unify all africans here into one and u starting on with this hate speech..nigerians are the last one to call our nation #### as they come here in numbers in our country..
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