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Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi is confident his squad are prepared for the Nations Cup

Posted: 15 January 2013 Time: 06:55

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi is confident his squad are prepared for the Nations Cup as they prepare to play their final tune-up game on Tuesday.

Nigeria play Portuguese Second Division club Farense in the last game of their preparations.

Despite heading to South Africa with 17 debutants, the Super Eagles go into the tournament as one of the favourites, and Keshi has reinforced that belief.

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"The team on ground is well prepared for action at the 2013 Nations Cup and again I urge Nigerians to line up behind the team in a bid to bring greater glory to the country at the tourney," Keshi said, according to Media Officer Ben Alaiya.

The game kicks of at 3:30pm Nigeria time. The Eagles followed up their 0-0 draw against Cape Verde with a 1-0 victory over Dutch first division club Sparta Rotterdam.

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Sir eeemzaa-walikhosi
posted: 07:19 am
Oops! I suppose they are ready to be out. I can't wait to c Bafana Bafana crowned as African champions on de 10th of feb while amakhosi be crowned as PSL champs in May.

K4L : let's hear
posted: 07:43 am
the so called Green Egales will be short in the sky by the copper bullets chipolopolo watch out steven keshi
posted: 08:21 am
I am yet to understand why South African hates Nigerian team, yet I can't see the combination of all Southern African Nations matching Nigeria Football prowess in the next twenty years.
The only bask on age cheat as excuse for Nigerian success with absence of scientific facts:
Jonathan Okpoborie played for Nigerian Under 17 that won gold in China 85, he played top fly football in Europe for 22years, all the young stars picked from Nigeria except few had lasted in top fly football for more than an average of 15years.
Give me one south African player that had lasted ten years in top fly football...
Blackman problem is shown evrywhere in South African where sadism remained the root of criticism...
Led the nations cup begins, no need for this noise from people who can only fixed Mandela Challenge Cup Match to record their only ever one 1 - 0 victory against Nigeria in almost ten meetings...
KhosiNation aka Mampodi
posted: 09:30 am
@Azeebi u just demostrated why u think we hate u guys comments before u a passionate south african sayin his country wiill win it second a zambian suggesting that you guys must watch out for them nothin wron nd then u insulting the peaceful nation. Some of us africans have leaved with your fellow country men here in mzanzi no problems clearly the problem is your arrogance.

May I educate you look at all the world cup winners let say from 1986 they got something in common their domestic leagues are very competitive besides havin being coached by local coaches they believe in themselves. Let's look at you nd most african countries one thing they have in common they believe anything from their country is not good enough for them it must be from europe to be good.

That brings me to my question have you ever seen someone who does not believe in himself achieving big things. Let's look at spain they underachieved for decades look at them now is it because of players playing in germany or england?

I can bet with u with my lovely girl Motlalepule if Keshi does not win AFCON he will be fired nd a foreign coach will be appointed yeh because of the world cup because u guys dnt believe in yourselves. For the record we as south africans request some respect when u guys r in our country if you can't handle the heat get the hell out of the kitchen
posted: 09:56 am
Nonsense is what ur talking, do u know how many south Africans is here in Nigeria if government can say let south African get a hell out of our country here, and Nigerians there must come back here to marry our beautiful angels here, instead of wasting time with uncircumcised beeches... they don't even know God shame...
posted: 10:13 am
I hope naija or ghana win the wud be great for fellow africans to win it instead of these overated european coaches who are paid huge salaries and deliver nothing @ the coach gordon has no chance coz in sa we dont have da players with all da players and support naija have no excuse
KhosiNation aka Mampodi
posted: 10:18 am
I like this dialogoues with nigerians like its like um doing good for a change cause clearly some of you guysbehave like people who have been abused in their childhood. Please dnt bring god into this cause your actions dnt show any signs of respect for the almighty.

Wud like to wish your team my country nd the other 14 teams gud luck. May the best team win
posted: 10:34 am
Time to regain confidence of your countrymen Mr. Keshi. I hear cries about the exclusion of Bright Dike maybe you can prove the critics wrong.

When the kick-off whistle is blown the moment of truth will dawn upon all countries participating in this year's edition of Afcon. Halala Super Eagles Halala. Time to rekindle your former glory and I will be rallying behind Bafana Bafana because I have to support it by defaulft because it is my country though the performance is lacklustre but my money is on DRC to win this competition. Tresor Mputu and Mbokani will destroy many.
posted: 10:37 am
Aah that is the only way to help bring ur country up and support them than to criticize other countries every thing Nigeria's this Nigeria's that Nigeria's ar we the only country in Africa??? live us alone we use what we have to get what we need....
Wud also like to wish your team my country nd the other 14 teams gud luck. May the best team win...
KhosiNation aka Mampodi
posted: 10:57 am
@stan thanx just thought u shud know I have respect for nija.

Unfortunately also have to put my full weight behind my country. Educate your fellow country men u guys r one of the very few african countries that can win the world cup.

That nija u23 that lost 1 0 to argentina in the 2008 olympic final from that di maria goal was destined for great things I c your u20 is also comin up nicely. U guys must ensure proper graduation of those flying eagles just thought I shud let u know.

We advise you to come in numbers to witness nd support your team on what is promising to be the greatest AFCON finals of all times. Once again I thank
Good luck
posted: 11:49 am
South African knows that Nigeria team can beat them home and away so that is why they are praying for the fall of Nigeria team so that they will not meet us because they knows we will surely beat them silling, that is the case. Naija forever!
Good luck
posted: 11:52 am
Please our dear Super Eagles should beware of SA Girls when reach South Africa becauce of HIV/POSITIVE .
posted: 11:53 am
@People_Lie i like what u said about Nigerians not believing in themselves. It is not just a Nigeria probs, is all Africa probs, South Africa inclusive. Why people are criticizing Keshi is bc of home lads he is using for this nations cup. They ve been using foreign base for a long time without achieving anything, but they ll not learn. Here in Nigeria, if u tell any one that u supporting any local team they ll be laughing at u. It is only in this part of the world that people want food to be serve on their tables without contributing to it.
posted: 12:27 pm
Why all against nigeria, is nigeria the only opponent to all other opponents?
posted: 12:32 pm
@goodluck ppl must take care of themselves anywhere in the world...aids is everywhere ...thats a rather shallow statement to make though coz if there is violence in kanu or kaduna that does not mean naija is a warzone so plz piss off with your generalising statement here we talking football here...thank God u the only idiot in the saying goes any village has its idiot
posted: 01:43 pm
must i always answer all this virus south-african beast human outdated soul ,,stick like cancer ,on net
are they African or what
i open my lap to no what is happening in African football only to see huge of baggage comment from all this stupid irritated south Africans even the name tell you they have no country SOUTH-AFRIIX AFRICAN what a name nonsense feeling furious among good nations bad eggs
KhosiNation aka Mampodi
posted: 02:33 pm
@atosandy I can't agree more south africa is a very gud example. There is nothing wrong with players fullfiling their dreams in europe, but we should not undermine our leaques. In fact we should build our leaques not to develop talent for overseas teams but for ourselves. I used to admire the egyptians nd they achieved a lot with their self believe its a pity they missed out on the world cup. Its actually sad thatwe taking we know there is a problem with our countries but we dnt employ de right strategies to adress them.

Our federations are also to blame. Agents are even worse nd it seems africa is their happy hunting ground. Look @ neymar the brazillian if he was african you he could have joined a european leaque long time ago
I must admit nigeria got talent asto why it was strugglin it puzzels me. As for SA I think harsh lessons were learnt um keeping my fingers crossed for better returns in de future
Sebastian Veron
posted: 02:40 pm
@Azeebi; stan12
i'm dissappointed in your comments, i'm a South African who's been a soccer addict for a while, i grew up loving the super eagles of Nigeria most especially during the time of West, Okpara, Babangida, Lawal, Okocha, Finidi George, Sunday Iliseh (my personal fav), Jay-jay Okocha, Emunike i can count till next week,

during that era Nigerians and the national team member were very grounded hence the world loved them,
now people like yourself come and insult South Africans and stan12 go as far as saying we dont know God is just uncalled for,

for the record, i will watch all the Nigerian games on this AFCON because i always had a soft for this green and white team,

So please stop with the insults and focus on the issue at hand which is football !!!

KhosiNation aka Mampodi
posted: 02:47 pm
As to all nigerians who got problems with our peacefull nation want to let them know, insultin us is not gonna make u a better person. In case u haven't noticed the are people who just like provoking other people u must just learn to ignore them. Like someone maybe said this south africans are scared they might be some truth in it, u might be supprized to learn that they actualy like your country. I must admit a lot has happened in SA since the early days of queen elizabeth people are still hurt dnt say I did not warn u.
posted: 04:07 pm
Why do Africans hate themselves ????????
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