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Eagles get red carpet treatment at US Embassy

Posted: 9 November 2012 Time: 15:12

Nigeria's Super Eagles were given red carpet treatment and issued visas at the US Consulate, Abuja, on Friday morning.

A total of 12 players and officials, led by assistant coach Daniel Amokachi,  appeared at the Consulate for their visa interviews, after initial challenges.

Once the usual security protocols were complete, the squad was immediately given VIP treatment, according to media officer Ben Alaiya.

"The team were initially made to follow due protocols of the embassy but all that changed once the 12 players and officials got into the Embassy building, as officials of Embassy led by the Ambassador had reportedly passed instructions for the team to be promptly attended to," Alaiya said.

The squad were interviewed as required, but were all issued their visas without exception, with the good wishes of the Ambassador and staff.

Officials also wished the team well in the game against Venezuela and later at the South Africa 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

After the visa formalities were complete, the team were ushered into the US Embassy library, where an official of the 'Education USA' programme that seeks to empower all with good education revealed that footballers of Nigerian extraction should educate themselves in preparation for life after football.

"There is even opportunities for scholarship if such players and the general Nigerian public tap into the opportunities that are available," she said.

Brochures of the various programme available at the Embassy were thereafter freely distributed to players and officials of the team, before they departed the venue for their Bolton White Apartment camp.

"I'm totally shocked and positively excited at the treatment meted to us and I will convey this to our head coach Stephen Keshi," Amokachi declared.

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posted: 04:36 pm
Only in Nigeria will someone doing there job be called "Given red carpet treatment" It called a service that what they were hired to do..! This article show how little we Nigerians think of ourselves. Just because of some few bad apples does not mean all Nigerians should be treated differently. We are good people ....and it our right to be treated with respect always.
posted: 04:38 pm
And my name is not Anonymous its Quadry...I am a Nigerian based in Rhode Island in the U.S.
posted: 05:07 pm
hehe red carpet..... @Quadry funny comment boss
posted: 06:44 pm
Red Carpet ni red carpet ko, Abeg ee.Wayo people.
posted: 07:43 pm
@ Quadry, I am also based in Dallas, Texas in U.S. and I can completely relate with what you said, because we see customer's service at its highest level here. This goes a long way in showing how much the black man still thinks of the superiority of a white skinned person. If somebody who has been chosen to be the Ambassador of his country, can not get a respectable treatment by those admitting him, then you just wonder what the expectation was. This should not be a compliment to the U.S. Embassy, but a call for improvement.
posted: 08:31 pm
I concur with Quadry, my name is Harrison, i live here in Los Angeles USA, i see no reason Amokachi who has travelled in so many European countries shuld condescend so low to be so eletated that American Embassy who are doing their job is now regarded as RED CARPET, when are we gona stop being inferio to anything white, when are we gona grow, few disgruntled elements should not make us look stupid in the eyes of the world, am sure they must have said THANK U SIR as they collect their passport, i blame our illitrate leaders for all thesde mess.
posted: 10:32 pm
Harrison, i believe AMOKACHI must say thank you sir. Poverty we make senior to knee for jenior. Amokachi has traveled around the word has u said, but now no his poor. pls don't blame he, that is the work of poverty for u. May poverty never enbrase us in jesus name.
posted: 10:41 pm
Before this match was scheduled or fix is there no arrangement that America (US) will be issuing a travelling visa to these contingents. This cow (Amokachi) should force to retreat his comment of praising US embassy. Is visa free and I known Nigeria will book these players into the highest hotel in US, so US will make money during the shortest time of staying there? Nigerians don’t go to a country as refugee.

Amokachi, you are a fool at 40. God punish you. One day ordinary South Africa will be given the same praise.
posted: 11:58 pm
@Quadry.Thanks a lot and please educate that fool more.You are blessed my brother.
Emmans from Ontario
posted: 01:57 am
stupid headline , with a nonsense story
@ Colin Udoh with duel respect can you simply delete this article
is a shame to publish such a story for the whole world to see
let be a red carpet or blue carpet treatment
for Christ sake what do omokachi expect yellow carpet or black

posted: 09:01 am
Brothers, you talk as if you don't know how low we have sunk as a nation. These days, people even give thanksgiving, testimonies and parties for securing visa to any country, not just US. Would you blame Amokachie? How many Nigerian athletes have failed to participate in international competitions due to inability to secure visas?
posted: 09:09 am
I tire for una! Una dey show off.who cares where una based.
Here na sporting site not a social network to show off where una based ! I'm sure wen una collect your
visas ,una self jump Up inside d embassy.shout thank God! Also una sey thank you SIR. Mumude pple!
As long as our coach and his coaching staffs aint using dipolmat passport. They will follow protocols. Make una try upgrade una self for where una based. For kickoff south africa,I never cum across I bi south africa based in winnipeg or north dakota or london! Make una try change una mindset oooo.
posted: 11:35 am
And the winning comment goes to... @longman! Best comment so far on this topic. Must you guys say where you are from before you drive home your point? When you come here and declare where you live, you not only show your level of mentality but also paint yourself as someone with low self-esteem because its just like you're trying to validate your point by virtue of where you live. Just state your case and move on bro!
Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land
posted: 12:07 pm

@Anonymous or foolish Quadry, dis ur name sounds boko haram gang stars, leave Amokachi alone, u said him and Keshi is ur God, why are damming him now, Amokachi is assistance coach not ambassador of USA so accept his happiness as usual as u accept gather and play of keshi idiot like dat and like u
posted: 12:37 pm
Well said bru
posted: 12:43 pm
Why mention South Africa Now....r u obsessed with SA. If this r kind of people that blog on Kick off Nigeria....then I'm glad I'm not Nigerian and will never be ordinary like u Nigerians. Mxa
posted: 02:27 pm
@longman,, sorry for replying your comment but i totally disagree with you personal issue is quite different when it comes to national issue
if you as a person got an entry visa to US or UK whatever you can celebrate with your whole family according to you
GOD SAKE this story is about a country getting a visa to another country most be a headline story
protocol. or no protocols the story makes no sense
if no be bad leaders wen turn country upside down u go come de celebrate say u wan leave ur father land go become second class citizen 4 another man land READ UR COMMENT AGAIN AND THE HEADLINE STORY U GO SEE SAY NO POINT
no hard feeling
posted: 03:28 pm
@ mosixty, I'm not obsessed with SA. Read my comment very @ liberty to be anything you want.I don't care!if you dislike nigerians, is your problem....not all nigerians are bad
@ laomedon,nkata ,mosixty. Thanks!
@luise -hero, read wot I wrote and tell me where I mention your name! Understanding is needed bro!
About personal issues, firstly, we don't need to show oFf where we based. You could based anywhere and that is left for you. Secondly,I'm not here to dispose where I am cos its my personal issue!
Lastly, before the players were given visa,it was rejected due to some reasons. And they were told to reappeal.if they got red carpet,I'm happy for them, if they didn't,its their problem. We all know that protocols is needed.. If you want to see your president, u follow protocol. You can't walk in anyhow. Protocol most be followed in. Everything.
posted: 03:47 pm
This is Quadry
Why do we have to call each other names...It just my opinion after-all this is my country too irregardless of where i was raised. Am not going to respond to those attacking me its your opinion also... A word of advice never assume anything in life!
posted: 05:32 pm
@ quadry, wot I said, una dey show off! I vex to use mumude cos we don't need any show off here..we be one nigerian!
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