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Sono shoulders blame for Cosmos’ relegation

Posted: 16 May 2008 Time: 05:44

South African soccer legend Jomo Sono – owner-cum-coach at Jomo Cosmos - has admitted that he is to blame for plunging Ezenkosi into relegation.

This is the second time in their 25-year history that Cosmos have gone down to play in the second tier league but is the first in the modern day Premiership.

“If there is anyone to be blamed for the team being relegated, then I will take the blame,” he is quoted as saying on his club’s website.

With the 2-0 loss to fellow strugglers Black Leopards Cosmos went straight down the drain completing a dismal record in which they did not scored a single goal at their new home in Orkney since the start of the second half of the season.

“If it wasn’t us, it could have been anybody. Unfortunately it happened to us. We cannot stand here and point fingers at who to blame. I cannot blame my players, I cannot blame my supporters. I can only blame myself as I am the driver of this plane. I cannot take the glory when we win five trophies and then blame someone else when we lose or get relegated.

“No coach is infallible. I may have made some mistakes. Maybe I replaced players like Chris Katongo with the wrong players. I will sit down and look at where we went wrong,” said Sono.

Sono was then quick to point that he is hoping to hold onto most of the players in the current squad though reality has is that some will obviously not fancy playing in the First Division.

The chances are that quality players like Morgan Gould, Reneilwe Letsholonyane and Dikgang Mabalane could move on.

“The players are staying with the exception of Valery Nahayo and Thapelo Tshilo who are heading overseas. We are going to pay those that stay the same as we have been paying them as professionals. But like in any relationship, some may feel differently for one reason or the other and there is nothing you can do in that case,” says Sono.

“The majority of the players are staying and we have also signed a couple more from other African countries,” said Sono while boasting about the apparent affluence of Cosmos.

“I may be saying this for the first time, but look Cosmos is rich, very rich. Every time I sold a player, I didn’t put that money into my pocket, it went into the club. We will regroup and come back,” he said.

With just one game remaining, against Thanda Royal Zulu Sono on Sunday, said he would use fringe players.

“We are going to play a lot of fringe players and rest the senior players. The experience will stand the youngsters in good stead in future even of they lose 8-0 its okay,” he said.

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posted: 06:53 am
Here is now one real sour grape! Fielding a fringe team against Thando Zulu is nothing but a ploy to spite Black Leopards that got Cosmos relegated. How low can one go really??
posted: 07:35 am
aaah. Im really not amused. He is a cruel man. Let him rot ko Mvela. Is it Leopard that relegated him, or its a result of his persistent arrogance? He wont succeed. Leopard will still win the play offs anyway.
posted: 07:40 am
Sanele & Ntlakuso
What you are saying is he should use strong squad so that Thanda get relegated. How cruel is that from your side. Sorry Mjomana you did not deserve this Leapards do deserve to be relegated. They have been avoiding since the inception of PSL.
posted: 07:43 am
cosmos is VERY RICHRICH! with his riches, he cld have bout playas to save his very rich club!
posted: 07:49 am
cosmos is VERY RICHRICH! with his riches, he cld have bout playas to save his very rich club!
posted: 07:55 am
jomo is retaliating. because he lost to black leopard he wants them in the play offs. he is in fact guaranteeing thanda royal zulu a win! that is bad bra jomo. it goes on to show all of the right minded people that you tell your players to kick others. your attitude stinks. this is unsports man like behaviour.

i dont sapot black leopad but i feel they r being done a great deal
posted: 08:01 am
With the kind of football Cosmos has been playing in the recent years, they don't deserve to play in any league. Clubs that end players careers like Cosmos should be banned for life in football. I'm not looking forward to their return to the PSL. Maybe the quality of our football will improve.
posted: 08:09 am
Look Jomo, firstly everybody knew it that it is your fault that Cosmos got relegated, it surprising that you wake up now. Secondly it is your fault that Cosmos plays the kind of football they are playing, not attractive at all, but each they endeavor to end other players' careers. What was the wisdom of paying Laffour but not using him? Secondly who cares that you field fringe players to help Thanda not to compete for the play off in case Leopards wins its last game. You are known by vindictiveness in case you didn't know this one also. Unlike Cosmos, B.Leopards is not as rich but each it time it plays in Limpopo(Venda), there are people who sell goods at the stadium so that their families can leave, it is the only Limpopo side in the PSL currently. It stands a good chance of winning the playoffs with or without Cosmos competing fairly like proffessionals, but in you part proffesionalism may not exist, but arrogance and you are sinking in the self confinements of indivdualistic concerns. May it go well with Cosmos when you begin to do the right things. Good- Luck in the first division next season.
posted: 08:53 am
“I may be saying this for the first time, but look Cosmos is rich, very rich.

This man is very arrogant SIS! Go to hell Mjomana you deserve it. Nobody cares about your dollar. You are so cruel and no one will miss Cosmos with their terribly display. I wish you could be gone forever. Leopards are here to stay. You might boost Royal but that's unproffessinalism. Phantsi...cosmos...Phantsi!
Hell to cosmos. How many RED cards it you have in your team this season? ..HELL
posted: 09:10 am
Guys you are all funny, what is wrong with all of you he? You've been insulting Jomo for the whole season don't you get tired, maybe thats why there is this saying "Empty vessels make lot of noise". maybe you don't have something to do but sit and insult ppl like Mjomane maybe its high time that you make your businesses and run them the way you feel like and stop waisting your times writing stuff that Jomo won't read.
posted: 09:12 am
What a stupid old man I thought that he Jomo has more but obviously he is driven by his ego. No one can dispute how rich your club may be, but why did you leave your fortune in the bank whilst you were struggling now you want to use your millions in mvela. Good Luck with your bargain players that you are getting from other African countries. It was you arrogance that cost you your teams failure, even today you can't explain why you left Laffour out in the cold. As for you to state that your enemies must not be too happy because you are returning in 2010, don't fool yourself you're instead going to Vodacom League you will up against much more prepared teams. Good Life in Mvela HeHeHehE.
posted: 09:22 am
That's Jomo for you, always taking responsibility. you've earned your respect sir!

Sanele: 2008-05-16 06:53

Don't be stupid man, Cosmos have nothing to loose in this game, whoever they field is irrelavent. i'll do the sane in that position. even Trott fielded a lot of fringe players ysterday coz he had nothing to llose, so who was he spiting?
posted: 09:29 am
Who was Trott spiting yerstaday by fielding fringe players? you guys have lost your minda really. it clear to me that you have a problem with Mjomana and that clearly clouds your objectivity. the trend to field fringe players when you've got nothing to loose is not new, it always happens. even Muhsin will be tempted this week, just watch, who would he be spiting then? you guys are talking nonsense. every team must derseve their position, Mjomana can not go around doing people favours. had leapards not wanted to play in the play offs, the know what they should've done and they didn't, so why blame Jomo? you guys are just bitter!
posted: 09:47 am
well Bra J,its your fault your club is going down to Vodacom leage after next season if your still sturbon as you are.
posted: 09:58 am
I salute Jomo for taking responsibilty. I dont know why are you people having a problem with that. He will field young palyers in the last game because its the last game and they got nothing to fight for. At least they will go out knowing they played in the PSL. it may be an opportunity for these young players.

And who said he is doing this to get back at Leopards, people stop being naive and stupid! these young boys can beat Thanda!

If Cosmos is rich, why are you whining about that?

He is thinking about the players and wants them not to suffer after relegation by paying them the PSL salaries! Is that being arrogant?
posted: 10:50 am
People plz... Give TR ZULU a break. The boys deserve to play top flight football. First or second team - makes no difference they know exactly what to do. As for you BRA J. Good riddance. If it wasn't for your arrogance Laffour could have saved YOUR RICH TEAM from going down...
posted: 11:34 am
I think Pilgrim will complain as he complained when Ertugal said will field rare players against Leopards in the final game for chiefs
posted: 12:15 pm
hawu i sono ngo jomo sono. dont worry madala u will come back, but if u pay the ur player.
posted: 12:31 pm
jomo can field any team he wants. it's not his fault leopards find themslves in this situation. eish the last kicks of a dying horse. jomo must stick to BEE deals and leave coaching to gordon ingesund the great, a bo moloto and shakes mashaba.
posted: 12:59 pm
I was hoping for Bra J to say that his time as a coach is done, but alas, it looks like he still wants to run everything by himself...

Where are the Cosmos supporters? They should toyi-toyi for Jomo to give the reigns to ppl like Collen Tlemo, Mkhalele, Phil Masinga or Mark Fish..Mvela could be a great opportunity for them to launch their coaching career...C'mon Bra J we all know you're the best coach in SA, give other kids a chance now
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