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19/05/2012 15:00

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Mamelodi Sundowns beat Free State Stars

Posted: 19 May 2012 Time: 17:11

In a match that looked set for a goalless draw, Mamelodi Sundowns youngster Samuel Julies headed home a winner in the 86th minute to seal the result against Free State Stars in Tshwane.

Even before this Absa Premiership match, both sides had already secured their places in the top 8 and next season’s MTN 8 Cup.

Julies’ winning goal arrived in the final four minutes when he headed in a cross from Lebohang Mokoena.

There was no Teko Modise, Nyasha Mushekwi, Esrom Nyandoro or Surprise Moriri in the Sundowns team as coach Johan Neeskens opted to rest his stars for next weekend’s Nedbank Cup final.

So in cqame Themba Zwane, Hlompho Kekana and Julies for a rare match.

In fact, before today, Julies – a former Sundowns development player – had only played two minutes in the top flight.

In the 20th minute, Punch Masenamela drilled in a shot from the left side of the penalty area, which was saved by Kennedy Mweene in the game’s first real scoring chance.

Then in the 35th minute, Sundowns missed a really good chance when Elias Pelembe missed with a header with only the goalkeeper to beat following Masenamela’s cross.

In the second half, Sundowns pushed for an opening goal and Lebohang Mokoena went close in the 59th minute when he got a shot on goal after good work by Mphela, but Mweene made no mistake with the save.

In the 79th minute Stars’ big Nigerian defender Gege was sent off for stamping on Pelembe’s knee.

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posted: 06:14 pm
keep promoting Niknaks u wil b rewarded next time
posted: 06:18 pm
Gege is the same player than was sent off in the nedbank cup against sundowns? If he is, then something is wrong. He was sent off for stamping on Nyandoro's knee. Shame if it is the same person.
Nonethess, UP THE BUCS!
posted: 06:29 pm
idowns kumele ijabulise abalandeli kunedbank
champ nespray is a movie star look-alike coach
posted: 07:18 pm

gege is not de one sent off in de cup...gege is a defender frm nigeria and dat ada guy is a midfielder from...frm...frm somewhere,lol

de midfilda and ouro-okoriko segate are frm de same country, okoriko patners gege in midfield

the is definitely a yellow future for julies...pity madalas lyk bo-teko are occupaying his position

sundowns mas do de rite thing and chase all dis bana ba bo mama and promote hungry youngstas jus lyk pirates

hungry madalas shuld remain jus lyk at pirates we have lekgwathi

yellow shall be de colur of julies career

yellow shall colur nedbank

hade sundawana...u put in a great fite...de only problem was ur choking tendencies,lol
champ nespray is a movie star look-alike coach
posted: 07:26 pm
meant okoriko patnas gege in defence
posted: 08:06 pm
I was very disappointed by Sundowns since it played well at the beginning of the Season. But unfortunately it ended up on Sundowns losing the match. Sundowns is always promising to play well and winning the league but now it just lost! I am Big fan of Sundowns but today i don't know i'm just confuse!
posted: 09:31 pm
Well done Chokers, see you're perched there, where you belong and you can keep the gap yellow in your rightful place. Pity a drop of my Moet won reach you, Swakllows below will have it. UP THE BUCS!!!
posted: 10:23 pm
Sundowns as a whole........From the 'hands-off' President Patrick Mosifa, to Kenneth "It was'nt me" Makhanya, most importantly Trott Moloi wa ntja, and the team yonke.........Go F'uck yourselves! Bl'oody fools!

The Nedbank, they can win for themselves for all I care....hulle moe'r maan!

I'm an ambitious and proud somebody......as to why I associate myself with the current crap angazi!
Phela lezinja ziyanya lezi! Nx!

Eintlek.......Motsepe kahle, kahle is the one who must p'iss off!

If he's really a good samaritan, then he must 'donate' our club to someone who still wants to achieve more in life like myself, because football nowadays have become a lucrative business venture in the country and needs all the attention and priority it deserves.......lenja le i-busy nama mineral, thina siyadliwa! I can do better struu!

Gents.......trust me ekse, Motsepe's leadership or lack thereof is the MAIN reason why our players play for fun, he gives them lots of money, and expect things to happen automatically.
This is not the corporate world, it's diski.......a balance between the two is imperatve, and you need to have atleast played 6-a-side, 1 pal or spy-2-mpama ke, to understand it.
At worst, atleast uvake amapali malingavuki sho, sho.

Unfortunately, our President seems to have preferred squash rather. Nc.nc.nc.
posted: 07:41 am
@ sweyts

I understand ur anger sandawana, i'm equally disappointed & i also angree with u our president can do a better job. But remember when he came on board we were dead & buried, fighting for top8, he rescued us. And there were many positives like league championships & reaching champs lig final. If i were to a finger as some1 i'd point it at neekens for fielding cows like maponyane & mphahlele
posted: 08:27 am
Its disapointn to see teko selected for the National team, teko has no spirit in him if pelembe and cheese are closed down and we need to atack throigh the centre, modise plays the role of distributer why?

In a 433 formation the attackking midfielder supports the lone striker not distribute the ball, that's why Moriri is the to distribute but teko will neva b a general coz he sits in midfield when he's suppose to be right behind Mushekwi, everyone knows how to close sundowns down coz teko is not a threat.

Maponyana must neva again cloth himself in a sundowns kit, how do you pay players like pelembe so much and to win matches and then defend with midioka plys lik mapomyani, amd I head our president wants to buy Mweeni. Motsipe ungasinyeli, get rid of marlin promote u onyango to #2 and promote the young man we signed from the sanlam league, what's the point of puting so much money into youth tonamnts if you don't have confdents in the same young stars, this is how we lost Mapogwane and for me he is a better keeper than Marlin.

Again I raise this point, why do we rush to buy players who perfomed well in one sizin rather dan buting what we need, we need only two players a rightback and an attacking midfilder. How many players has Barcelona bought in the last 2 sizins none, only fabrigaz as a free transfer, we don't need manqele

My president you do not conquer your opponents by buying out all the good players and leaving the cowz for others to use, remember that your fency players where ones cows as well, guts and heart win the legue not swega football and total football, napkin read the system but he does not understand it, 433 requires pace in midfield and skill not moriri and nyandoro, if we are out numbered in midfIeld how the fuck is a lone striker going to receive balls.

Banch teko for the final and let jullies play, he's score good goels in the reserve legue, I've seen him play. Terminate maponyanes contract I bet even comos won't want that player, he looks chubby with big as and he can not pass the ball for shit. Buy two players and we good.

Till we choke again, I remain hopefull
posted: 08:49 am
@Sweyts...you are wrong Charlie! We all disappointed with the 2nd round perfomance of the team no doubt. But to insult Sundowns' leader like this is totally uncalled for and childish. You must remember the saying "every dog has hit's day". For better part of the PSL we, Sundowns, have dominated the league and for our not so rich history I believe we have done well...considering we only came up to top flight diski in the mid-80s! To have 3 NSL title and 5 PSL titles in such a small space of time speaks volumes as no other teams has done so ever.

Mind you, when Sundowns got to top diski there we already well established football club like Pirates, Chiefs, Moroka Swallows, Cape Town Spurs (Ajax namhlanje), Qwaqwa Stars (FSS), Bloem Celtics, Jomo Cosmos, Mtata Bush Bucks, Wits University etc...and came in and stamped our authority making us one of the most fear club in Mzansi. Due to our unique way of dishing our diski (Shoe Shine and Piano) we managed to climb up to the point of being recognised as a big club,,,thus the saying "THE BIG THREE". Mind you, we didn't get that dub because of Motsepe's money NO...but because we displayed great football over the years...overcoming the likes of Swallows and Pirates in terms of Cups (Chiefs obviously still leads the pack).

Having said that, we need to show good sportsmanship to Pirates...they did what they couldn't do over the years and that is NOT TO CHOCK under pressure. Remember for 3 seasons, Pirates had the league in their finger tips only for US, Chiefs and SSU to snitch it in the very last moments. So it is only fair to say they have done their home work an dcorrected those mistakes hence thet are winning titles again...Don't fret jita, it is all good. I still believe we can do better next season considering the way our chaps have been playing.

posted: 10:11 am
@ leboyelo

u r spot on sandawane, i agree with u 100%. The 433 requires the two supporting midfilder to provide support to the front 3 while the central midfielder keeps shapes & distributes( which moriri did very well). I thought zwane played have role very well at some point, explointing space btwn the defence while teko was busy being fancy in moriri's territory. I think neekens should let moriri, nyandoro and kekana compete for the central midfield position the other 2 position in midfield should be filled by aggrassive, creative midfilders not this of letting morir and kekana/nyandoro play in the same team. We need players like sbusiso vilakazi(wits) and thulani serero
posted: 11:16 am
Sundowns fans are very dumb indeed..

Sundowns doesnt have more cups than Pirates

Pirates has 4 league titles plus 7 major cups in the Psl era

Sundowns has 5 league titles plus 3 major cups(bobsave,MTN8 and Nedbank)

If you started following soccer few years ago shut up..

90% of Happy people in South Africa are Buccaneers
posted: 11:17 am
I think the timing is perfect for the Presidente to sell the team and invest in the rookies "Amatuks". Surely they will put Pretoria on the map unlike some who have no more hunger for sucess.
posted: 11:45 am

Udakwe yintsangu wena sdididi. Stop googling info, wawukephi u-dolezer ebuyisa - the most unbelievable cup of all tym emzansi after it waz twice stolen by a now chubabas victim motaung. If ukhuluma ngabantu abaqale izolo ukusaphotha ibhola uwena lowo sdididi.
posted: 11:55 am
Mamelodi Sundowns F.C. has always prided itself in winning the league. Winning the league must forever remain the club's priority. This competition in my opinion is the only contest that can prove ones worth when it comes to things like resilience, endurance, flexibility, creativity, strength of character, willpower, courage, adaptability, determination, commitment, dedication, self-motivation, desire to succeed and the ability to develop new systems when you're encountering new or reoccurring challenges. Pumping a lot of money alone as an incentive into the players' bank accounts to temp them to attain success will never achieve what those characteristics can accomplish.

The president's words of 'Conquering Mzansi and Africa' will forever remain an empty statement without meaning as long as this current club culture exists. I for one don't associate myself with these monetary issues that Mamelodi Sundowns F.C. has become to represent.

Rewarding of mediocrity will remain our downfall. I suggest our club policy of offering unnecessary lucrative contracts and of having monthly awards to be totally abandoned. Let it be canceled cause it's not working. It's useless and it's dangerously polluting our up-and-coming future stars within the club structure. Let these individuals earn their worth, period!

I'm angered and saddened by the outcome of this season. We had a great chance to succeed this season, but our players and technical team just folded their arms and expected things to just automatically happen without them giving it a shot. The body language of this current crop of a team speaks volume and its disgusting. This bunch of ungrateful idiots are not interested in winning anything for this club. We'll remain a joke of a team if nothing changes. A serious introspection by our team is required if we want to be mentioned amongst the best in the country and around the continent.

The rich history that Mamelodi Sundowns F.C. possesses was acquired through blood, sweat and tears. Not by what we're currently witnessing from this bunch of ungrateful idiots who pride themselves in undeserved luxuries.

As for our technical team, they do not understand what it takes to be a champion. They lack guts, flexibility and creativity. The wounds of this season will come back to haunt them. The failure to win the league has laid a damaging foundation for the future. It's an uphill battle from now on.

I don't know what to expect in the Nedbank final since idiots like Pelembe, Mphela, Modise, Mushekwi, Laffor, Moriri, Nyatama and Kekana can just pitch in diapers and expect Supersport United to hand the trophy to them.

I remain a Mamelodi Sundowns even though in times like this its taxing a lot.

Yellow I Was, Yellow I Am & Yellow I Will Remain!
posted: 12:05 pm
Jerry.......ungas'jwayeli inyongo wena sdindi!

Sgonondo......I hear you mfo, but irregardless of where Patrice found us, Downs always had style van toeka af before him, I doubt he'll leave with our style especially if you consider the kak curtains disguised as shirts that he wears.

Ayanda.......I also hear you broe wam, my choice of words was deliberately harsh......It's just that I'm no follower, but a leader in my own right.....so if Motsepe ai'nt getting it right still, I suggest he gives the team to those who know what to do.

And lastly......No man is immune to criticism, even Jesus was criticised, so Motsepe can take a hike with his Gucci money bags for all I care, Sundowns matters more to me than him as an individual, no matter how much he does or does'nt have. Delegate, delegate, delagate amasimba! Nx.
posted: 12:14 pm
Mamoduwe's, hade Dawana lami kuzolunga.......let's first get rid of Gayton Motsepe.....or is it Kenny? Nx.
Leccibah@treble champ.com
posted: 12:25 pm
hardy sunflops,nxt season giv teko a free clearance , break ur bank n bring in claite since he holds de keys 2 de championship. up the bucs til teko lifts de psl trophy......
posted: 12:46 pm

What really went wrong dawane. I think we fans got a problem. We re too soft to dis so called star players. We rather go for a coach, but de problem lys wit dis big stomach players. As disappointed as I am I say it tym to boo the lyks of mphela, nyandoro, modise, pelembe, moriri, kekane and punch. If dey want to liv abavaye labantu. Akunabhari okumelwe incengwe la. Dis players suppose to be dying for de team. Kodwa ibona abadembeselayo.
Some may call Clayton a cow, but he was willing to throw his body for yellow, same wit Sandilands.
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