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Stephen Keshi reveals Sidney Sam frustration

Posted: 19 April 2012 Time: 16:36

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi has revealed his frustration as he attempts to establish contact with Super Eagles hopeful Sidney Sam.

The German-born player is eligible to represent Nigeria, and was initially sounded out by former coach Samson Siasia on a visit to Germany last year.

But Keshi says his attempts to re-establish contact has been met with a brick wall.

“I have called Sam over 15 times and each time the phone dovetails into voicemail. I have always left a message, but the player has not responded to any of my messages. That to me is shocking and says a lot about his readiness or otherwise to play for the Super Eagles.”

Keshi said he was informed by some Nigerians based in Germany that the player may have refrained from calling or picking his calls because he does not speak the English language.

“That also does not jell with me, because there are several Nigerians who speak the German language fluently and if he writes in his native language we can easily infer whether he wants to play for us or not.”

But Keshi made it clear that while the door remains open for the player, he has decided to look beyond him at other prospects.

One such prospect is Atletico Beleares midfielder Raheem Lawal, who last turned out for Nigeria at the London 2012 Olympics qualifiers in Morocco, where Nigeria failed to make the cut for the games.

“Lawal is young and talented and many Nigerians who have watched him have said he will go places in future. Those are the type of talents that we are looking up to in raising a team that Nigeria will be proud of in the near future.”

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posted: 07:38 pm


God no dey sleep!!!
posted: 08:00 pm
Another excuse 4 future failure!
Skepe Mketule
posted: 08:16 pm
Steve that is not professional at all why not visit german and try to secure a meeting with the boy
posted: 08:41 pm
thnks sam..its very unprofesional of keshi..i dnt expect ds frm well-travelled nd well informed keshi,behaving like typical Nigerians,everythn rush-rush nd hush-hush..its a beaurecrazy dts suppose to handle very well behind d scene,u shldnt come out in d media at least fr nw..if d boy is dt gud nd u need him,i think he shld press harder behind d scene without d whole world knows..what ppl need 2 know is ppl like Sam Sidney has no cultural attachmnt with Africa or Nigeria,some even read d activities of BH,so its normal fr them to dig deep nd think his whole career through...
Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land
posted: 09:31 pm
@ All my forum mate I appreciate all ur comments and I am very happy to bring many members back, I am sure nothing like insult will come up again. Thank u guys and let peace precipitation. @Brother Keshi, You have over 40 players locally and over 100 players abroad which is at least 150 players if not more and they ar all ready to play, why u cannot concentrates on the quality you have at hand, must u test 1000 players in the name of rebuilding? What ar u rebuilding again in Nigeria? The talents are there! Nigeria has been build up already, we need not rebuilding anymore. Keshi pls go and check the squad that play against Argentina in Abuja which ended 4-1, call all of them, they are all Nigerians, bring them closely, get some few local lad and join them with Victor Moses etc, if all are in place then what ar u rebuilding again? Take away hatred, love everyone who is doing well, I care not if it is Amodu boys, Siasia Boys, Chukwu Boys or Keshi Boys, we are all Nigerians, pick the best of them and make a history of ur life. If u ar waiting 4 Sydney or whosoever then u ar taking us back, thank u. I DNT WANT TO HEAR THIS FRUSTRATION WORD CALLED REBUILDING AGAIN, WE ARE NOT FALLEN HOUSE THAT NEEDED REBUILD. FOOTBALL ALWAYS LIKE THAT, SOMETIME ITS UR TURN AND SOMETIMES IT 4 OTHERS, LETS CHANGE OUR MIND SET OF REBUILDING AND ARRIVED IN BUILD. Long live Nigeria and Long Live African and the world. Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo Land Speaks.
Mallam Ciroma
posted: 10:11 pm
@Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land, i wanted to lambast you very badly,for your insults and tribalistic approach.But I know that there is a Nigerian spirit and you are just getting that for the first time.
Don't tell me Hausa is this and Igbo is that.What is happening in the north today must have happen in the east or west of Nigeria, so let's us remain one.
Kudos @Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land and I hope to change again like a chameleon !!
Mallam Ciroma
posted: 10:14 pm
@Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land, i wanted to lambast you very badly,for your insults and tribalistic approach.But I know that there is a Nigerian spirit and you are just getting that for the first time.
Don't tell me Hausa is this and Igbo is that.What is happening in the north today must have happen in the east or west of Nigeria, so let's us remain one.
Kudos @Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land and I hope you would not change again like the chameleon do !!
posted: 10:43 pm
lazy caoches in nigeria why disturbing player that are pick up and trained by oyigbo coaches go to nigeria and train yours,keshi leave established players alone go and establish your ,lazy coaches
Amata Plus
posted: 11:18 pm
@idris, well said. Keshi must be professional in approaching these players to change nationality to star for Nigeria.
posted: 11:29 pm
Good luck
posted: 01:27 am
I COPIED THIS STORY FROM Completesports to give an insight into this situation


Chased By Both Germany And Nigeria, Bayer Leverkusen Star Tells Stephen Keshi To Hold On

Sam, you’ve been sought by both Nigeria and Germany to add bites to their respective national teams? How does it make you feel as a player?

Sam: It is an honour to be wanted by two important federations in world football. This is the joy of every player; to have the right platform to showcase one’s talent at the big stage. With interest coming from the two countries; it means I really have to work harder and improve my game. I also have to work much more to fulfil my own expectations besides those of Germany and Nigeria. There is still a lot of room for improvement in my game and I wouldn’t want to rush into playing for national team at the moment.

How much do you know about Nigerian football?

To be honest, I don’t know much about Nigerian club football. It’s difficult to follow it in Europe because we can only watch European leagues while little or no emphasis is placed on the leagues in Africa except when a major tournament like the Africa Cup of Nations is on. However, I know about the national team which is one of the best teams in Africa. They always have very good performances in the great tournaments. It was disappointing when Nigeria could not go to the African championship this year, but I hope they will be at the next World Cup in 2014.

Can you please let us into your background?

My background? Okay, I was born on 31 January in Kiel, Germany. I am an offensive player and people say I have an outstanding speed. I can also play as a striker. I started my career at TUS Mettenhof and have played for Hamburger youth side, VFB Stuttgart, FC Kaiserslautern before joining my current club Bayer 04 Leverkusen in 2010. At the moment, I have a muscle injury and I am working extremely hard for an early comeback. I played Champions League with Bayer 04 Leverkusen for the first time this season and scored against Valencia FC which was a great experience for me. It feels so great to participate in Champions League. This is the goal of every player in the world, I guess. I am happy I was able to play in my first UEFA Champions League this season.

Are you not bothered that the likes of Patrick Owomoyela and Dennis Aogo failed to make any appreciable impact with the German team?

I don’t mind about other players, I just concentrate on myself and my personal goals. Fine, Owomoyela and Dennis both played for Germany, but I am more concerned about how I can get better with my game.I played for Germany at the junior stage namely U-19, U-20 and U-21 where I had no problem giving my best. Presently, my first goal is to come back as quick as possible from injury and return to active football with my club and be successful with Bayer 04 Leverkusen this season. Thinking about any national team is not important at the moment.

You seem to be the new kid on the block and the desire to have you in Super Eagles is being shared by Eagles’ head coach Stephen Keshi, considering the fact that Victor Moses just had his first cap for Super Eagles after playing for England at the junior level?

The Nigeria national team is in the heart of my father, of course we all know why he loves the Nigerian team. I am interested in what they can achieve in football globally and their success is of great importance to me too. I have always followed Nigerian football because of the number of good players they have. It is good the manager wants me in his team, but let us just take things easy and see how it goes.

Why was it difficult to opt for Nigeria under former manager, Samson Siasia?

Yes, he was in Germany and we really talked about the possibilities of having me in his team then, just like the way Prince Boateng played for Ghana at the last World Cup in South Africa, but it was unfortunate Nigeria did not qualify for the African championship. I told him he had to give me time to make up my mind and then concentrate on helping Leverkusen do well in the Bundesliga, then I can begin to think of national team football. I later heard he was no longer in charge of the team again.

The Super Eagles manager is hell bent on talking you into playing for Nigeria because he feels you have better chances with Nigeria than Germany. What are your thoughts on this?

Nigeria is a great country and its football is not bad at all. Of course Germany is one of the world’s football super powers, but I really have to take my time. It will be a dream come true to play for Nigeria but presently I am injured at the moment and cannot really play for now until I get over my injury. That’s the reason why I do not think about these things at the moment. I have been reading about football authorities in Nigeria to have played for the national team. First of all, I have to reach a high standard of fitness and return to active football again for sometime, before I can start thinking of playing for Nigeria. It has to be one step at a time.

Have you at any point in time discussed with your parents on the national team you wish to play for? What advice have your parents given you Sam?

My father is a Nigerian, my mother a German, that’s all. Absolutely normal. They follow my success in the league and have always wished me all the best in my career. But we have never discussed which country I should play for. I think it is my decision and I will decide when the time is right. I know they are my parents but they have left that decision to me, since it is my career after all.

Who amongst Nigerian players do you really like most?

Nigeria is blessed with lots of talented players and I have always watched them play in the past. Nigeria has done well in the past and some players really make me feel proud each time I remember my root. Of course, JayJay Okocha who was a high level player in the German Bundesliga is one of the players I like a lot because of his dribbling skills that are still being talked about here in Germany. He made a lot of impact here in Germany and his name can never be forgotten. Nowadays, some Nigerian players have been playing well in Germany too. I know Chinedu Obasi well when he was in Hoffeinheim. But today, he now plays for Schalke 04; a team that is doing well in the Bundesliga.

Obasi’s talent is a great one and it tells you that Nigeria has a lot of talents. There are lots of other names too that I respect tremendously and their games really inspire me. I like former Monaco player, Victor Ikpeba and Obafemi Martins who is now in Russia. But I think the most famous footballer from Nigeria is Nwankwo Kanu, who was a brilliant striker for both club and country during his playing days.
posted: 01:49 am
why will Germany be interested in a player they will use and dump ,,confusion all this Europeans are so selfish minded

,they the germany have no sincere motive they will only use him and dump him ,,
my advice to keshi he should forget about sam for now and concentrate on AFCON qualifier match against Rwanda no excuses to fail

KON COMEDY SITE no hard feeling for now.
posted: 02:57 am
This is the same sly1. How To Get Sidney Sam

1.Keshi needs to get in touch with David Meshioye, the completesports journalist who recently interviewed Sidney Sam. He will help him cotact the player. If that fails, he can use a German based agent to contact Sidney Sam's agent. Sam's agent will be prepared to help because he knows that Sam will increase in value if he becomes an international.

2. When the meeting is set up, Keshi please get in touch with the parents especially the Dad and insist on him being there. If Sam does not speak English he would be a trusted interpreter for the son.

3. Please show up baring gifts, like 3 Super Eagles shirts for Sidney and his parents. Be accompanied by people who can bring value to the meeting like the respected NFF ambassador Nwankwor KANU or JJ Okocha (we do NOT need BOTH of them). Ask Okocha to present him number 10 jersey with his name on it, that will make his Dad so proud.

4. If you need a player to help, ask Osaze. He is patriotic and Sidney can relate to him. You do not need Maigari or Green on this trip.

After the meeting he will make the decision. If he does not decide then, invite him to Nigeria to come and see the Eagles play in June and meet the team. Remember, you are not begging him, you are CONVINCING him. Why do you have to do this, because Sidney Sam has a choice to make and any player of his quality will make our team better.

posted: 04:02 am
Hi Pals

Thanks for your information. it was very informative. That is what we need on this forum.

@Luise-Hero (I always enjoy your contribution)
I disagree with you about the motives of the Germans. If Sam is good enough he will always be in the German National Team. And remember, he has played at the various junior level for the Germans. However, he has more chance playing at the highest level with Super Eagles due to the level of competition at that position (offensive player). What the NFF needs to do is to assure players like Victor Moses and Sam that a solid welfare package is available such as health insurance in case they get injured playing for Nigeria. And also to show them that the NFF is serious about its vision and ambition for the Super Eagles to make them great again. By organising quality friendly matches, by qualifying and doing well at major tournaments.

I think that Super Eagles tactical level of play is improving. Coach keshi would be sacked if he fails. And the Coach knows that but I can see some level of ambition in him. I am optimistic that Nigeria will qualify for the Nations Cup in south Africa and world cup in Brazil. Coach keshi should be left alone to implement his philosophy on the team.
posted: 05:23 am
First he cant beat Rwanda and Egypt local team.
Second, Siasia didnt have this problem. I remember SiaSia getting Victor Moses to come over, and Amoebi. Also, I remember Siasia making Europe trip and securing the future of young Nigerians (14-19 year olds) who play in the lower leagues and youth academy's. Sia organized a match and played these guys in a friendly and observed them personally. He did all these while winning/tying ALL his games (except for the Argentina rematch).
Siasia Built a team of now and the future. Atleast he was trying to before he was fired. He would have gotten the allegiance of Sam if he wanted to.
posted: 05:34 am
With all that said, We dont need Sam as NKATA OFFOR stated. There are tons of Players in our local leagues and abroad.
Osaze, Moses, Obasi, Uche, Ehiosun, Ideye Brown (these are not bad options in attack.
Aluko, Joel, Musa, Mikel, and some other young ones I cant remember off my head. So we should, Should be good. Sia Produced with these players, Keshi should too
Amata Plus
posted: 09:41 am
Nigeria needs Sidney Sam for very obvious reasons. He is good and he comes with the German tactical and technical mentality which is today lacking in most of our players.

Nigerian football needs her best players. Sidney is one of such outstanding player. Keshi must swallow his pride and stoop low to conquer for the sake of our football.

Reading Sam's interview with CompleteSports, revealed a young man with a humble spirit; he seem to know what he wants to do and is willing to give Nigeria serious thought. Keshi's outbursts therefore came as a huge surprise to me.

It is not late to do the right thing. Nigeria needs Sam more than Sam needs Nigeria! If Nigeria had made it to AFCON 2012, Sam would have starred for us.

I recommend @slyman's suggestions to the letter.
posted: 10:00 am
I strongly believe that some of this players are ill-advised by either their managers , family,relatives or friends.

Honestly, this guy is good but if he's unwilling to serve his fatherland , let's just let him be. We have abundant talents who can replace him perfectly if given the chance.

@Slyman, Lol. Ok o i hear you. Logically, Mikel beat Messi. And Chelsea may likely knockout 'Uefalona' at Camp nou.

I don't know the match you saw either, because I didn't see Messi go pass Mikel. He tried it once and Mikel stopped him ( although the ref penalized Mikel because the ball hit Mikel's laps and slightly touched his hand) . rated Mikel 7.0 and rated Messi 5.5 , they too saw the match.....did you see the match from the back of your TV ??? Na joke o ! Lol.

E don tee sha , I hope you're doing great. Remain blessed bro.
posted: 10:15 am
@Sam, I disagree with you on labelling Keshi unprofessional in this issue. Keshi can't just visit German without pre-arranging a meeting with this guy.

So he visits German and this guy decides not to meet Keshi, that would be embarrassing, wouldn't it.
posted: 04:22 pm
There they go again, bullying, abuse etc. Well that’s what makes KON (Nigeria) active and alive. Well that’s by the way. Some quick points here
@uzochi, please leave siasia out of the picture completely and let’s move forward. A whole lot of us who are Sia1’s diehard fans have since realized on the need to close ranks with reality and move forward, if God says Sia1 will come back one day as SE coach no one can stop that but now let us be patriotic and cooperate with Keshi who seems to be going on the right track with the home-based players. We need to leave the past and move on please.
Who says we don’t need Sidney Sam? By all means we still need Sidney Sam in our team, agreed as Nkata Offor 1 of Igbo land rightly pointed out Keshi needs to look inwards but we don’t have time on our hands for this and we know how impatient Nigerians can be when it comes to soccer, that we were not at the 2012 ANC was bad enough, can we also let the 2013 version slip? God forbid! So if courting and petting Sidney Sam is all it takes to make him play for us by all means we should go after him before Germany beat us to it.
Remember even Clemence Westeroff in his days as SE Coach, as successful as he was, be reminded that players like Stephen Keshi, JJ Okocha, Efan Ikoku, Rasheed Yekini, Sunday Oliseh, Emeka Ezeugo, Samson Siasia etc. were all Nigerian players in the foreign legion. The ones he discovered in the local league like Finidi George, Daniel Amokachi (17yrs in 1990 with ranchers bees of Kaduna), Ben Iroha and Thompson Oliha were discovered in the Nigerian league before they got foreign clubs.
Keshi has tried in discovering the likes of left footed Ejike Uzoenyi, (who is another Amuneke in the making) and Kalu Uche etc.
We need a playmaker in the like of Sidney Sam to have a star studded Eagles we have always been proud of.
@slyman, good write-up my brother. I hope our brothers in the glass house will read this.
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