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Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi invites 30 players to camp

Posted: 3 February 2012 Time: 10:47

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi has invited 30 players to the camp of the Senior Men's National Team, Super Eagles, ahead of the international friendly match against Liberia in Monrovia on February 15.  

The 49-year old former Nigeria captain, presently in South Africa analysing the on-going Africa Cup of Nations finals for SuperSport, and who is expected back in the country early next week, has ordered the players to resume in camp on Sunday, February 5.   There are three goalkeepers, eight defenders, 11 midfielders and eight strikers. Most of the players were in the squad that held Angola's ‘A' to a 0-0 draw in an international friendly in Abuja on Wednesday, January 11.   The Super Eagles are expected to leave for Monrovia on February 13.   THE FULL LIST:   GOALKEEPERS: Chigozie Agbim (Warri Wolves), Okemute Odah (Sharks FC), Daniel Akpeyi (Heartland FC)   DEFENDERS: Juwon Oshaniwa (Sharks FC), Osasco Omomo (Sunshine Stars), Azubuike Egwueke (Warri Wolves), Godfrey Oboabona (Sunshine Stars), Gbenga Arokoyo (Kwara Utd), Uche Oguchi (Heartland FC), Ahmed Adesope (3SC), Papa Idris (Kano Pillars)   MIDFIELDERS: Ossai Uche (Warri Wolves), Kola Anubi (Sharks FC), Ejike Uzoenyi (Enugu Rangers), Bartholomew Ibenegbu, Kingsley Salami, Stanley Ohabuchi (Heartland FC), Reuben Gabriel (Kano Pillars), Henry Uche (Enyimba FC), Solomon Jabason (Akwa United), Chidi Osuchukwu (Dolphins FC), Daniel Essien (Niger Tornadoes)   STRIKERS: Sunday Emmanuel (Enyimba), Sunday Mba, Jude Aneke (Warri Wolves), Izu Azuka (Sunshine Stars), Barnabas Imenger (Kwara Utd), Kabiru Umar (Heartland FC), Uche Kalu, Ifeanyi Ude (Enyimba FC). 

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posted: 11:05 am
"The 49-year old former Nigeria captain, presently in South Africa analysing the on-going Africa Cup of Nations finals for SuperSport, and who is expected back in the country early next week, has ordered the players to resume in camp on Sunday, February 5"

Who will be in charge when the chief and assistant is busy somewhere else. hahahahahaha. i dey laf in boko haram
Amata Plus
posted: 11:37 am
I have lost the little confidence I had in Mr Keshi since he became coach of SE.

I have never seen the kind of scenario being played out by Keshi and NFF. Players being called to camp by a coach who does not even know their present form.

I can't wait to see what Keshi has 'learnt' from analysing matches with former players of Bafana Bafana and Chipolipolo!

I earnestly hope that all of these do not boomerang against Rwanda! God forbid!
Amata Plus
posted: 11:58 am
The greatest undoing of our football is tying its quality and future to qualifying for and participating in tournaments.

Qualifying for tournaments is the least yardstick with which to judge a country's football.

The problem with using competitons as yardstick for judging football development is that it gives room for mediocrity and laziness to thrive among administrators and coaches.

If our football were developmental inclined, Keshi would not be in South Africa making programmed comments on SS and NFF priding themselves about how well they have treated national teams!

Some deluded journalists have even begun a campaign aimed at destroying our football. They now claim that Nigeria is no longer a giant in Africa! Why? We failed to qualify for AFCON 2012!

Just one failure to make it to AFCON in 25 years, we are no more what the world knows we are! So, should Brazil fail to qualifyy for a world cup they automatically become minnows in world football!

Every true supporter of Nigerian football should and must rise up to shut the mouth of reckless talkers NOW!
Amata Plus
posted: 12:27 pm
Someone needs to remind the Ghanian FA chairman the saying, that ''pride goes before a fall''.

His uncouth remark that Nigeria, Eqypt, and Cameroun are no more giants of African football, because they failed to qualify for AFCON, smarks of pride and untoward arrogance!

According to him, Niger Republic is better than Nigeria. That Nigeria has not achieved anything recently. Wao! Coming from an FA chairman!

Once upon a time, a certain Bafana Bafana won AFCON 96, and instead of building on that, they started calling themselves legends of African football! What have they achieved since then? NOTHING!

I can only see Ghana spiralling downwards from the little they have achieved. I have watched the Blackstars at the ongoingh AFCON, they lack the stuff champions are made of.

Ghana might win this nations cup; yet it matters little if they are already strolling in the pathway of self destruction - PRIDE and ARROGANCE!
champ nespray is a movie star look-alike coach
posted: 12:38 pm
kingsley salami, is this player the same salami that was rejected by sundowns in SA by terminating his contract

plz help
Amata Plus
posted: 12:47 pm
Any Nigerian footballer that wish to enjoy a long lasting career at the top must avoid taking our national team for granted!

Some time last year, a certain Dickson Etuhu decided to ridicule the national team in the name of proving that he is not a 'school boy'. Osaze Odemwingie and Vincent Enyeama played rebellion! Mikel? Pride!

I particularly raised alarm at Etuhu's behavior. Warning of danger to his career. Some forumites called me names. Where is Etuhu now? By the way, he is not injured. He doesn't make the bench at Flham!

Osaze's goals seem to have dried up. He is fast losing his hero status at West Brom! Enyeama? Perenial bench warmer at Lille! Mikel's season has been reduced to injuries and sereious loss of form!

Every Nigerian player, old or young, must realise that one reason they thrive is the good wishes and prayers of Nigerian fans. They must begin to show respect for the national team to win over fans again that it may be well with their careers.


Amata Plus
posted: 12:59 pm
@Champ Nespray, why do you seek the info about Salami? So you can ridicule our national team?

One reason why South African football will remain in the doldrums (media hype notwithstanding) is the inability of your coaches to recognize great talents.

Sundowns may have terminated Salami's contract, they couldn't terminate his career.

To your question: is the Salami named in SE squad the one Sundowns tried to destroy? Really want to know? Do your reseach!
champ nespray is a movie star look-alike coach
posted: 02:00 pm
Amata Plus

thats a simple question bra. if u ddnt wana ansa u should have zipped ur mouth. SA has got over the fact that they are no longer who or what they used to be as the national team is concerned.

nigeria is a has-been, it also belongs in the amount of hate speech u post here will change that. stop being bitter n accept reality

i wont b surprised to discover that a nigerian reject at club level has made it in that pathetic national team. gone are the days of jay jay okocha, came error of darkness led by a fake jay-jay predesessor in that un-creative obie, approaching are the days of failures like salami...nigeria is walking in darkness

lastly...dont be angry wth SA for wat it is today...ur bluffing showed signs of depression i think. now do this, breath in and out, maybe ur inteligence can be at 0.01 and u will make a little sence
Amata Plus
posted: 02:25 pm
@nespray champ, just as your funny name sounds, you are so hyped about your I.Q! Yet you sound so unintelligent!

No matter how low Nigerian football has sunk, South African football lies deep down lower.

One symptom of a depressed person is his inability to percieve when he is being told in simple terms to mind his business.

You are obviously depressed my dear! You urgently need to see a shrink! Maybe you are still suffering from the hangover of celebrating a nations cup qualification that never was. Sorry boy!

Next time you see KON don't enter. Your mates aren't here. Stay with your kindagaten South African version.

By the way, your country's beauty lies in your own eyes. I don't envy anyone from a nation with the highest crime rate, HIV rate, rape rate, gay rate, and little or no talent footballers rate in the world! You and your South Africa suck!
posted: 03:30 pm
''The 49-year old former Nigeria
captain, presently in South
Africa analysing the on-going
Africa Cup of Nations finals for
SuperSport'' Cant stop laughing

My question is; who is going to prosecute the qualifying match against Rwanda? Home base or Foreign base?

Happy New Year Forumates.
posted: 03:38 pm
I think Keshi ison the right track!! How far did we came with europebased stars recently. hmmm let me guess the worst thing that could happen to us is not to make it through the group phase in the wc2010.....archieved!! Or not to qualify for the Nations cup....archieved. If all this things happend to us with our superstars, then what would be the worst thing that would have happen to us if we took only homebased players? Hmmm let me guess maybe thesame result???

So my question why dont we have the balls to try out something new? I mean what do we have to lose?

posted: 03:45 pm
Do you guys remember the period before we host the u-17 wc. we had to change allmost all off our u17 squad because there were rumors that most of them were too old. So the squad that we had during the competition was 100% u17. And was this the end for us at the tournament? No our boys played worldclass football and made it to the final.

What i am tryin to tell you guys is that Nigeria have lots of great footballers at home!!! or remember the WAFU-Cup with Amokachi.....

posted: 03:46 pm
If If If Keshi has the balls to have a 80% homebased squad against ruanda then he is the man for the future!!!
Santi Santi
posted: 04:10 pm
Champ Nespray guess you were making reference to Gbolahan Salami, he is a different salami to kingsley salami hope you get it
posted: 04:31 pm
Comment by Micheal Oti Adjei, Ghanaian FA and their fans only shows how envious and hatred Ghanaian have harbored all this year Super Eagle were flying, reaching the world cup second round consecutively, winning gold at the Olympics and doing better than they at the nations cup until the last three editions. Waooooo, I am not surprise though by these comment, because an average Ghanaian lip for joy and at the slightest slip of his/her brother, they envy people success. So if Brazil fail to qualify for a world cup in 25yrs, they stop being giant in world football, Egypt that has kick virtually every one ass till now is no more a giant simply because they did not qualify for this nation cup, Cameroon&Nigeria which has being more consistent than any one else in African football is no more a giant simply because they did not qualify for this nation cup. This comment made by Oti Adjei and their FA simply speak more of their deep envy and hatred for others success and achievement. Shame to them all. I think the name Nigeria ring fear in the mind and heart of every Ghanaian and they will do everything possible not to hear that name even when it seems they are doing well, what a shame. Nigeria problem is not lack of talent but internal problem and with that all over the years they STILL compete with the best in the world. Finally, giant of African football is not given by Ghanaian FA, Oti Adjei or by Ghanaian, sorry folks, you can't change what you can't.
posted: 04:40 pm
I don't see anything wrong in Keshi running commentaries or reviewing matches of the Nations cup. So far he would get the result when it matters, it is OK.

I am of the opinion that Keshi's recent effort would only count if he parades 100% home based players against Rwanda. It would not make a difference.

For the records, the so called foreign based players could not get a win in Ethiopia or against Guinea in Abuja.

If you look at the current Zambian National team you would see most of them play in Zambia or South Africa. The gap in quality among these players is not too wide, they just need opportunity and challenges.

With exposure, we would discover new superstars from the Home based players. If we all recall, all these foreign based players emerged from home soil.

So if the Foreign scouts can discover talents from this soil, why not the National team coaches ? Something is just missing.
posted: 05:19 pm
Anyway i do not blame the Ghana FA chairman and Oti Adjei for making the comment they made, i blame the Nigerians for allowing morons and mediocre men to run the administration, football and their every day lives. A country of wise people but rule by fools. Until quota system is remove, abolish in Nigeria and the best is allowed to be at the rightful place, Nigerians will continue to be ridicule by more of Ghanaian FA. Nigerians fight to abolish quota system, speak out against it and stop paying lip services to critical issues, call a spade a spade and things will turn for good in that God forsaking Nation. Let those that has proven their worth be allowed to be at the right place. Nigerians are not and will never be short of talent but nepotism must be defeated.
posted: 05:47 pm
@Tellthem, Gbam. Dem say ; " if lion get dislocation for leg, antelope go come dey ask am question" , however, man is the architect of his problems.

Meanwhile, I wonder why Ghanaians think that winning the Nations cup is like going to market to buy onions and crayfish.

This years Afcon is between Gabon and Ivory coast.

posted: 06:27 pm
Truth be said,Nigeria is no longer the Giant of Africa football.We are where we are Today bc we've been relying on past glory. Of course the Ghanaian team is already weak but they are at the nations cup and we are not,if we were among the best we would have been there.If Brazil doesn't qualify for world cup it means they weren't among the best at that time,same applies to Super Eagles.
posted: 11:08 pm
Yes im a South African but i can tell you that SE is going down at a fast rate.All those 30 inexperienced players should have been helped to move overseas to be more pro.Can someone tell me which Nigerian team succeded with local players or coach?Gone are the days when to be a SE player,you must play overseas.Instead of analysing matches here,he must be glob-troting scouting for Nigerian talents scartered all over the world.I still cant come to terms comparing the SE which downed Spain in France 98 with this one.Who is responsible for employing local coaches?Maybe its a Ghananian with an obvious agenda.
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