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NFF to decide on Keshi TV role

Posted: 15 January 2012 Time: 18:08

Top officials of the NFF will meet on Monday in Abuja to decide on Stephen Keshi's television role during the Africa Cup of Nations.

Keshi, along with assistant Daniel Amokachi, are scheduled to be part of a heavyweight studio crew bursting at the seams with former internationals and coaches.

But there has been oposition to their participation from certain quarters, with the major gripe being that are required to give full focus to their primary responsibility

NFF General Secretary Musa Amadu told that NFF President Aminu Maigari and members of the board will be in Abuja this week to deliberate on the matter.

"The board will have to sit and decide on the matter this week. The President will be here and the coaches will have a chance to defend their participation.

"If the board find their explanation satisfactory, there is no reason why they will not go," Amadu said.

If Keshi and Amokachi get the NFF approval, they are expected to depart on January 19, but will return a week before their February 15 friendly with Sierra Leone.

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posted: 06:22 pm
Please visit for your latest and up to date football new.
posted: 10:00 pm
Milan's Biggest game, Taiwo is not even on the bench. atleast JOEL OBI is there but no TAIWO.

Remember, Enyeama and MIKEL are not even playing regularly (less than 6 games for their clubs this season). Those are the two catalysts for SIASIA's firing.
Amata Plus
posted: 10:06 am
@Uzochi, happy new year!

Please, lets rest the past. Whatever role any player played in Siasia's sack is that player's loss. We must keep wishing them well. Their wellbeing is necessary for the upcoming stars.

posted: 11:32 am
@Amata plus, thanks for advise to Uzochi, I couldn't have said it any better than you did. I hope Uzochi reads your comment.
posted: 03:07 pm
Are u guys for real? @ Uzochi u r on point. The past is important to building a future. we have to go young and build this team. Taiwo and Mikel are good players don't get me wrong, but they are just not the right fit for the super eagles going forward. Bottomline is naija players have not evolved. football styles have changed. I hope Keshi really knows what he is doing. if he is just there as a manager/coach he is bound to fail. Super eagles need a total rebranding. He needs to rebuild the program from scratch. I'll listen to readers replies.
posted: 05:08 pm
posted: 05:44 pm
Honestly, the fact that NFF is even considering granting Keshi the permission to participate in the Nations Cup TV punditry is, in itself, very alarming. The last time I checked, Keshi is paid hard earned Nigerian tax payers money to build a formidable Super Eagles for the future. That is job,period. And he MUST focus on this job like a laser. AND PLEASE do NOT give us the nonsense excuse you will be using your time as a TV pundit to monitor our future opponents. It is easily arguable that you are going for this for the money and the unbridled desire of retired footballers to 'run' their mouths about the game. Your job is to monitor Nigerian players anywhere they maybe in the world, prepare the team thoroughly for the upcoming qualifications; and participate in organizing worthy friendly game opponents for the team. This venture you are embarking to earn an extra dollar/'run' your mouth in a competition your country did not qualify for is ill advised and will erode the goodwill Nigerians might have for you.
In addition,Mr.Keshi, you were quoted as saying you will NOT rely on home based players against Rwanda. Now, am hoping you were misquoted because if you actually said this then you judgement and intelligence is called into question. A statement of this nature will NOT earn you respect from the home based players. A statement of this nature has the potential to crush their 'spirit' and exacerbate their feeling of inferiority (occasioned by how they have been constantly treated as ball boys to their foreign based counterparts). In addition, why should they play their hearts out for you if they have a reason to suspect that your choice of who prosecute Nigerian games will be determined not on MERIT but on who plies their trade abroad versus those at home. Again, am hoping you were misquoted, because if not this is the kind of attitude that has relegated Nigerian football to the derisive level it is in today.
Finally, if you insist you are going to go ahead to earn extra money for 'running' your mouth (again at a competition Nigeria did NOT qualify for)for tv punditry please RESIGN effective immediately and let the NFF look for someone who is able to prosecute our football recovery with a single minded focus.

Well wishes to all my fellow Nigerians.
OgunBaba signing off.
posted: 06:18 pm
@Ogunbaba, your post doesn't portray you as being conversant with the dynamics of modern day football. How could you refer to football punditry as "running one's mouth"? Being a football pundit, especially for such a continental showpiece as the AFCON is indeed an honour. Do you think anyone can just walk into the studio and start talking about football? True, they will be paid, and why not? Who wouldn't want to be paid for doing something that one enjoys doing naturally- in this case, analyzing football. It's done all over the world; popular football (and other sports) figures work as pundits on tv stations. The real question is "should they be allowed to that as coaches of the national team?" It's left for the NFF to decide. If they feel that Keshi and Amo taking up those roles would work against their primary assignments in the National team, then they shouldn't be allowed to go. We should hope that the NFF decide wisely in this matter.

About Keshi not using home based players for the Rwanda match, there's nothing bad in that. He is free to use any set of players he feels more confident about. Sincerely speaking, the foreign based players are better, but the issue is, "can they gel as a team?" Even the homebased players themselves want to go to Europe to play because that is where the focus of world football is. Who no like better thing?
Amata Plus
posted: 09:13 pm
Keshi must not be allowed to do puditiry during AFCON.


a. We didn't qualify- he should spare fans the pains of remembering our failure to qualify. If we had qualified, he would be sitting on the bench of the team. Seeing him analysing during AFCON would serve to reopen already healed wounds!

b. He is Super Eagles coach- the position of national team coach is as important, to an extent, to the office of the president. Nigerians hold both offices with very high regards. Therefore, as the president minds what he does and where he goes, so should Keshi. Keshi must be seen to respect the office he occupies. As long as he is not doing it for charity, he shouldn't be allowed do it. By the way, how come South Africa's coach was not asked to do what supersports is asking of keshi? After all they, like us, failed to qualify!

c. We have a must win qualifier away! - our away record in recent past have been very bad. Keshi needs to do his home work thoroughly. Supersports job is a big distraction Nigeria cannot afford now! Modern coaching involves careful planning that entails both mental (psychological) and physical strategising. I don't see how keshi can be thinking of how to beat Rwanda at home, when his head is filled with CIV, Ghana, Sudan, etc performances.

posted: 09:52 pm
@cobymac normally, I would not dignify your reaction to my post with a response. However, since this is a crucial period in Nigerian football and myopic mentality like yours are responsible for the decay in our society it behoove me to address you in this forum. First of all, I used the phrase "running their mouths..." NOT in a general sense BUT within the context of Mr. Keshi's situation. You, however, very conveniently took this phrase out of context to legitimize your very poorly formed opinion on the whole issue. SECONDLY, as an independent thinker, I do NOT need to wait for the NFF to decide on the issue of Mr. Keshi taking a pundit job with supersport. This case is so clear cut that even the dumbest of village idiots should get it right. Mr. Keshi's job is to build the SE for the future NOT analyzing how CIV, Ghana etc should play in order to win the Nations Cup. If you are still trying to figure that out then I can only sympathize with the unfortunate people who might rely on your judgement for ANYTHING. THIRDLY, you seem to consider it OK for Mr. Keshi to tell the press that he will NOT rely on home based players against Rwanda. Let me use a simple analogy to illuminate the sheer Colossality of your error. If you tell your new wife that she is not attractive enough to go to important public functions with you do you think, Mr. Cobymac, that your new bride will go out of her way to make you happy? Have you ever heard of the phrase "players playing for the manager?" I am sure as a result of your vast knowledge of the "dynamics of modern football" you might have come across the term somewhere.
Finally, you questioned my knowledge of the "dynamics" of the modern round leather game. And yet you showed little evidence of that knowledge yourself. In fact, Your readiness to outsource your thinking, concerning a VERY simple issue, to the NFF exposes glaring a mind that is quite dependent. Such a mind is incapable of learning anything of worth NOT to talk of understanding the dynamics of modern football. I rest my case.

All best wishes to my fellow Nigerians.
OgunBaba signing off.
posted: 01:49 am
posted: 04:38 am
@Ogunbaba, the fact that you got so upset about my critique of your post has further exposed your ignorance in this matter. You seem to over rate your intellect. Why can't your post be countered? I still maintain that the NFF, as the employers of Keshi and co, have the primary responsibility of deciding on this matter. Yes, tax payers' money is partly used to run the organization, but there is a board that is responsible for decision making there. Whether you like it or not, the decision is still theirs to make. So deal with it! Cry baby! Furthermore, your comments on the homebased eagles makes you come across as delusional. The homebased players themselves know that they are not the standing National team! They know they are being assessed to see if they can give the foreign based players a run for their money. Hopefully, a few of them that impress will get into the fringes of the team for now, and with time can stake a claim for first team shirts.
posted: 02:55 am
@Cobymac I have laid down my case. Shikena. Me upset? Most definitely not. My people say "the dog that will go missing will not hear the whistle of the hunter..." I have blown the whistle and you have refused to listen. My analysis is detailed, incisive and clear. For you own good develop mental independence-suspending your reason because some NFF board is paid to decide (a very clear cut case for that matter) does no good for you or the people around you.
Oya case closed. May we agree to disagree.

All the best wishes to my fellow Nigerians.
OgunBaba signing off.
posted: 12:28 pm
What is it they want to say that will justify their decision to go and sit in the studio when they are supposed to be planning to go to different stadia to take down notes of some key players (how they perform in off the ball situations) and the general off the ball strategies of these teams. We all know that what we see on TV is on the ball action but how a team plays in off the ball situations is more important in football. These are African teams and we are bound to meet them soon. How will Nigerian football benefit from their sitting in the studio, analyzing matches?
posted: 06:44 pm
I learnt that Keshi and Amo have been given the go ahead to work as pundits during the AFCON.

@Ogunbaba, I appreciate your last post better than the penultimate one. It was less toxic this time. However, I still have issues with the way you glorify your intellect. What's your context of mental independence? Who are you to judge that? The fact that I disagreed with you doesn't mean you should feel that your intellect is up there. Please be guided. You can decide not to watch Keshi and Amo doing their soccer analysis during the AFCON. They have been allowed by their employers. Deal with that!
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