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Dolphins, Sunshine headline Nigerian Premier League kick-off

Posted: 7 January 2012 Time: 20:49

Champions Dolphins will host runners-up Sunshine Stars as Nigeria's Premier League kicks off for the 2011/2012 season on Saturday.

But the League gets underway the same way it ended; amid uncertainty and controversy, and with pending issues from last season still unresolved.

Up until Thursday, clubs were still in the dark as to whether or not the league would actually kick off following calls for a nationwide strike over the Federal Government's removal of petrol subsidy.

Finally, the NPL exco announced a compromise, moving all games to Saturday to allow teams time enough to play and return home before Monday, when the proposed strike is scheduled to begin.

All but one game that is, as Kaduna United's scheduled meeting with Jigawa Stars has been put off till the Kaduna club settle outstanding wage issues with their players and former coach.

Sunshine travel to Port Harcourt under a cloud. Accused by Lobi Stars of match fixing last season, the case remains unresolved, with the Organising and Disciplinary Committee yet to come to a decision on the case.

Sunshine boss Mike Idoko, whose club faced the prospect of relegation if found guilty, threatened to open a can of match-fixing worms. The threat appeared to have put the brakes on proceedings.

On the pitch, expectations of cracking games are somehow dampened by the condition clubs, especially visiting ones find themselves.

With barely a month between the end of the last season and the start of the current one, there has been little time to apply for, and receive state-sponsored funding.

Sharks, who go to Ibadan in hopes of exercising their usual hex on 3SC, only left Port Harcourt less than 24 hours to the game, and will arrive Ibadan on match day, with just hours to spare before kick-off.

Dolphins v Sunshine Stars (Liberation Stadium) Enugu Rangers v Warri Wolves (Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium) Kwara United v Ocean Boys (Ilorin Township Stadium) Wikki Tourists v Heartland (Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium) Enyimba v ABS FC (Enyimba Sports Stadium) Kano Pillars v Niger Tornadoes (Sani Abacha Stadium) 3SC v Sharks (Obafemi Awolowo Stadium) Rising Stars v Akwa United (Dipo Dina Stadium) Gombe United v Lobi Stars (Pantami Stadium)

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posted: 09:23 pm
Which one be 2011/2012 season?? Are we still in 2011??. Nawaooo, confuse people, they can't also organize and run a league, all they know is to use their almajiris to kill brain-winners. Useless NFF and NPL. Nigeria is now a laughing stock in the international community, can't get any thing right. The merging of North and South of this country is the biggest and greediest error of all time. Two people with no history or culture together force to be a nation. The union will never work not now and NEVER.
posted: 10:43 pm
@TeellThemm ...occupy KON Shekinah
posted: 11:57 pm
TeellThemm - Stick with football, you are apparently too stupid to understand how a nation works. As a typical black man your first inclination is to divide rather than build. So the numerous problems that Nigeria has is because of the north? Na north dey do yahoo yahoo? Na north dey do prostitution for Italy, na north dey push drugs around the world? na north dey go embassies go disgrace Nigeria everyday. No be north dey feed our sorry asses in the south. Na north make Igbo and Yoruba distrust themselves? na north make Niger-Delta be gangster region? Face your problems you monkey and stop blaming others. Abi na north make black people all over the world no get unity?
posted: 12:22 am
Teebuz ibu ezigbo ewuu!
Teell onye nkem.
posted: 01:32 am
@Teebuz, Do dead men play soccer ???
Ekwensu kpokwa gi oku there !
posted: 05:33 am
@ TeellThemm
Oh yes in fact i am tired of this country. i am from the north but have to be frank . iam so ashamed of things been messed up that i want to change my identity. this league starting as said so. na as usual win at home and loose away due to bribe that cant even produce a referee at the on going nations cup.Nigeria is in mess. going down instead of going up.Allah
posted: 10:34 am
Game147 - Do dead men play soccer?! Did you ask OPC that? Or Massob? Or Niger-Delta militants? Did these lot not set the tone for Boko Haram and others that will follow? - Can you please answer why the black man is never united 'anywhere' in the world???!!! You guys never see beyond your narrow prisms. Dark minds.
nigeria &ghana match do or die
posted: 12:40 pm
Teebuz you are mad
dont let poeple venture anger on you. wat do you mean.OPC Massobb Niger-Delta militants.let me tel you boko haram is an enemy of humanity.boko haram are terorist worst than any thing you can think of. kiling innocnet poeple in church.infact teebuz u are a disgrace i beging to suspect you
posted: 01:04 pm
D worst attack is nt yet, wtch out 4 d nxt episode. Ol militants 4rm south south shal soon go undr grave.hahaha
posted: 01:17 pm
Lets shwn away ol d massacre united we stnd div we fal by boko haram
posted: 02:14 pm
@teellthemm,plz use ur boko haram brain,the league starts in 2012 n ends in 2012 to comply with fifa;s calender thats why the previous year was mentioned shekina,i m absolutely sure u re a member of that kill n divide team they call boko haram.u re absolutely up 4 it 4 our lovely country to be divided u moron,my dad lost a leg in that stupid fiasco we call war,it was a mistake n we up n coming nigerians we ve seen that it was a u know a lot has been built after the war? n what re u insinuating?rather than keep building u looking 4 division,u re a sick shallow minded b.a.s.t.a.r.d who should be down the dump,mr cheese mump discuss how nigerian football is going to move ahead or go n sell guoro(kola nut).u re just a kill n divide idiot in the house.
posted: 02:33 pm
@boko haram site i m not sure u re a nigerian.hey do u know the meaning of boko haram?it means book is haram(sin).why re u using the internet with a computer,if boko is haram who taught u,wake.common true nigerians united we stand.
posted: 03:07 pm
@chris no mind me jare
posted: 03:14 pm
okoribe1: EWU COW BEAR
posted: 03:14 pm
@Teebuz, Sometimes , arguments and varied opinion are either expose people's intelligence or reveals their simpleton/coconut-head nature. You earned a lot of respect from me in past , especially your constructive criticism and analysis but this time, you're minus zero.
Instead of criticizing and condemning the actions of those Northerners , you're rather justifying that what you call seeing beyond your prisms ??? I think you're in prison and its enough impediment to see beyond your prisms.

Meanwhile , Massob,OPC or Niger-delta never killed innocent people who are worshiping in Churches.

posted: 03:17 pm
@Hindi, Lol. Ndi ujo na acho ka anafuha ka ndi ezigbo mmadu. Odikwa egwu o !
posted: 03:22 pm
I sense people like @okoribe1: are the people milking Nigeria and leave poor masses in hell of suffering,because if this moron is some where suffering he will not have the got to talk rubbish here is this how oil country is living like? can you tell me what is giving you joy in it good road? electricity water tell me.Nigeria is in hell if you don't know. go to other oil countries and see what an entity called Nigeria
posted: 04:09 pm
sorry @hindi,i hav;nt leave in nigeria 4 a long time,i feel sorry 4 the masses so count me out from those who re plunging the country into abject poverty n mess.Nigeria is rich with lots of resources,we should push 4 changes n not thru killing of innocent citizens 4 selfish reasons.
Amata Plus
posted: 05:21 pm
Guys, guys, guys! What are we arguing for? For crying out loud, nobody has the right to take a life in whatever guise or excuse.

The Igbo man is as much God's creature as much as the Hausa man. Same applies to the christian and the moslem! Those doing the killings are not doing it on behalf of moslems. They are acting in line with the darkness of their hearts and minds.

Boko Haram are not moslems! They are sons and daughters of satan, the devil! All well meaning moslems, believers in justice and morality, must stand hand in hand with their christian counterparts, the hausa man must stand hand in hand with the Igbo man and fight Boko Haram.

This is a clarion call on all, northerners and southerners, to stand and be counted. We all must stand togethr against these sons of satan or fall together fighting.

posted: 08:40 pm
I like speaking my mind they way i see things and if that hurt people like Teebuz then that be it. I can't fashion out what that has worked in this force union called Nigeria for 51yrs, NOTHING. If we as a nation aint moving forward, isn't it right to look inward and ask ourselves if actually we want to be ONE because the oneness IS not there except we want to continue to leave in this fiasco. The problem most Nigerian has is that they like to pretend as if Tribalism isn't killing us in Nigeria, Tribalism is the foundation of the problem we are facing as a Nation and if we can't address that, then we are lying to ourselves. People vote for people only from their tribe, people at the top parasitical employ people base on tribe and nepotism, Immigration, Customs, Air-force, Army, Navy, name it and some people want to pretend this doesn't exist. The best has never occupy or allow to be at the right place simply because of tribalism, so i am saying if we can't appreciate each other for 51yrs then why living in this fake union in the name of a Country which is not working. No good School, no electricity, no good running water, no security, no good health care which even the poorest of nation are providing for her citizens. If the useless North leaders which has ruled Nigeria for decades has had vision and provide Nigerians youth with good future like countries which has oil has done for her citizens, employment for graduates, better basic amenities for her citizens and not favoring those who are close to them and creating hate and distrust among the citizenry, we wouldn't have the yahoo yahoo, prostitute going to Italy, Nigerians going to Embassies to disgrace themselves because Nigeria has become a Jungle where a good people can't leave anymore. The problem Nigeria has is all cause by the North whether we like it or not, they have rule this country for Years without any input to her growth,they created the problem Nigerians are facing right now. We should look at the problems Nigeria had and look at how it started in the first place. Why can't our refinery works?? Why import petrol, why can't we have a steady light obtainable even in our Neighbors, i guess Teebuz which is not stupid and understand how a nation works can answer this.
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