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Former Super Eagles defender Chikelue Iloenyosi banned

Posted: 24 May 2011 Time: 21:10

Former Super Eagles defender Chikelue Iloenyosi and four others were on Tuesday handed life bans from all football-related activity by the Nigeria Football Federation.

Also banned were Harrison Jalla, long-serving president of the National Assocication of Nigerian Footballers (NANF), Shuaib Gara-Gombe, former chairman of the Gombe State Football Association, journalist Olajide Fashikun and Jarret Tenebe, who was appointed chairman of the paralled NFA formed by Jalla.

The decision, taken at an emergency meeting of the NFF Executive Committee, was in response to the formation, spear-headed by Jalla, of a parallel 'Nigeria Football Assocation'.

The move led to a letter from Fifa, warning of grave implications for the country, including but not limited to a ban on Nigeria.

"Committee condemned in all its entirety the recent attempt by some disgruntled elements to constitute a parallel body for the administration of football in the country," a statement from the NFF after the meeting read.

"While resolving to approach the National Assembly to quickly assist in fast-tracking the process for the change of name from Nigeria Football Association to Nigeria Football Federation, the Committee decided, unanimously, to place a life ban on Jarrett Tenebe, Shuaib Gara-Gombe, Harrison Jalla, Chikelue Iloenyosi and Olajide Fashikun from all football-related activities within the Nigeria nation, for their ignonimous roles in trying to truncate the programmes of the NFF and the overall footballing interests of the country."

The bans mean the affected men cannot hold any positions in Nigerian football, attend football matches in the country, or, in the case of Fashikun, cover a football event.

"That is the implication of the ban," NFF Acting General Secretary Musa Amadu told "They cannot hold any offices, or attend football matches in the stadium or participate in any football-related activity."

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posted: 09:33 pm
Example of Indiscipline in Super Eagles:

1. Osaze leaves camp without permission (pride and indiscipline)

2. Players plan to stage walk out if Osaze is not punished
(Indiscipline, soon na walkout them go they stage anytime them chop belle full)

3. Yobo ask for team list to be sent to him personally for approval and so he can speak to players personally (Mafia boss, soon he go dey lead uprising for eagles and select who will make team list.)

4. Siasia decides to exclude his best when our qualification to nations cup is not quaranteed yet. (Indiscipline and selfish pride.. same people that clapped for your decision will also clamor for your sack)

Yet everybody is saying Osaze is the only problem in the super eagles. We need to wake up and see the light.
posted: 09:34 pm
Hear Fela Anikulapo-Kuti 'Trouble sleep yanga go wake am na katakata be dat...' we are watching the drama unfolding... Billion Original
posted: 09:37 pm
the thing you ALL need to understand about SIASIA's team selection is we have a good problem. there once was a time when the team was almost a given, you could pick out 18 prospects and get about 12 right. Today, we have soo many rising stars and older ones that its hard to pick a team. thats a good thing. Teams like Brasil, England, and Spain have this same problem. can you imagine Darren Bent coming off of a 20+ goal season last year didnt make it to the World Cup team. that couldnt happen last year with Amudo. where were these "NEW" stars we all discovered this year last years' world cup?
posted: 09:38 pm
Oppinions are like a BUTTHOLE, everyone has one. so before you guys cruxify SIASIA, please hold your horses, support the team. if he included IDEYE BROWN, and excluded, Ehiosun, some will say he picked an all europe based team. If he picked Obasi or Haruna or this or that over Anichebe, someone will say Anichebe didnt score a goal all season and Obasi is coming off an injury. If he selected this one someone else will say this one. thats just the truth. Remember we still have alot of others who are up and coming and we want them to switch allegiance to play for Nigeria. We will always have this problem and it is a GOOD THING. that means those selected will now play hard and well knowing there are A HOST of others who can take their place. THIS IS A GOOD PROBLEM. dont criticize, just hope the selected play hard and get good result.
posted: 09:40 pm
I will call it FUJI HOUSE OF COMMOTION starring Aminu Mygari, harrison jalla, gara-gombe and introducing Chikelue iloenyonsi.......
posted: 09:40 pm
as for OSAZE, i love the guy, he plays hard, but everyone should be held accountable. and its that simple. hope he learns from it and move on from it and it makes him a better person. he is not above the team. If he decides not to play for Nigeria again, fine, Ideye Brown can take his place.
someone will ALWAYS have an opinion on who should be selected and who shouldnt. simple. GET OVER IT.. ITS A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE.
posted: 10:04 pm
@Uzochi, what an excellent comment 'good problem' . Gone are the days that seletion is based on names irresptive of age and injury. Where would have been Ehiosun, Chibuzor, joel obi, emenike under uncle amodu. What we had then was a 'very bad problem.

Jalla and gara gombe initially had basis for their opposition but of late i think they are going too far. Opposition does not restle power illegally from a govt. They should pls back off
posted: 12:00 am
did i read life ban or may be am not understanding what the topic meant ,,,na who get power to ban person for life wen u no be GOD abeg mak dem find another story talk jaree
posted: 12:42 am
good ban for enemies of nigerian football
posted: 12:45 am
devils work tools trying to drag us back from the lofty heights we've attained. Woe betide u all
posted: 12:48 am
quite unfortunate that people like harison jalla, iloenusi, gombe that shld be in d know bring up these raucus.
The word.
posted: 12:52 am
Ok understand the life banned thing, but my questions are:

1. if any one or all of them come to staduim, how are they going to know?
2. and if they catch them, what will be their offence?
3 what part of our law do they violated?
4. who make the laws?

this is all nonsense as far as im concern.

so all this while NFF was an illegal name, not supported by our constitution? naaa waooo.
The word.
posted: 12:59 am
only in nigeria this rubbish will happen... some morons forming parallel body to the ones that was internationally recognized.

what was going through their minds when they come together in the first place? do them believe nigerians will embrace them with open arms?

the total ideas sucks!
posted: 01:56 am
I will respond to you Mr Kaluik like responded to one Mr Nomoreless( maybe u 2 are one)... Wake up and see what light? Of the 5 points you listed I have issues with #'s 3,4, and 5. What is wrong with the captain asking for a team list so as to speak to the players? There was no where i heard that he wanted to review the list and approve it! I dont know where you got that... Nevertheless, the fact remains that for a capt to be effective he has to liaise between the coaching staff and the players. That is what I suspect Yobo is attempting to do.

I dont understand what you mean by his best, what because he scored only 15goals this season? Give me a break, best encapsulates everything, from off field interactions to on field heroics. Osaze has the on field part down, but he needs time to learn the off field part! The coach has only merely given him the time he needs, period!

I think Osaze isnt the only problem, but he certainly is the latest problem and for the coach it was vital for him to be treated this way!

posted: 03:46 am
Double wahala for deadbodu.

I hope the NFF has not bitten more than they can chew.

Paddy Moore
posted: 07:41 am
Winning is not everything or the end of the world. I would prefer Super Eagles looses with their heads high up than win with faces covered in shame because of indiscipline. If we do not qualify but we have a very disciplined team, then the Super eagles are coming of age. Discipline and Integrity costs you nothing but buys you everything. The coach must discipline any player who feels he has arrived in the national team and can take the team to ransom by exhibiting any form indiscipline. All Super eagles must wear the Nigerian colour with the highest level of responsibility and pride.
posted: 07:57 am
Read for yourself and tell me what you think of someone concerned.
Osaze: Amodu Eagles were predictable
Posted: 2010-05-25 07:25

Osaze Odemwingie says Nigeria became too predictable under former coach Shuaibu Amodu and Lars Lagerback has already created a buzz around the squad.

Osaze, 29, was one of the more outspoken critics of Amodu's regime but he told that he did so without malice.

"For the past two years, with Amodu, we've been easy to predict. We have to have more variety in our tactics and our attack.

"There's not much negative or bad about his coaching. It's just that its not enough if we are aspiring to go up there. It's the difference between good, and better."

After four training sessions with Lagerback, Odemwingie says things are already looking up, with the Swede instilling a fear no foe confidence in his new team.

"He doesn't look like someone who doubts his own quality and I think he can bring a result that Nigerians expect. I see him relaxed, as someone with a plan, who took this job after watching our games and knowing that he can do better than where we were.

"From the first training, he is looking at attacking football. He is looking at a passing game. He is looking at the penetrating pass, a pass that creates danger, less square passes and more forward passes. He keeps reminding us that we have to play beautiful football and that results are also very important.

"At the same time, you can see that he doesn't want to play a game where Nigeria is scared of the opponent, any opponent."

Odemwingie says already the atmosphere in camp is different.

"You could feel it. You cannot deny it. Like our people say, oyibo na oyibo. There is a touch they add to Africans when they bring their ideas, their calculations, their tactics, their organisation, their way of being more effective on the field. That is going to be added for sure.

"The training so far has been good, the build-up and the movement. I think Lagerback is the best choice Nigeria made."

More importantly, the forward says Nigeria have to return to their attacking traditions.

"We need to be more ourselves. I think that is what we were denied these past few years. We were not playing like Nigeria. We were more defensive minded. That is why we didnt score so much goals lately, and that is also why we have been struggling even with the average African teams.

"But we could also understand that choice of tactics because it looks like there was a little bit of lack of confidence in our defence line.

"A few times we conceded silly goals, but at the same time, we needed the result and changes had to be done.

"We hope now that things will be better."

On his first day at work with his squad, Lagerback showed the players individual videos and Osaze said it came as a bit of a surprise.

"I was surprised because we never had that before in our coaching.

"That's another little thing. Those little things make a difference. Europe has gone far. I am not here to criticise our situation. Its just that right now we have to admit that we are still a little bit behind. In our clubs we see that those things are important. Here, he showed us a few highlights, pointed out some things and everybody is commending it."

He is under no illusions though, as to how much work remains to be done, but says there is a positive feeling about.

"We have a lot of work to do. The whole team have been commending the training sessions, and we hope to continue for the remaining days.

"We are getting a positive feeling now about ourselves, because it is in the hands of the coach how he motivates his team."

Ultimately though, he says it will be up to the players to do the business on the pitch.

"We have to believe in ourselves, and in what we can do and go out there on the pitch and show it for the love our country. There are a lot of people who just want a chance to play and that means that if you are lucky enough to be selected, you have to give your best at all times."

posted: 08:26 am
I was in secondary school, Chikeleu was then fortunate to slice some cut from Udoji United. I passed my wallet to Chikeleu in order to participate in a training section. During the game, he (chikeleu) signalled at me and indicated his leave from the venue. He handed my wallet to a young boy who was standing by to see the training. After the training, I reclaimed my wallet and discerned that Chikeleu had sliced my seven hundred naira, the money meant for my trip back to school. I hurried to Udoji camp at Iyiowa odekpe but was informed he would not see me. I went back the next day but the story goes empty till this day, his ban. Thank God if this is my payback. He has to feel my pain, is this his boomerang catching up with him heedlessly? Its been more than 15 years but please tell Chikelue that any where, any time I see him, he must pay me back the money he stole from me with additional interest. Bless you NFA for your good judgement, He is a crook.
posted: 10:09 am
Big Joke
posted: 10:22 am
Are these people in the NFF really so dump?
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