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Dobsonville, Rand Stadiums to host African Youth Championships

Posted: 7 April 2011 Time: 09:38

The Confederation of African Football has chosen Johannesburg as host for the rescheduled African Youth Championships which are due to kick off in just over 10 days’ time.

When South Africa were handed the hosting rights, the North West Province and Western Cape were picked out as possible hosts, but Johannesburg has since been selected by CAF and all the games will be played at the Rand and Dobsonville stadiums.

The Under-20 finals, initially pencilled in for Libya but then rescheduled to South Africa following the political unrest in the North African country, will run from April 17 to May 1.

South Africa, as the new host nation replacing Libya, will play in Group A along with Mali, Lesotho and Egypt, with all matches being staged at Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto.

The matches in Group B which consists of Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and Gambia will be played at Rand Stadium.

The four semi-finalists from the eight team tournament will qualify for the Under-20 World Cup to be played in Colombia from July 29-August 20.

Article by: Lovemore Moyo

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posted: 10:46 am
When are the frying chicken coming. I want one dude for my breakfast. I saw cameroon play, they are awesome. Ghana is strong and gambia will disgrace any team any time. I think nigeria will be last in this group
posted: 11:32 am
@Zuluman.what a shameful post.You cannot even speak for your own country who had to rely on uprising(apology to the Libyans )to play in this championship.Amajita is loosing and loosing.This is because it takes a lion to behave like a lion. you guys just dont have it!with all the hype in the ABSA you will not have any representatives in the last eight of CAF's club championships this year.Look at what sunshine is doing at the CAF Confederations'cup.IT'S because we've got the champion's mentality which you guys don't have.You can't buy that with flying Eagles will suprise you and you won't even get out of your group.
posted: 12:16 pm
@Zuluman, this hate is not good. I am a Nigerian and i tell you lots of us support bafana
Billion Original
posted: 12:39 pm
I did my first degree at UNN and people who speak like @Zuluman are called ZUWO! Just an observation. No offence intended.
posted: 01:33 pm
Please guys, don't argue with this zulu man. I think is an insane lad.Everybody knows our U-20 team is a team to beat. Like my Ghanain friend, he says whenever they want to play Nigeria at any level, they say "our wives" but inside of them there is fire burning, that is they are really scared, because they know Nigeria is capable of stopping them at any level either male or female competitions.
Give Me Shit, I Give You Shit!
posted: 01:59 pm
@ francis:
I believe you are a gentleman but please next time you do not have to remind clowns like zuluman that "lots of us support bafana". This is called "patronizing".

People like zuluman do not deserve an iota of respect. Please give it to the fool the way it comes. I know Nigerians are often taking the higher ground of either ignoring inept people like zuluman or just playing our usual civility when it comes to being our brother's keeper. Mnay Africans so many times take us for granted yet we continue to play "nice" with them.

I am not a nice person when it comes to relating with these morons, I strongly believe in the "give me shit, I give you shit" as advocated by the great Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Even Amajita players fret when they meet the Super Flying Eagles. So no matter the noise these idiots make, Nigeria shall continue to have the upper hand over them.

Please francis, I am not one of the people that support bafana. Infact I detest them to the high heavens. They play soccer with their mouth while we play with our feet. Whenever I see them play, I wished they lose all the time to puncture their unfounded pride.

If you love Nigeria and Nigerians God will love you. If you hate us, God will automatically hate you and curse you to your forth generation.
posted: 02:51 pm
There girls love Nigerians Because of there mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmony.
U no what i mean
21 Guns Salute
posted: 03:02 pm
@Give me Sh!t now you are talking, Anikulapo was the best pity he is dead. My all time favorite Shakara I still got the vinyl/LP.
posted: 03:30 pm
@Zuluman, I know inside you, u're scared stiff of ur zulu team meeting Nigeria. I don't have anything to tell you other than to say not in my lifetime will any Zulu or mugu team from ur country beat Nigeria, men or women, young or old. Your team was the first in the history of host countries of senior world cup to have been bungled out in the first round despite hosting with a huge investment, all your teams are out of the CAF competitions. What are shame! Just bury your head in shame!
posted: 04:41 pm
@Zuluman ha ha ha you make me laugh why, many African so-much love Nigeria but they pretend to express it through hate am happy anytime i see or read a comment like this :why: it makes my beloved Nigeria to be known better you cant hide it Nigeria is a wonderful country , we are made to be the head of Africa not by our making but it was meant to be so and there is a popular reggae tune which goes like this who Jah bless let no man curse despite the politico instability we are facing still we are mighty than what you thick i will not reply you in a negative way but laugh and we shall see which country we go through your south Africa team or my Nigeria team in the group stagiest
posted: 05:05 pm

@Give Me S***, I Give You S***. I feel you dude. You are a true son of the soil and will never stand alone. Nigeria is the number 1 country of Africa by any paramater of classification. We must keep our heads high at all times because thats who we are -- the reason for the heat and envy thrown at us by the rest of the continent.I have no qualms with whoever differs with me on this. Its my opinion and I respect all opinions. I will, deservedly, remain a proud Nigerian till kingdom come. That's the truth.

"Knowledge is like Onyx. One digs deep to own it"
posted: 05:29 pm

@Give Me S***, I Give You S***. I feel you dude. You are a true son of the soil and will never stand alone. Nigeria is the number 1 country of Africa by any paramater of classification. We must keep our heads high at all times because thats who we are -- the reason for the heat and envy thrown at us by the rest of the continent.I have no qualms with whoever differs with me on this. Its my opinion and I respect all opinions. I will, deservedly, remain a proud Nigerian till kingdom come. That's the truth.

"Knowledge is like Onyx. One digs deep to own it"
posted: 06:07 pm
Taiwo, please go to Spain or Italy, don't go to that overrated English league nothing good come out of it for Nigerian players, when we have our players playing in other European leagues, our SE was great since our players started going to England we could not even win a nations cup for about 20 years now, our great KANU went there, play very well for club but could even score in the nation cup, just look at our golden generation who won nations cup and Olympic how many was playing in English league, i strongly believe that they over work players and encourage them to ignore national call up from national team, while in Spain and Italy if you play for your national team you will be respected more by your club, beside a great football nation like England their national team coach is an Italian and due to how they use players up they could not have a good national team in an important world cup and major competitions, England is not good for nija players, once you go there you will start to be stubborn and talk too much like osaze, look at yobo, he left, now he is a super regular and we can see he is coming back to his best, thank you.
posted: 08:21 am
We all know Nigerians are age-cheats.That's why they win junior tournaments and fail dismally at full international championships.
posted: 09:17 am
Food for thought: Nigeria is full of age cheats, yet almost all the South Afrian players that participated in the under 23 competition that featured people like Nsofor and co from Nigeria have become inactive in high grade soccer, even in their own country. Lerato Chabangu should be about 25 or so now, and he couldn't even tie down contract with any team. Even Khune is now is supposed to be 22 or so, and the last time the coach of SA spoke, he admitted he is already getting out of it. He conceeded an average of about a goal per match. By the time he is 25 or 26 (according to you), he probably won't be able to keep goals anymore. Meanwhile our Enyeama is almost 30 (according to us, age cheats) and still has better reflexes that Khune (your own 22). Eish, South African players are young, and are not age cheats. Hardly does anoyone play till 30. Osaze is 29, and he is still playing very well. South Africans, stop lying. We know who the age cheats are. Is that why your women can not stop falcons in your own country? They are also overage, and your girls are too young, but probably too sexually active? And all the time Super Eagles have beaten you, they are also overage? You guys need deliverance.
The Game
posted: 10:30 am
your talking shit or shud I say bullshit! with dat kak keeper of yours you failed to register a win at da fifa wc and how many goals did osaze score @ da wc? stop posting after taking cocaine or whatever you are high of! Jerrrr, typical Nigerian!
posted: 05:57 pm
@Zuluman, don't forget, South Africa did not even qualify for this tournament. So stop criticizing Nigeria that worked hard to qualify. You guys were knocked out by little Lesotho and you here criticizing Nigeria that worked hard to qualify. You guys came into this tournament from the back door, just as you did in the 2010 worldcup. STOP THE HATE.
posted: 06:05 pm
@omobobo, they claim that Khumalo (bafana bafana defender) is 24 years old. It is obvious that he is over 30 years.
posted: 01:52 pm
Left for me alone, nobody would answer this Zuluman anything untill after our teams have won the African & World's U20 Championship, the Olympic gold and the Nations Cup next year. Then I would look for him to come and talk. For those who care to listen, Nigerian football is moving toward its greatest/all time height in history. Watch Out!
posted: 02:12 pm
Guys i am a South African and Zuluman is not representing us in this forum. So deal with him and leave SA alono, ah ah!
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