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Walter Mokoena says Nyasha Mushekwi better than Knowledge Musona

Posted: 11 February 2011 Time: 07:10

South African football agent Walter Mokoena is tipping Mamelodi Sundowns Zimbabwean striker Nyasha Mushekwi to go further on the international scene than his countryman at Kaizer Chiefs, Knowledge Musona. 

"Mushekwi's advantage, from the little that I have seen of him, is his build because he is big and powerful and that's what European clubs want in players, especially the strikers.   "European clubs want a striker whose presence is felt in the box and who is not easily pushed away by the defenders."   Mokoena manages a number of South African Premiership players including Chiefs' Mandla Masango and Thabang Rooi of Black Aces, Maritzburg United’s Diyo Sibisi and Happy Jele of Orlando Pirates.   _quote

"There is no questioning that Musona is exciting and he has this X-factor which means that he is likely to produce something magical, at any minute, when he is in the box," said Mokoena.   "He has proved his class in South Africa and I know him well because I first saw him when he played for the Zimbabwe Under-17 against South Africa in a Cosafa match and he came in as a substitute and scored three times.   "I tracked him back to Zimbabwe and made some contacts but I was not involved when he eventually came to Chiefs. But I think he remains a lightweight, in terms of his physical features, and if he improves his strength then he could brighten his chances of a move to Europe.   "But he is young, which is good, and I think Chiefs are working with him on that."   While Musona has been capturing all the headlines in South Africa and is now the golden boy of the League, it is Mushekwi who has been drawing the interests of European teams.   A number of African agents, who are based in Paris, also told The Herald last week that while there has been a buzz about Musona in South Africa, and his profile has been forwarded to some European teams, there are concerns among the clubs that he appears lightweight to make an impact in the physical leagues of Europe.   Apparently French club Lille tracked Musona last year and, after studying a number of videos presented to them about the player, they decided that while he was deadly in the box, his small frame would make him struggle against the tough defenders of Ligue. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Does Mokoena make sense with what he is saying?

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posted: 07:18 am
walter has never kicked a ball in the direction of goal posts so his comments can never be taken seriously. Is Messi big?? Mokoena must just come and take his headless chicken Masango to Parys with him.*he cnt be in Paris*
posted: 07:39 am
Need i say more, what the agents say makes a lot of sense. in Europe if you are a striker from Africa, the expect you to be big,tall and tough. Drogba,Gyan,Phil Masinga,Eto'o,Kalou,Yakubu,Weah,Benjani and many more. this is not an indictment though against Musona's talent because the boy is massively talented as well, just like Mushweki.

I guess this is the reason why North and West African players are much more likely to get contracts overseas than Southern and East African players. for a player like Musona to get a contract in one of the top leagues in EU, he needs to be extra special while for a big player like Mushweki, being good will just be good enough.
posted: 07:44 am
i don't mean 2 b rude but we have playas that made it in earopean leage that r not physically huge e.g eto.o,pienaar,gervihno,sibusiso zuma.etc so me i think he's bitter cos he's not he's agent en that low 4 a man of his standard
posted: 07:44 am
mokoena myt hav a point but i would like for hm to consider players like salomon kalou the chelsea forward,he does manuever around defence and has saved chelsea a few times,MUSONA needs to work on pacing,positioning and his shots,what i can say to walter is that the bigger the harder they can ask collins mbesuma lol
posted: 07:44 am
walter does make sense but either he makes Musona makes it overseas or not he is good and Mushekwi is good and that is good news for Zimbabwe. Who is RSA best striker that is the question walter should be asking. Anyway he has made is point...
posted: 07:46 am
Though I agree with Walter that Mushekwi has an edge over Musona in terms of physique but I disagree with him & some of those Europeans teams which says the Zim boy cannot make it in Europe. Look E'too was not an animal when he started in Europe,though the advantage for him was his early entrance in Europe as a young boy.
But without any jealousy both players if can make it even in EPL but they need to be introduce with caution.
To me I think Musona can even become bigger so long as he play along side great players just like the way E'too was introduced!
posted: 07:47 am
it is true that european teams prefer tall strikers but that doesnt mean musona cannot play ther!......musona has more skill than mushekwi...he is an intelegent player!....their style of play is different mushekwi is more of a number 9 but musona is more suitable for a second striker role wer his 'small' body doesnt count!....... .tevez,messi.aguero, guissepe rossi are not tall but they are good strikers!
posted: 07:52 am
Walter remarks are a bit harsh for Musona. he does not speak like an agent. Mosuna should not be distracted by this nasty comments from Walter. you know him, he can be rude sometimes.

Very soon they will be saying Mushweki is overweight. he will be a laughing stock. life is just that. these tow zim boys should continue to work hard. UP THE BUCS.
posted: 07:55 am
"Walter Mokoena, who is now based in Paris"

Which Paris cos we have one eJozi.
Back to the topic - I think Mbazo'z young brother is correct and Musona once said he was not ready to play in Europe like Ngcobo said he was not ready to play for Bafana. I feel like these players are average. why? no one can say such things. Mbesuma was bold enough to say he wanted to play for Man Utd even if he failed I respect that player. He had a dream and almost had his dream.
posted: 08:00 am
@ mokoena,,i totally disagree 110%,,as a proffesional football agent he needs to understand his football well,,i dont remember robinho being big,do you remember saviola(the barcelona)forwad from argentina??how about berbeto(the darling of brazil)?is ozil from germany big???does nani look that big?? how about the entire ARSENAL team,,do they look big,,the nasri & the chamka(sorry 4 da spelling).

well yes being big is the plus factor but it doesnt warrant you a place in europe,,it really sicken me to see our own people who are suppose to say positive things bout our footballer saying the opposite,what about if byb nature musona is built to be that way?? does he have to resort using some steroids so to gain weight & atract the european scouts?? hell no, the same walter knows very well what happens to players like benni,,the same teams will turn their backs 7 say you r too fat or whatever they will describe it. so pls talent & not your body posture is what makes sum1 a great player(finish & klaar)
maybe mokoena should have say the european clubs tend to turn blind eys on african playrs who r skinny or not well built like the george wheahs & the drogbas,,, why not say the same bout south american & europeans who are not big??? so we can say the european team plays the RACE card here.
@ WONDER>>>>>> u should know better broer,,size doesnt make you a gud player, yes u might have a slight advantage in certain situation but that just applies to same slender player who might be more skillful than a bigger striker. NO OFFENCE PEOLPLE,, JUST MY VIEW.

Swona Champ!
posted: 08:03 am
Pienaar is not a striker, if he was a striker he was not going to play in EU, and Pienaar has special qualities, hope those who were saying Shabba is better than him are enjoying their humble pie, if you have mosono's body, you need to be quick to get a contract in EU, as for this two, not that Walter felt hard done by him(mosono) coming to SA without him being involved, yet he was tracking him, I think he makes a lot of sence!
posted: 08:07 am
we don't need this
Glory Reclaimed!
posted: 08:10 am
Hey Mr colourful jackets Mokoena, u should be talkin about ur useless player masango@chiefs and leave musona to his agent...wena nje ujealous sies, i wonder how u marketing ur players in Paris with your f@cked up english, come take uMasango with u hez not chiefs material!
posted: 08:13 am
i dnt know why people when they read, they understand of of things their own way...
is it maybe English or Stupidity?
Mokoena, doesn't say Musona is not as good as Milkshake or he is less talented but merely talking about prospects of playing in EU. Musona has a smaller body than Milkshake and clubs in EU preferre a striker to have presence in the box.... and we all know that... well some of us do know that... he is not saying he will never go to europe... the likes of Messi and others who make it there are one of the few special please read with understanding...
posted: 08:14 am
posted: 08:17 am
No wonder why SABC didn't renew your contract, u are pathetic and full of hatred.
Is Sammy Et'o nt a light weight?
Is David Villa nt a light weight?
Musona is far better Mushekwi.
Swona Champ!
posted: 08:19 am
Mosono is an average player who fails to score goals that even Banyana girls can easily convert, I've seen him week in and week out doing this! I agree, his muthi for now works for him, beside that, he's so wasteful cablefc must just be his enternity, as far as football is concern!
Glory Reclaimed!
posted: 08:20 am
@Swona: 2011-02-11 08:03
i have never come across a chiefs fan saying Shabba is better than Pienaar, its you pirates idiots who were comparing Schillo nd Teko..i jst couldnt understand how u could compare some1 who hasnt achieved anything in football with an EPL player who's been in Europe for most of his life.Now again this topic is about musona and mushekwi...mind you they not even South african, so stick to the topic!
Swona Champ!
posted: 08:26 am
Is Sammy Et'o nt a light weight?
Is David Villa nt a light weight?
Samuelo Eto? come on! how dare compare the two, this guy mososno can play a game in SA psl without scoring, Eto can score 3goals/game if he was playing against PSL defenders, Sweswe and Robin, Booth, Sangweni, McCathy! David Villa? Mosono? dont compare tomatoes and bananas, one is a fruit, veg the other, chiefs fans stop dreaming! this is walter's opinion!
posted: 08:30 am
If you look, Mushekwi managed to be closer to Musona on goals while he spend most of the first half getting to play as a substitute and it is his first season. What if he was regular from the beginning. I believe he is the best. People from Zim who knows Mushekwi are said to have told people that we have not seen the best of Mushekwi yet.
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