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Orlando Pirates midfielder Clifford Ngobeni aware of the unpredictability presented by Santos

Posted: 14 January 2011 Time: 13:22

Orlando Pirates midfielder Clifford Ngobeni says he is aware of the unpredictability presented by Santos ahead of the two teams meeting at Orlando Stadium on Saturday, but he believes that Bucs should still be able to walk away with maximum games. 

Since breaking into the congested Pirates midfield Ngobeni has made a bold statement about his intentions to play regularly.   “We have prepared very well throughout the week and everything is looking fine as of now as we have no injury or suspensions this week.   “I am impressed with the way we have prepared for the game. Santos are a difficult team to play against because you never know what to expect from them, but we just have to be focused and stick to our game plan. That way I am certain we will be able to take all three points at the end of 90 minutes.   “I know from my time at Ajax that Santos are always tricky opposition that you must never treat with kid gloves. Though they are known to always keep it compact, you never know how they will play on the particular day,” says Ngobeni.   The Soweto born midfielder says the Telkom KnockOut final loss to Kaizer Chiefs was a major wake up call for them and they are now aiming at not making the mistakes that they made at FNB Stadium that night.   Since that defeat to their arch rivals Pirates have taken 10 points from a possible 12 available, winning three and drawing one and Ngobeni believes that is testimony to the work that they have put into making sure that they don’t repeat the same mistakes that cost them their second cup success this season.   “We are always trying to rectify the mistakes that we committed in the past by working hard at all the sessions and I hope it continues to pay off. In fact, all the points that we have dropped gave us a wake-up call and we don’t want to make the same mistakes again. But then anything is possible in football, so we will just hope that we have the luck that is needed in this game.   “We have a good squad of committed players who are always willing to learn. While it is still too early to be thinking about winning the league, we must sure that we keep on banking the points,” says Ngobeni.   If results go their way this weekend, Pirates might be at the top come Sunday morning. 

Article by: KICK OFF

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Gucci Man
posted: 01:35 pm
I’m one of the bloggers who believe that KO website is kinda like boring these nowadays ,predictable and always posting something we already know about from other websites , Honestly speaking you shouldn’t be using this word “Breaking news” because when you post the story I’ve already read it on other competent and efficient website day before.
It’s 2011 and we actually expect more interesting news ,development in terms of their approach on how they publish their stories,
I think you guys need to understand and please do some researches on what bloggers really want to know, read about . I wouldn’t like to compare you with other website e.g Soccerladuma but those guys are always 3 steps ahead of you in terms of publishing football news. We’ve always been loyal to you guys and not planning to move to other football website because I still believe you’re competent enough to feed us football information and I believe you can learn one or 2 things from us(KO bloggers) .

Please guys(KO editors) just sit down with your team & management for “brainstorm” / be creative. There’s nothing is boring as reading the same story written on KC,OP and Sundowns websites. This tendency of cut & paste is actually disappointing guys, in future maybe when you guys(journos) do that ,just call the clubhouse and speak to anyone available even a (cleaner, security guard or a tea lady) for that matter , than to copy from other KC,OP website and paste to KO website and expect us to read that “2nd hand” news. Like at the moment there’s rumours all over the country about Teko Modise’s possible move to Sundown and KO isn’t doing nothing about this and you’re waiting for OP/ Sundowns websites to publish then copy that info and paste to KO.

Please guys we do really appreciate KO website and we know it’s not a child’s play to do your job , searching/digging for football news all over the world but just give us fresh air , sorry I meant fresh news
Njabzah Zuma (4-OPFC)
posted: 01:35 pm
I like this boy...

Go for it MABHAKANIYA, confidence up khon' ozokhala.

posted: 01:38 pm
Gucci Man: 2011-01-14 13:35

After some rumours about Teko leaving OP, I thought KO was gonna dig on the rumour just to clear the air... Anyway, I know everything that is to know about my team, KC website is well maintained
posted: 01:48 pm
And those who claim that Kaizer Chiefs is the biggest team in Africa must tell us where does Chiefs feature here. Follow the link

Gucci Man
posted: 01:55 pm
Just to give you an indication from my side and some of the news I would like to read on KO website,

Joseph Dukuduku Makhanya,Gerald Sibeko, Elias Pelembe etc

We would also like to know about our legends e.g Bashin Mahlangu,Ernest “Botsotso” Makhanya, Rudolf Seale, Shane McGregor, Eric Ramasike,Grant Young, Johanes Chili and ano Joe Mlaba.The only time I read stories about them is when one of them has past on,imprisoned for crime,bankrupty or anything negative about them.

We would also like to know about our current players , just simple stuff e.g favourite food,cars,music and favourite places/ hangouts car they’re driving , academic wise, their homes etc

Just asking for simple things nothing major here, is that difficult
posted: 02:06 pm
Gucci Man: 2011-01-14 13:35

Eish! it's tough out there Gucci Man. The media industry is all about having dedicated and trusted ears all over the globe. But we must never forget that Kick Off cannot always get stories first, some they will and some they won't get early so let us not throw stones at 'them' based on one or two stories.

I deliberately inverted comas around the word 'them' to remind you that we as bloggers are also kickoff hence the name team-kickoff. Let us also help out our fellow colleagues by reporting suspicious soccer related activities on this forum.

If you haven't joined Team KickOff please do so, it's fun in that forum, we need you guys in there. Many have been questioning my disappearence in this site the truth is I am still around but more addicted in Team KickOff.
posted: 02:12 pm
Gucci Man: 2011-01-14 13:35 [ Report ]

Gucci Man iyo i always thought you had a peanut brain pardon my ignorance wellsaid man. Kickoff really is rubbish, when you read the story above you can see it is fabricated, how on earth can Ngobeni say anybody in the OP starting eleven is still learning? Crab i dont expect any player who is above 20 and older than Messi to be learning.

And for any normal soccer follower OP plays kak how can anyone say they have learned from their game against KC? The win against Sionsport was an accident dont care who says what and this story for that matter is very old and do we really have to be always reminded about the loss to KC as if we have never beaten KC? Hence i dont comment most of the time.
posted: 02:15 pm
100% Yes Chiefs is too big to compare with all those small teams.
Look you Andile the heading is about Ngobeni and your small team but old one. But you can't say anything about that before you mention the best. Chiefs is big my boy. Talk about what Ngobeni said as well, he also can't say anything without including his role models he admire this team as well.
Tell me if i'm wrong and why you include Chiefs.South africa only two teams my laatie. Chiefs and the r***.
posted: 02:16 pm
I always believed that you and Mdluli are underrated. Otherwise game ya Santos is always difficult; but since Gabonamong a vaile, maybe you can win.

Gucci Man – with due respek. I believe the simple things you request are featured on TEAMS TV SHOWS and maybe should reside there for eternity. Yes, you are right with the obvious posts and I share same sentiment there.

Otherwise, Cape Town Stadium is the place
posted: 02:18 pm
CPT chick
posted: 02:18 pm
Gucci Man:

well said baba, this copy and paste thing is kinda annoying...I think most people are still here just for the sake of commenting as they cannot do so on OP/KC WEBSITE.

Dooba (Glory Reclaimed)
posted: 02:21 pm
Is this funny list about Pirates being among the best African clubs in every article around here?

Ngobeni watch that fat boy- watch that fat!
posted: 02:22 pm comment! Kikikikikikiki
posted: 02:28 pm
@Gucci Man, ucinisile sbal'sami. i also do not understand how a big institution like KO can not post atleast a story every hour. sometimes a story can last for 8 hours in the headline or breaknews front, i mean how is that possible for such a big organisation? i even joked on the other thread that now that TTM is back, we will have to wait for aa Chiefs's win before we get anything where he will post a quote from VV every hour.

Marawa hinted that Sundowns might enter into a swap deal with Pirates, with Pelembe joining Bucs and Teko going the opposite direction, i was hoping KO journos would do some sniffing around that but up to so far nothing. i rarely go to Soccerladuma, but i know those people post something almost every 30 minutes to an hour, i even call them soccer tabloid because of the many rumours that they post, but hey, it keeps their readers interested and with something to talk about. KO is a complete different story, i hope TTM is reading this.

Please TTM respond!
posted: 02:28 pm
Santo will pack the bus again, gudluk pirates

khosi 4 lyf nuff said
posted: 02:35 pm
KickOff's below par reporting is helped by all of us who comment here, otherwise the traffic on this site would be minimal if not zero, so spare your complaints Gucci Man, falling on deaf ears.

Thats why about 90% of articles edge you to have your say!
Dooba (Glory Reclaimed)
posted: 02:38 pm
Gucci man- You have a point there, I wish you can personally tell the idiot who just cut & pasted the rubbish list called Andile to read your request to KO editors.

I think they do listen when we tell them: since the issue of grammar regarding some of the article posted by KO was heavily blogged, I have not seen so many grammatical errors. These Ko editors actually read our comments and simply choose to decide silently on taking them as advices rather than openly complementing us... some systems are autocratic while some are democratic!

posted: 02:47 pm
Mozambican Player On Trial At Wits
Zuma: No Pressure On Me
Billiat: Musona Won’t Be Specially Monitored
Parker Signing Unlikely Foxes Get Yakubu
Doubleheader Sales Skyrocket

Just a glimpse of some of the stories posted at Soccertabloid in the last hour or so. today alone they have posted way above 10 articles.
Wake up KO!
posted: 02:51 pm
While we the Khosi family preparing for tonight's League game against Ajax some empty tins are digging through the internet for something to brag about, as their team will never provide them with one. Andile get a life my sister this sleepless night of surfing through internet just to keep you smiling is not worth it. Get a life, find a partner
Mriyo (B2B Trebble Champs not a fluke double)
posted: 02:55 pm
Kickoff sucks,u guys wait 4 sum1 to highlight sumtin n u then write a story from that.Wat u r said about Swallows was actually mentioned by Mark Gleeson on SS4 wit u guys jus went 2 veryfy if the stats r corect n then jus report on it.Fact is u ddnt know till yestaday,correct me if i m rong guys
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