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Bafana Bafana player ratings

Posted: 25 May 2010 Time: 09:40

KICK OFF rates South Africa's players after their 1-1 draw against Bulgaria in Monday's international friendly played at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto. 

BAFANA BAFANA PLAYERS:   7 Itumeleng Khune – It was a walk in the park for most of the game for Khune. But his distribution, positioning and communication is worth a mention. For the whole game he was talking to his defence and at some stage in the second half he ran all the way to the halfway mark to communicate a message to Gaxa. He was on 'holiday' no doubt, but 'Itu' was equal to the task when called upon and even had to save Mokoena's blushes after a rather poor back pass. He could do nothing of Bulgaria's equaliser as his ball watching defence let him down.   6 Siboniso Gaxa – 'Pa' was as good defensively as he was in attack, making a lot of runs up and down the right flank. It was refreshing too to see him get in his crosses into the box for a change and his exchange of passes with his fellow defenders was good, especially in the first half, as they kept the ball on the ground and found space to link with the midfielders. Because of all the changes at halftime, he appeared a bit lost early on in the second half.   6 Lucas Thwala – he makes an inch perfect box tackle for a corner in the 28th minute denying Valeri Bojinov a cross that could have otherwise created problems. The downside to Thwala is his inability to overlap, something that gives Masilela the edge in the fight for the left back position.   6 Bongani Khumalo – he was calm when under attack and his combination was better with Sangweni. Perhaps he should communicate a little more. Khumalo, a reserved guy naturally, could have alerted Sangweni when the latter was out of position for Bulgaria's equaliser and with a little talking the danger could have been averted perhaps.   6 Siyabonga Sangweni – gives Bafana the lead in the 19th minute, but then goes from hero to zero when he is caught out of position and Valeri Bojinov had time and space to control the ball Georgi Peev's cross on the right to fire past Khune. He too must not always wait for Khune to kick start a conversation.   *8 Thanduyise Khuboni – comfortable on the ball and picks up his teammates with some fine passing across central midfield and to the wings. Shows he's got some big engine when he constantly helps out in attack and in defending. It was 'Gonondo's third man of the match award in as many games for Bafana and no doubt the 23-year-old is a star in the making. For a defensive midfielder to impress South Africans takes some doing.   6 Reneilwe Letsholonyane – for the 45 minutes he played in the first stanza 'Yeye' won a few challenges, particularly the one when he won a tackle from a Bulgaria player who was not far from Khune's box and recovered quickly enough to make a pass to midfield. His work rate, therefore, was relatively good.   6 Teko Modise – looks comfortable on the ball and in just the first 10 minutes gets the crowd going with some cool passing and some dribbling. It was clear he had been told to go out there and enjoy himself in his 50th appearance, but doesn't go the full distance as he runs out of steam in the second half.   5 Surprise Moriri – committing a few fouls in the first half and his back is often facing the route to goal, making it difficult for him to turn as he is not the fastest of players and in the process losing possession quite a bit and he was not of much help to Mphela playing as a second striker. He basically had the game to forget.   7 Siphiwe Tshabalala – didn't have the best of games in the second half, but his set pieces could make a huge difference in future for Bafana. He's grown in confidence since the Brazil camp, but what is good to see is his willingness to test the keepers with the free kicks. His corner to find Sangweni at the back post for Bafana's goal was good if anything.   6 Katlego Mphela – 'Killer' hardly had a shot at goal, except for his powerful 25-yard free kick which was saved by Mihaylov. He hardly threatened but to be fair he was isolated.   5 Aaron Mokoena – later in the game he made a heart stopping back pass that Khune had to clear for a thrown-in. He definitely didn't play better than Sangweni, who he replaced at halftime.   7 Tsepo Masilela – earns a corner in his first few touches after combining with Mphela and tearing down the left flank for the start of the second half and because of his constant attacking he rarely defended. Masilela had the Bulgaria right back on the ropes and it was the one area that Bafana played out well in the second half, despite Bulgaria's dominance in this half and credit to Masilela for taking the fight to the opposition's right back.   5 Kagisho Dikgacoi – he made a lot of passes sideways to the wings, but that's as far as it went. 'KG' could have done better to make some runs forward rather than always looking for an easy way out of passing the ball away to his teammates, who in most cases were tightly marked and had to pass backwards which subsequently killed off an attack too many. But he did make one pass to Gaxa in the 82nd minute that led to a corner. He could have done a lot more of the same.   5 Bernard Parker – perhaps he could have done better had he played more than the 20 minutes he got. He was playing too deep in midfield.   5 Siyabonga Nomvete – appeared anxious at times and lost quite a few balls thanks to overrunning the ball.   5 Franklin Cale – he was perhaps desperate to impress Parreira trying to make a lot of runs but most were miscalculated leading to the opposition winning back the ball. After last night's performance he will be lucky to make it to the final 23-man squad for the World Cup, bearing in mind Parreira's Brazilian is not designed for wingers.   

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posted: 10:03 am
For me to give a player a 6 – it means that a player must not die in the second half. Izolo while watching Bafana vs. Bulgaria I told my friends that I’m more interested nge second half… are we going to have the same high energy of first half?This was the case against Thailand… the team just died in the second half.

• (2½) Khune – he was not tested as I hoped! Why didnt they play Josephs?
• (3½) Modise – he wasn’t effective in the midfield. What I remember is his tsamaya touches on our half
• (3) Thwala – he struggled, but managed to hold himself
• (4) Letsholonyane – he play good and was the engine in the midfield
• (1) Mphela – he was never in the game… he was bottled up by the Bulgarian defender
• (3) Tshabalala – two good crosses and one good corner-kick… needs to practice more to be the KING of crosses and free-kicks
• (1) Parker – totally lost when he was introduced
• (0½) Cale – he was not effective as well… the sub for him was late to shine
• (2½) Gaxa – It was not the same Gaxa from Confederations Cup…
• (3½) Sangweni – scored the goal – that’s it… he was shaky at the back like Gaxa
• (3½) Khumalo – the boy played ok at the back...
• (4½) Koboni – the boy played OK...
• (2½) Nomvethe – He struggle cos the midfield was dead and he was collecting the ball from the midfield
• (2½) Moriri – he played ok… most of the game he was just hiding himself
• (0½) Masilela – he did nothing
• (0½) Dikgacoi – he did nothing
• (1½) Mokoena – when given de captain armband he made a foul! Think he needs not to have it and he will play good! Hehehe !

Overall the team played OK… the defenders and goalkeeper were not tested that HIGH! I’m hoping for a more attacking team in the next games. Guys like to relax at the back… upfront you get one chance and you need to bury it! Players must understand that from yesterday every game is a FINAL.
Mesh - K 4 L
posted: 10:11 am
After last night's game,here are my observations and conclusions

1.Sangweni - can't communicate
2.Thwala - Strong but needs to watch his defending - dangerous.
3.Khumalo - can't communicate
4.Khuboni - one footed player and can't turn
5.Letsholonyane - talented but not ready for WC.
6.Teko - better game must stop show boating(these is not bArKs)
7.Tshabalala - What a player!!! growing everyday(2nd half was dead)
8.Mphela - wrong system for him - very good speed.but can't shoot
9.Surprise Moriri - Am surprised how he was selected in the 1st place.
10.Gaxa - Maturing but must learn when to go forward.
11.Khune - Needs more experience,good distribution.

Mokoena,Nomvethe,Parker,Kagiso and Cale the less said about them the better.

I will give Nomvethe a benefit of a doubt,the rest of the replacements were playing plain rubbish.If these is the kind of experience they bring to our national team,then thanks but no thanks.As for Cale,he thinks the national squad is sUnClOWns.NO WAYS!!

posted: 10:16 am
I never really agree with any of these "player ratings" i mean everyone believes they're a soccer expert and has different views on how players contributed to the game. For example with Bulgaria's goal Gaxa was to far from Sangweni and every defender knows that when the opponent attacks from the opposite wing you compact your defense in order to cover each but then again here i'm doing the exact thing i said i hate.
Mesh - K 4 L
posted: 10:21 am
The following players MUST be Dropped

4.McCarthy(some people will kill me for these)Does not even deserve call - up
5.Khuboni - good but not quite ready for the world cup.
6.Surprise Moriri - too slow for WC

Our national team players need to learn 2 things,WHEN to attack and When to defend.
Once they lose the ball,they stand and watch like cameramen.Hawu madoda!!!
Unless these is Carlos style,then he is coaching the wrong team - these is a revolutionary team(as Malema said).How can we win when we keep on passing the ball across the field INSTEAD of going forward
posted: 10:25 am
Keletsi: 2010-05-25 10:16
I hear you mf2 and the truth is we won't agree, because we view the game differently. The writers put down everything that happens and for someone just watching the game they only remember the key moments like when a goal is scored.
Skepe Mketule
posted: 10:32 am
Mesh - K4L: 2010-05-25 10:21

dropping Khuboni, awusile la ekhanda lakho, uyisilima sangempela, what is the use of Teko for us, Khuboni is in the class of Viera,n Emmanuel Petit wena slima
posted: 10:38 am
" 6 Siyabonga Sangweni – gives Bafana the lead in the 19th minute, but then goes from hero to zero when he is caught out of position and Valeri Bojinov had time and space to control the ball Georgi Peev's cross on the right to fire past Khune. He too must not always wait for Khune to kick start a conversation. "

What? No ways. Gaxa was still coming on the heels of his opponent. He was supposed to be on the goal side. That was for the second time. The first one he was lucky as it was ruled offside. This rating is biased.

My players of the night are:
Sangweni, Khumalo, Khuboni and Nomvete.

My worst players are:
Gaxa - he will never be better than Bryce, this is favoritism.
Mokoena - does not learn, always giving away possesssion and smackdowning opponents at harmless positions. Need I remind everyone who conceded the free kick that kicked us out of the CONFED, who conceded the free kick that led to Drogba's goal in the FA Cup final? And the question is, was it necessary?
Teko - delays with the ball
Surprise - sluggish

As for the rest, they tried.
posted: 10:40 am
i think everybody tried their best. People must be fair, our opponents we practically sitting on the goal mouth. Mphela was swamped with 5 defenders, Parker was not playing as a striker but as a midfielder so what can you expect from a striker. The problem that i see is the unability to soak up pressure from opposition when they're pressurizing, 2. Not being able to finish of opponents when they're down. Otherwise pretty good performance Parreira.
Mesh - K 4 L
posted: 10:43 am
sam: 2010-05-25 10:32

Don't insult me man these is only my opinion,why can't you give your own opinion?.

Do you think insulting me will make parreira not to drop him!We madoda yin 'inkinga yakho Sam?Yi boyfriend yakho lomfana?
posted: 10:48 am
he might have done a lot of things but it was not Mbazo that caused the Drogba freekick. It was that Ghanain dude. Don't mix issues if you got something against Mbazo. He has been fantastic for the last 4 games in fact he put Drogba out of that game.
posted: 11:23 am
ceehle27, let's face the facts, Mokoena, at THIS POINT and NOW, is no better player than Booth, Khumalo and Sangweni in the central defence position for my beloved country.
posted: 11:23 am
Gaxa was poor last nite, and was caught ball watching when Balgeria scored
posted: 11:24 am
wow keletsi, which kuboni you were watching? demn man.... i'm speachless, mara mfana, no no no, hhayi man lo KELETSI lo asimhlekeni
he he he he he he ufffffeeeeee!
posted: 11:31 am
I agree with the below from Outlaw: 2010-05-25 10:38

My worst players are:
Gaxa - he will never be better than Bryce, this is favoritism.
Mokoena - does not learn, always giving away possesssion and smackdowning opponents at harmless positions. Need I remind everyone who conceded the free kick that kicked us out of the CONFED, who conceded the free kick that led to Drogba's goal in the FA Cup final? And the question is, was it necessary?
Teko - delays with the ball
Surprise - sluggish
Skepe Mketule
posted: 11:37 am
Mesh - K4L: 2010-05-25 10:43

asilwi mpintshi yami, but lets nt go to stadium to boooo this guy, so if you replace him , who to bring on, is it Sibaya. but wena why do you hate a player cause is one footed , there was revaldo, viera, petit, roberto n romario they were one footed , would you also kick them out cause they are one footed uyanzi kodwa nawe hay man
Mesh - K 4 L
posted: 11:59 am
sam: 2010-05-25 11:37 [ Report ]

Truly speaking i was just teasing everyone about Khuboni!These boy played beautifully in the last three games.To show that i do not hate hate him,he will be the first palyer in my team list in the WC.

Me Booo players!!!!No i don't go so low !!!!!!!
posted: 12:15 pm
My rate of players out of 10

• Khune – he is our No1 - 6
• Gaxa – one of his worse games, this Brazilian pattern expose him badly - 4
• Thwala – to be honest, going forward is not his strong point - 4
• Khumalo – better player on our defence - 5
• Sangweni – yes he scored but he is not confincing at this level – 4
• Koboni – SA current best player - 7
• Letsholonyane – he will be lucky to make 23 - 4
• Modise – liability, he will not make top 11 - 4
• Tshabalala – had worse second half but he is still our best- 6
• Moriri – he is the luckest player to make top 29 & lucky to make starting line-up, worse player - 3
• Mphela – was he in the game? - 4
• Mokoena – our leader - 5
• Dikgacoi – he has improved a lot - 5
• Nomvethe – runs like headless chicken - 4
• Masilela – this one is class - 6
• Parker – what happened to this boy? Complete deferent player…..4
• Cale – since his Laduma interview where he claimed to be far better than Tshabalala, I have been concentrating on him & he is just ordinary. 4
posted: 01:49 pm
Suprise Moriri was too quite. The onky time you saw him was when he committed foul.
posted: 01:58 pm
The following players should be sent home . . .
Mokoena (your playing days are over)
Sibaya (why is that you always get called up?)
Parker (you need more drive)
Mccarthy (loose weight, and maybe you'll get selected for the 2022)
Gaxa (needs introspection)
Shoaib Walters (just hope that they choose you over Fernandez
Moriri (it'll be "surprise" if you are selected)
Letsholonayane (it seems like you lack that big-match temperament)
posted: 08:10 am
Orapeleng, there's a player called Lance Davids. I'll rather leave this guy instead of Reneilwe. Purely based on delivery. Lance is not offering anything to the team but he's always in the national team. I stand to be corrected.
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