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Zimbabwean soccer players in South Africa

Posted: 12 April 2010 Time: 14:22

If there is a lesson to be learned from the controversy surrounding the transfer of four Zimbabweans from CAPS United, it should be that players from neighbouring countries are using the PSL as a springboard for their careers more than anything else.

And this is to the detriment of our own budding South African talent who are being deprived of opportunities by the influx of these foreigners.

We, like it has already been reported in the Zimbabwean press, are fully aware that the selling and buying of players remains an integral part of the soccer business and will be governed by basic economic principles of supply and demand which directly impact on price determination of a commodity.

It may be good business for Zim clubs, but does it have to be at the expense of development in South Africa?

While the club owners may argue that they are also in the game to make money for shareholders, they tend to forget about the investment made by taxpayers who paid for the stadiums and the infrastructure that they use.

How much money has the League, and the 16 clubs in it, already made out of the use of Durban's new Moses Mahbida Stadium?

It may be a lot for them, but I can assure you that it is not a drop in the ocean compared to what the taxpayer must fork out in terms of interest on the multi-millions, if not billions, that the Government has put in to build these facilities; money that is often argued could have been used to improve health and housing for the disadvantaged.

Another hidden disadvantage that these imports are having is that they also directly impact on small local amateur clubs.

One of the implications of the famous Bosman Ruling is that any club is entitled to training and development compensation for players who are under 23 years of age, so by closing the door on own emerging talent, we are in fact hampering the growth and obviously incentive for these small, enterprising clubs, who have provided the formative platform for grassroots players, to go the extra mile in development.

One soccer expert venture the opinion that South African players are being seen as 'lazy' and that they are not taking the opportunities afforded to them.

"The fact that young Zimbabweans are being favoured is a mirror image of many other sectors of SA economy where Zimbabweans are being preferred due to their high work ethic and the quality they are bringing to jobs.

"The challenge is for SA players to rise to the level that the Musonas, Nengomashas and Nyandoros are reaching," he adds.

What is your take on this - give us your opinion below?

Livefyre comments on this story...

posted: 2016-06-21 02:47:18

Zim this, Zim excuses here. If s.a footallers are not good, face the music, come up with a plan, and it's not chasing other national players from otha nations. Thank God you know they need to improve, how would you have known otherwise. ... sort ur issues. Be back with ur s.a football brains intact... not being racial... who Eva is talented it's given unto them.

Previous comments on this story...

posted: 02:37 pm
Mr Nameless Editor? Depending on which flip coin your article is based you do have a point...

The problem lies with the Association for allowing lots of foreigners to play in our domestic leaque & even worse to allow the same foreigners to play in our First division.... They were suppose to say NO Foreigners for First Division, No above 25years of age for First division & Definately no more than 3foreign players in PSL...

But like you said is the law of supply & demand - - - Business is business, so it shouldn't be misintepretated when it suits someonelse!!!
posted: 02:38 pm
this's al about saving money by our local club eg buy 1 n get 1 free n is de reason why our national is not doing well even if there's money compared to African teams.stop dat sa soccer bosses
posted: 02:46 pm
Dibiri,Nyaope,Banyana, Parties e.t.c Are killng SA Players.
Sipho Nunens,Thato Mokwena,Skapie Malatsi.Buti Sithole,
Steve Lekwelea,
Patric Twala,
Lerato Chabangu,
Not forgeting
Jabu Dranken Master Pule,
The list is endless.
Letsatsi le ka dikela ha nka bua
ka behaviour ya SA Players.

Let Zim players do
the work for us. Even though some Donkies are in good terms with these players.
I mean SunMorons.
We buy Zip players they call names.
What about Nyandoro and co???
SUNPUSE supotas go to hell & your Stupid
posted: 02:53 pm
i dont think they r hampering the development of our players cos most of the zim playerz that r being bought by s.a teams r talented and they r not being favoured ova locals at least at chiefs.and i also dont think masenamela will be as good as he is if jambo wasnt breathing down his neck.and da exprience he got by being number 2 to bhasera.anyway s.a players r not discipline so they can learn from da zim guys .our own SWETYS can attest to that since she is dating a zim guy.
posted: 03:17 pm
as they say Mr Editor."Umakhwapheni Uyawu qinisa umuzi"

Sad but true, also u shouldn't focus on the players but the Coaches as well, in the PSL the soka bosses also don't biliv in our local coaches even SAFA it's self don't biliv in local staff, that why people like Pareira bathi S A soka doesn't have an "IDENTITY" NXXXX
posted: 03:18 pm
I think civilisation and the dawn of a new era brought the death of Mzansi footbal. Remember during our old days our only form of entertainment was to play or watch soccer.

Nowadays these youngsters has a lot to choose from. Rapping, kwaito,house djing, rugby, cricket, studying, tenderpreneurship, ANCYL and all the others.

If you look at poorest African countries like Cote'd Voire, Mali, Senegal, Cameroon, Togo and Ghana they are producing the best footballers. There are no any other sports played there and no entertainment like we have here.

We must just go back to the basic and build acedemies, choose the best young talent and nurture them in a good and productive environment under strict rules. Otherwise we will be left behind when coming to football development
posted: 03:40 pm
This influx of foreign players is not good for our football. our youngsters are deprived of a chance, because our clubs want instant success. There is no shorcut to success in football (as Augusto Palacios stated in his column on the Pirates website). Just because Caps united beat Swallows some of those players are wanted, instead of our teams looking at what is lacking in our development and addressing that. Our football has not progressed the way it should have (as Pirates lost to Gaborone United as well).
By the time we play Zimbabwe in the Cosafa Cup we'll get a hiding, because we're preparing their players here. What is happening is not in our country's best interest - it's a complete lack of vision from our administrators.
Our under 20 boys who are contracted to PSL teams only get a chance to play when Amajita have games - yet our teams give foreign players a chance at the expense of those boys.
posted: 04:12 pm
its simple, locals are just not competitive enough...or else there wudnt be a need to get players from else where...i mean if they were,they wud be playing overseas or in local clubs regulaly... this is not an issue to discuss. An article like this has been wrttien be4 on the site...y we tokin about it again ?
I dont wanna watch boring football,i dont care who plays,as long as its interesting and good football.
if locals wanna play they will improve.
posted: 04:15 pm
just to show how important it is to develop your own players, let any journo do a profile interview on mushekwi and you will discover that the 22yr old was 3yrs ago top basketball player in the zim basketball league where he is affectionately known as shaquil. 2009 was only his second year in football and 2010 would have been his 3rd at CAPS united but so much effort was put into him by his coaches he finished his 2nd year in football with a golden boot. mushekwi is not your typical youth academy product. CAPS is the same club that nurtured enregy murambadoro into a star goalkeeper in only two years and with a lot of their stars having trekked to germany, mentioning their names may not ringbells to s.a. but u might want to know that is where alois bunjira, stuart murisa, edzai kasinauyo et.c where manufactured. its just the economic meltdown otherwise in terms of developing talent CAPS ranks among the top teams in africa, as sundowns will show come end of the coming season
posted: 04:31 pm
That's why we have a quota on foreign players, to help guard us against such problems. So far we do not have a problem, the problem can only be on the type of players we get. They must be of high quality. Personaly I don't believe in getting foreigners for defence (unless it's a left back) and goalkeeping..

All PSL TROPHIES : 2010-04-12 14:46
posted: 04:32 pm
Valid point Mr editor you making but remember soccer is a business.
There is so much at stake in the professional ranks which needs dedication and commitment from our own players. RSA is regarded as republic of Africa as a whole so our own players are not hungry for success compared to the other players from African countries like Zimbabwe. We need to look at ourselves before pointing fingers!What do the soccer legends do to shoulder the youngsters cause they need some role models from here in RSA. We do have talent but the boys take too long to mature why is is that? Our own legends are good at critisizing!
posted: 04:34 pm
Francis.Don't say our clubs want instant success.
No, my club is very petient. you must say SUNFLOP wants instant success.
I hav heard that they(SUNPMORON) are after the sevice of
finished Delron B.
My team and pielerete are
giving the young stars chance.
Ask Junior Kanye,
Justice Sithole,
Buti Sithole,
Jubu Pule no Mahlangu,
Itumeleng Khune,
Tshepo Molatedi,
The list is endless. they will tell you.
You ask Notorious SUNMORONs to stop destroying our young stars.

posted: 04:36 pm
1. This article is badly and hastly put. The bulk of it is r**bish. For instance, how can the author claim that clubs use Moses Mabhida stadium for free? It is utter r**ish to think so. Clubs rent the stadia.
2. The issue of foreign influx in local leagues come with professionalism of the league itself. Look at teams like Arsenal, none of their players is English. The starting eleve is all foreign. The young English boys are learning good soccer skills from Tervez, Adebayor, Essien, Robihno etc.
3. Soccer is business not charity. U buy material that will help your business make profit, not because they are local.
4. Teams should get as many foreigners as possible.
5. Even all coaches in the psl are foreign, if u are aware. Are u then going to say they prevent development of local coaches. Ag sis!!!
posted: 05:27 pm
Mr Editor, the world of football is changing, nw u nid to consider two sides ie business & patriotism. It meks business sense to get quality raw material for quality output, and thats what we pay for 2 get into the stadia not names.

The league is now getting a lot more attention than before not only becoz of the WC bt even the standard has risen.

U nid foreign coaches as well even England cn nt do wthout who are we to claim stand alone podium.
posted: 06:31 pm
I good piece of work you have put here Mr editor. As a proud Zambian, my question though is is it really the foreigners hindering the growth of South African football? If thats your thesis, how many foreigners play in your womens football? I guess not many, but with all the facilities you have, is your womens football team the best on the continent-coz in terms of facilities you are in a league of your own.

Therefore, rather than shooting the wrong dog, be pragmatic, look at the real reason your game is a far cry of what it was in the 1990s.

By the way, I have noticed one thing about the way Soutj african clubs buy their foreign players, they dont actually buy the cream, they buy avaerage players and through their strong publicity make them look special. Examples are my countrymen, James Chamanga,the Chalwe brothers and even Mbesuma. These players never really made it big in the Zambia league. Chamanga was an average player, Mbesuma never even played for the zambian super league, he went straight into stradom in SA and yes he was good on goal, but we thought he was just average, what can I say about the chalwes.
In case south africans dont know, we Zambias also feel South africa is not good for our players, no wonder our exceptional player are not incouraged to play in South africa. Currently our best bets are Emanuel Mayuka, Emanuel Mbola and Fwayo Tembo these where discouraged from going south least they lose their game. Even Kalaba at his most prospective stage was discouraged from going South.

By the way, Chansa, whom you guys rate so highly, is only a one of these players, he only gets a callup to the national team because of the the respect pundits put on the South african media, thats why he is only a substitute player.
posted: 07:16 pm
SAlazani -True and Stright to the point .They go for average foreigner because they are cheaper not because they work hard.Good people ask yourselves why our soccer is is going down. In 1990's South African was good because they brought good foreign Africans like the Mugeyi twins, Nganduwane, Nzunda, Biemba and Roger the General to name few so right now what do think Musona who still learning and Monterio and Peter Ndlovu who are about to retire add to our soccer. Right now only Pelembe is the only foreigner you can wish to be in Bafana.
posted: 07:27 pm
JJokocha- Yes our coaches also can't develop because they don't given enough chance at rich clubs and only called when they need to survive relegation or they don't have money to aford average, inexperience european coaches. How can you fire a coach who just won you leage and cup. That's why this foreign coaches say we don't have identity because we depend on them to play their own style.
posted: 07:52 pm
Mr editor or whoever wrote this article, you're desplaying the same symptoms as the one usually desplayed by people driven by xenophobia. If the said foreigners are hampering progress for our youngsters, then can you explain Khune,Xulu,Jali,Claasen,Erasmus,Masango,Bhengu,Keet,Zongo,Raphahlela and the many youngsters succeeding? Fact of the matter is that when you good your good, it doesn't matter where you are or from.

Are you gonna blame foreigners for Mkhanyiseli Siwahla's failing career? I know if you happened to have red my comment on the story about Sundowns signing those 2 Zim boys you'll probably scream ''contradiction'', but let me tell you the diference, the reason i cried there was because based on the evidence of previous signing, these 2 boys could very well spend the entire season on the bench, thus contributing nothing while taking the space for a youngster. But if you look at Ch!mps, these foreigners are almost guaranteed game time because they have a lot of youngsters and mediocre old crocks, but Downs has the best players and pathetic management.

But people can not rely on their South Africanness alone to get recognition, they need to work for it. Siwahla and co can not blame anybody but themselves, simple as that!
posted: 08:29 am
salazani, you are spot on. How can u blame Mbesuma for a failed career of Jabu Pule? How could u blame Katongo or Pelembe for failed career of Marco Mthembu? How could u blame Jose Torrielba for failed career of Lucas Tlhomelang? Would u blame foreign players for the non-inclusion in BB of Oldjohn Mabizela? Would u further blame blame Prince Olomu for failed career of Jeffry Ntuka. No. U have to blame off the field ill discipline. In particular alcohol and drugs. Alcohol, booze, drugs, drugs and more drugs are to blame. period.
posted: 11:11 am
The biggest problem with this foreigners is after 5 years staying in S.A. the applying for citizen so that they can not be registered as foreigners and thats what kills the young local players. There is a possibility of a psl team to have 11 foreigners in a game, others registered as locals because they have spend 5 years in S.A. and are regarded as locals because they applied for citizenship and they given it.
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