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Agali arrested in Holland

Posted: 4 January 2010 Time: 20:45

Former Nigeria striker Victor Agali, who plays for Greek club Levadiakos, has been arrested at Schiphol airport near Amsterdam for carrying two fake passports, Dutch military police said on Monday.

"At passport control, on December 27, he (Agali) was found to be in possession of a fake passport," said gendarmerie spokesman Robert van Kapel.

Upon further investigation, the 31-year-old striker in transit at Schiphol on a voyage from Lagos to Athens, turned out to have two sets of fake travel documents, said Van Kapel.

"In the one, the page with his personal particulars has been modified, in the other it was the visa," he said.

A panel of judges will decide on Wednesday whether or not to extend the footballer's provisional detention, said a spokeswoman for the Haarlem district court.

Agali, who had been returning to Greece after visiting his wife and child in Nigeria, pleads innocence, his lawyer Bob Kaarls told AFP.

"The (first) passport judged problematic by officials was sent to him in this form by post by Nigerian authorities in 2007," he said.

Dutch authorities claimed that the Schengen visa contained in the second document, issued by Cyprus, did not meet the requisite standards, said Kaarls.

Kaarls said Levadiakos has indicated its willingness to pay the bail to secure their striker's freedom.

Agali has played for French teams including Marseille (1996-97), Toulon (1997-98) and Nice (2004-2005), as well as Germany's Schalke 04 (2001-2004).

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posted: 08:47 pm
posted: 10:03 pm
Up nigeria!
posted: 10:23 pm
What a mess? What is actually happening to Naija? Is this the re-branding process? First it was Farouk Abdullahabeeb,the terrorist, now it is fake passport by Agali. Dear Lord, help us
posted: 10:29 pm
HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Farouk Abdullahabeeb,the terrorist, AND THEN COME AGALI
posted: 10:36 pm
What a show of shame!! Why would he carry two passports with him?
posted: 10:41 pm
Me think kick-off feels all Nigerians are cost £40 with £100 in your account to obtain a shengen VISA here in UK & its without stress so why will Agali have a fake VISA? A passport on the other hand can only be fake if it was not issued by Nigerian immigration but we all know our immigrations dont keep records so every Nigerian abroad could have fake documents by default.....As far as am concerned this is no news at all so lets talk of other things!!! if not for useless Nigerian high commission in Holland who are the Dutch to mess around with us Nigerians...we need to re-access our nation-hood because the entity called Nigeria is becoming increasing useless especially to those residents abroad...
posted: 10:42 pm
We need more Mutallabs in Abuja to bring sanity to our system & after that we will take the fight to America & the west....
posted: 10:55 pm
what is going on here?. Agali has been living in europe for about 15yrs now and i assume he is well off. what is the point of using fake documents when he can apply through so many means to get legit 'PALI'.I want to believe the dutch are over reacting due to the Mutalab scandal, but if it turns out to be true, then Agali must be prepared to pay the price for his stupidity.
posted: 11:08 pm

A closer look at amodu’s 23 eagles reveals that he is going to Angola with the same players berti vogts took to Ghana 2 yrs ago, except for 6 changes:

GK: No changes

DF: 3 changes-
Echiejile for Emeghara
Odiah for Afolabi
Yusuf Mohd

MF: 2 changes
Ayila for Eromoigbe
Kalu for Okonkwo

FW: 1 change
Obasi for Utaka

Pep inherited all Rijkards players except for 4 players- Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Seydou Keita, Daniel Alves and Gerard Pique, all of whom took the place(s) of Deco, Henrik Larsson, Ludovic Giuly and Ronaldinho. Pep went on to win 6 titles in 18 months, becoming the first (and only, of course) coach to achieve such a feat.

Amodu has made 6 changes to berti vogts eagles. Will the SE under Amodu in Angola be another Barca under Pep? I pray so, but only time will tell.

I wish amodu, his crew and the SE success in Angola.
posted: 11:09 pm

I have read on this blog several postings heaping praise uopn praise on the Ghana coach, Rajevac. The reason is not far fetched.
The Ghana squad for AFCON represents what a lot of Nigerians (or forumites) are clamouring for. Of 23 named players, 8 are from the U20 WC winning side in Egypt this year. 8! These 8 boys played in the same U17 tournament in 2007 with Rabiu, Haruna, Alfa et al and then graduated to the U20. Now they are in the national team, the black stars and will be fielded in Angola in about 7 days time.
Thus the squads presented by Nigeria and Ghana contrast very sharply and will thus make for an interesting experimental study: ‘old’ vs youth, 'experience' vs adventurous. Age, pace, tactics, deployments and experience will come into play.Going by the aforementioned postings, more than 95% of forumited have already given it to the black stars should we face them at any stage in Angola.
I therefore want to declare that if Ghana has a better AFCON outing than the SE, the anti-Amodu’s would have made their point. But if Nigeria has a better outing, I think the issue of Amodu this, Amodu that will be laid to rest finally. A SE vs Black Stars match will make for the perfect laboratory for the IDEAL EXPERIMENT.
Does anyone agree? I cant wait!
posted: 11:22 pm
the truth is there may be nothing wrong with the agali's documents. i have seen this happen a few times in France and other airports where overzealous security staff claim the passports are fake and it is usually because they are issued in a different place from what they are used too and most times these victims are Africans. i remember once i had to help a teenage Cameroun girl in France. she was delayed for a whole day and miss her flight until the cameroun embassy in UK confirmed her passport was genuine. she got no apologies. they simply put her on the next flight to UK. With all the Mutallab stuff, Nigerians should expect hell at airports and Agali is likely bearing the brunt of the recent slack security in Holland over Mutallab. let us not be so quick to judge others until we know the whole story.
posted: 11:26 pm
dont bassed your judgement on one side of the story.Remember treat people the way you wanted to be treated!!
@Di maria!! i hope you have a change of heart brother!! violent is never the answer.There is nothing that justifiy killing inocient people in the holy Quran bro!!
posted: 11:29 pm
dont bassed your judgement on one side of the story.Remember treat people the way you wanted to be treated!!
@Di maria!! i hope you have a change of heart brother!! violent is never the answer.There is nothing that justifiy killing inocient people in the holy Quran bro!!
posted: 11:34 pm
Naija 4 life...

posted: 12:25 am
let them see...let them say...let them do.we are still Nigerians. i blame our corrupt goverment for all these problems. imagine being one of the richest oil producing countries in the world and not having anything to show for it.i came back last month and cant stand what i see in Niger.people work their ass out to make a living and the stupid goverment eats up all the money. we need a total over haul in Niger! our image over seas have been drowned to the dust. we have no got no reputation.coupled with the fact that the Umaru of a boy was caught trying to bomb an American airline ... why cant he go to Aso rock and explode the bomb so that we can have a new generation goverment rather than killing innocent people lol... but in all, Nigeria is our country we cant deny it.Agali,s case is just racial.lets not worry much about it.
Siemo Australia (advise no be curse o)
posted: 12:54 am
Hello Forumites, we shouldn't judge without knowing the true story, No doubt the bastard, ill fated boy called Mutallab, has caused all this for us, the fact is that all this oyinbo can be crazy most times, when they see that you are a black, especially when you are a 9JA citizen. I was travelling from Ataturk International airport in Turkey to Uk, few months ago, the airport officials has to take my passport inside to verify it, this really took alot of time, that I missed my flight, but it was not funny that day, after they brought my passport back and I noticed the boarding gate has been closed, I made them realize who a real Nigerian is, and am sure they will be careful to do that to another Nigerian next time, so i think we should wait for the outcome of this matter before judging.
posted: 12:56 am
@KON, why did you **** the best word that qualifies muttalab, Anyway what i wrote there is the word ''B A S T A R D''
posted: 01:39 am
THIS IS PURELY THE MUTALLAB EFFECT. Many Nigerians in diaspora have two or more Nigerian passports. You get one before leaving Nigeria, on getting abroad, the visa pages gets full or it gets expired or it is changed (by Nigerian government), then you get another one issued to you abroad. So having two passports is no problem. On the Schengen visa, its easy for them to verify it from Cyprus. Agali will definitely not go for fake Schengen visa. THIS IS PURELY THE MUTALLAB EFFECT.
posted: 02:36 am
Why crucifying Agali after serving our nation. Most people jump to conclusion without finding out the true story. I was once detained for 30 mins at the same airport on my way to Sweden in 2005, I was eventually release after confirming my details. This problem can happen to anyone if you are using the old passport, but with the new passport you go hassle free at airports. It is not easy to confirm details on old passport. This guy is too big to do such a thing. He has been living in Europe for over 15 years.
Just because of one useless, umtrained Mutallab, who is a spoiled brat who never stay under the roof of his parents to be trained, then we are concluding everyone in nigeria is bad, that is just not fair enough.
If we dont respect ourselves or trust ourselves, how then do you want others to respect and trust us.
They never say the two passport belong to another person. It belong to him. I believe since he travels alot because his family lives in Nigeria and he works in Greece, one of the passport must have been exausted there by making him procuring the second one which he will need to attach to the first one. Please if you dont know too much dont just write rubbish on this page as lots of people read this page. God bless you all. Praying that God redeem the battered image of our beloved country- Nigeria
posted: 03:42 am
Its a pity that everything NIGERIA seems negative at this point in time..... Yeah Di Maria, most of us abroad are constantly being subjected to ill treatment simply because of news like this.

It may really sound absurd but we really have to think about the issue of NIGERIA remaining one? our leaders have collectively failed us and the only way forward now is really to call for a sovereign National conference which most of our leaders have been shying away from.

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