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Ntuka has beaten drink demons

Posted: 4 November 2009 Time: 09:33

Kaizer Chiefs defender Jeffrey Ntuka says he has overcome the demons of drink and is ready to fight for his place in the line-up again.

Ntuka did very well during the off-season but then faded as the League progressed. His fall from grace was put down to his drinking problem.   Now he tells that he is back on track and will go all out at training in an effort to reclaim his position in the team and bounce back in the famous black and gold outfit.   “I have continued to work hard at training and I am also putting in some extra training on my own. Everything is going according to plan and I am sure I will soon bounce back,” he says.   Ntuka has to fight for a place in the defence against the likes of captain Jimmy Tau, Thomas Sweswe, Dominic Isaacs, Thabang Rooi, Lawrence Molekwane and Valery Nahayo.   “I know it will be very hard for me to get back into the line-up because the other players have been doing very well.   “But I am putting more effort into focusing on my return to action and I am confident that I will be back soon,” adds former Chelsea defender.

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posted: 09:45 am
Can you say "bullshit"....he's hurried it....only a matter of time.
posted: 09:48 am
Haai bo! even this one has that old problem experienced by most SA players, especially from KC and Pirates? What has really bewitched our boys as they seem not to learn from the mistakes done by the former stars i.e. JP or JM, OJ, Mbuthu etc.

Wena Mfana get your acts together otherwise don't judge Koloba for a fool. He had the same dreams and ambition as you are but inqaba put him where he is now. Go for it and concentrate on your game and leave that dirty liquid.
posted: 09:48 am
I thought tiyani was the specialist when it comes to boopze stories. how come he missed this one? Or does he choose particular teams to rubbish as it was always alleged???
posted: 09:52 am
ha ha ha ha yi ha ha ha! Once an isidakwa always an isidakwa.
posted: 09:55 am
well obviously people will talk badly abt Ntuka and fail 2 realise the good outta this..he's admitted 2 the problem n gt relevant help..lets not hate people its so yesterday
Big Dude
posted: 09:57 am
Dejavu. I have heard that one before: " I have now put my addiction behind me and am willing to focus on my game". Jabu said it, OJ said it Naughty Mokoena said it, Sipho Nunens said it - need I continue. And all of them are losers now
posted: 10:01 am
There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking...ask Proffessor..Players allover the world drink; so are other proffessionals (teachers,engineers, accountants,lawyers etc)

But the problem arises when one makes drinking/womanising a priority......So mfana remember uphila kayi one!Running to the media to tell them you have stopped is not going to help you. We have heard this from the likes of Jabu, OJ, Sipho, Mbutho etc.

Get your act together while the sun shine.
posted: 10:04 am
Guys check the Phuza face in that Pic,

He looks like a black china aka Papsak.

This boy will never go down because he drinks with Bobby, While at the Rehab centre Bobby visited with 2 boxes of Papsak, a prostiture(Ne Kid) and Zol.
posted: 10:05 am
Please give the boy a break. If he likes to have a few glasses of liquor in his free time let him be. I know it is not right for him to drink inappropriately (especially drinking too much, in public and during times when he shouldn't be drinking as per club rules). He should just address that part. Nobody said soccer players should not drink at all. They only need to control it and not get carried away in full view of the public. Ntuka just needs to be disciplined and make sure that he does not drink his career away. I am a Pirates supporter but am also a South African. Our players need our support but they too need to play their part.
posted: 10:19 am
Maybe dats y he didnt make it in chelsea.bcoz he puts booze 1st ahead of his career.des nothin wrong wth drinkng,its a matter of discipln focus.ur a gr8 defendr get ur act right mfana
posted: 10:19 am
Yeah right, just like Jabu Pule did neh...???
posted: 10:20 am
The history of alcoholism in Naturena stinks sky high, and Majavu's unwillingness to charge this team for messing up young players' careers smacks of favouritism (I know Cheaps fans won't understand what I just wrote- you don't need to study English to dig graves hahahaha)
posted: 10:24 am
Ha another drunkard is in the house, what's wrong with chips, how many of their players are addicted to the bottle, that explains why bbsteak has a pussa face like that, shame.
posted: 10:24 am
An occasional glass of beer is not a problem, but Ntuka likes:
- 4 quarts when he wakes up
- 2 more quarts after breakfast
- 3 quarts before lunch
- 1 quart before practise
- A case after practise before he sleeps

Now tell me, can any coach, even if he's as useless as VV, stomach this? (pun intended)
posted: 10:29 am
Wish u all da best but as the saying goes "action speaks louder then words" ungafani no-Pule (or Mahlangu if u like), OJ Mabizela who have all said the same thing in the past but ended up going back to walk the "Johnnie Walker" walk with "Jack Daniel" as their life advisor.
posted: 10:33 am
Joe: 2009-11-04 09:48
LOL, Joe. It looks like you have an axe to grind!
posted: 10:34 am
What l like with Ntuka,he came out and confess about his drinking behaviour,Ntuka you are the one of the finest refinery that the country has produced and we will pray with you,for you to conquer this problem that is a self destruction.
posted: 10:36 am
Some people comment cos they have acces to internet,stupid you this guy is is human as everyone of you.Most probably you guys drink heavier than him but you go on & on & on cos he plays for the biggest team in africa.What about abo

1.Lerato > Die bleksem
2.Vilakazi > the rapist
3.Alex Shakoane > chicken murder(sleeping with kids)
Munib Jouzef > on Tik
4.Mickey > sleeping around

Need i say more i am running out of space.........

Eish!!!!Mara die boy i wish he can drink forever and not come back.He is very leaky at the back i don like him.He must just go to sundowns
posted: 10:40 am
On functions other teams would do the catering displays with Juice, candles, flowers, plates, Champaign.

Chiefs just put BLACK Label , ARMSTEL and Stout cases and ISKOPO, netswayi eligrof .

Chiefs is the academy of drunken masters with their chairman of Phuza face division Doc Khumalo,
posted: 10:41 am
KALI: l 've seen your comments in many occassions to the comments you' ve send in this site none of them that shows you do have moulding attitude instead you are the most person who kills the spirit and moral of other people.Really l wonder what type of life are you living shuuuuu ulikhuni ndoda .
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