CAF President squashes negative reports

Posted: 9 February 2013 Time: 06:53 pm

Despite constant reports in the media suggesting the football pitches and the crowd attendances at the 2013 African Cup of Nations have not been up to scratch, CAF President Issa Hayatou is adamant the tournament in South Africa has been of the highest quality and a huge success in those respects.

The biggest criticism regarding pitches has been lobbied at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit where the ground appeared to be bumpy, discoloured and covered in sand.

Many football pundits called for the games to be moved from this venue during the Afcon tournament, but Hayatou was quick to squash these negative reports.

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"It is the colour that is not good at Mbombela, not the surface, the surface of the turf was good," said the President before touching on why the pitch was discoloured.

"A virus attacked the grass before the tournament and the ground staff wanted to fix this colour thing before the games, which saw them putting some chemicals on it that took away the colour.

"But the ball was rolling nicely: the surface of the turf was good, there were no pot holes, and that is why we didn't move the games."

Another big talking point and criticism of Afcon 2013 has been crowd attendance, but again Hayatou confirms that CAF is happy with the amount of people who have come to the games and explains that because of the size of the stadiums in South Africa, the grounds look less full which is actually not the case.

"I am satisfied with the crowd attendance because SA has many stadiums with high capacity, stadiums that seat 60 000-70 000 people and if we have 40 000 it does not look full," said the President.

"They are big stadiums and I am happy with the numbers attending the games. We will reach 800 000 tickets sold – we are very satisfied."

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posted: 07:00 pm
Step down my man and let someone enter as CAF president Please
El Kampion
posted: 07:03 pm
We hosted big name players during Confed and WC and the was no problem

Except Yeye's showing of his blumas and the Mbombela pitch that Chiefs inyanga destroyed with his muthi,everything has been fantastic

And also glad that Chiefs holigans didn't throw stones to any country's bus as they did during Zambia's friendly last year,amasimba nje labo bantu
posted: 07:05 pm
The ball was rolling nicely, the stadiums filled to it's capacity, Hayotou must be high just like the whole of CAF are always.
posted: 07:14 pm
Was dissapointed about the pitch @mbombela but a round of applause to south africans the attendence was very good already this is the most attended afcon in the history of the tourny well done now lets go and buy fiinal tickets PROUDLY SA
posted: 07:18 pm
You are a shame for that statement - moron!
posted: 07:20 pm
What a Farce!
Super Green
posted: 07:22 pm
Always remember bastards like this Hayatou and CAF have always been pro-Franco (France) - it takes me back to the time when Jay-Jay Okocha was the best African player on the planet yet these bastards never ever awarded him the African Player of the Year award.

CAF will do everything in their power to let Burkina Faso win on Sunday....Watch this space.
Milutin Sredojević (HLABARINTO)
posted: 07:23 pm
Mxm this is the same idiot who is satisfied with the AFCON winners cheque of $1.5million, same idiot who gave his son broadcasting rights, same idiot who fall asleep during match days at the stadium & the same idiot who is standing between African football and progress.
posted: 07:40 pm
This ::::::Hayatou must go and jump I hate him he is the rreason our Afcon don't intrest the Global market like Euro
posted: 07:50 pm
These Dogs criticising our attendance are those people used to da type of stadium which are da best stadiums in africa , e.g. Da ones I saw in Equitorial guinea and Gabon with a seating capacity of 15 000 to 25 000 people. Here in S.A u wl hardly find such stadiums, even if u do, they can only be used for training, not for international matches.......S.A. is the best place to be and if u dont believe me, ask adebayor and team mates , they found it hard to have to leave da beautiful Mbombela. Up the Stallions.
posted: 07:50 pm
Anyway corruption has blinded him he couldn't have seen that horrible pitch which the whole world complained about. They don't even have anything near a football pitch in cameroon so how do you expect him to know a good pitch? All he knows is corrupting the African game through bribery and corruption. Look at all the north african referees he brought to come and kill this tournament. He very much perfected his plans to have a Ghana vs Ivory coast final but the good Lord frustrated his plans. We need to stand up to this man. I don't mind Anouma of Ivory Coast taking his place.
posted: 07:56 pm
#### Issa Hayatou , #### his mother , #### his father , #### his son's and #### his daughter's , ass Hayatou
posted: 08:01 pm
Is tym fo u madala(old man),to call it quits.we need capable people to run our soccer.guyz lyk Abedi Pele,Lucas Radebe,Badou Zaki,Kalusha Bwalya,Roger Milla,George Weah,Rabat Madjer,Arvin Khoza,Kaize Motaung,lakhdar Belloumi ,Hani Ramzi,Ahmed Elkass n others.theres no democracy n our football tanx to your running of our soccer like u run your own buzness.african soccer is useless n europe,no wonder euro clubs descourage our stars no to play fo their national teams.your time is up! Just pack n go..
posted: 08:05 pm
Except 4da pitch in mbombela nd da poor officiating,da torny has bin a huge 4dis greedy,corrupt hayatou moron»»de quicker he steps down de brighter da future of african football...
posted: 08:11 pm
With regards to crowd attendance, you are absolutely. But other issues i dont know.
posted: 08:12 pm
The most watched afcon from da last four.we love our treble champs,our zebras our brazilians,but that did not stop us from watching our african far so good.a typical rainbow nation.big ups to abantu basemzansi.well done fellows...
posted: 08:53 pm
I don't blame the president for giving out such remarks. practically it was not possible for them to move a match to be played somewhere.recall, this guys (players) where sleeping at the hotels and all was paid out and all was fully planned. so if you are in the logistic management you will concur with me that it wasn't going to possible to them to move elsewhere. every player didn't complain about bad ground only those who wanted publicity to media like that guy.. who promised players that a private jet is coming... So the president is right.. Secondly, attendancy was cool. it's surpasses a fact to say South Africa has the biggest stadium almost all of them compared to other countries in Africa. Can Sundowns and Celtics make a full house at Moses Mabhida stadium BIG NO. check previous countries that hosted this tournament the support was very poor... OK how many of you guys who go with Bafana Bafana when they play in Africa just here in Botswana or Zim? none of you can go even if transport and tickets were free.. so far the tournament is prestigious...
Kagiso R
posted: 08:55 pm
attendance was better than I expected and the atmosphere was great in games i attended. But mbombela pitch was embarrassing
posted: 09:04 pm
over 770.000 TICKETS sold already and the caf target was 500.000, that i positive report,it was afcon tournament was ever full in every game.the only thing driving us from the game is the match fixers
posted: 09:07 pm
This old fraud should step down. He has been in that position for too long and we don't any progress happening.
posted: 09:09 pm
Dr. Khozas father
posted: 09:42 pm
Mamadou Gaye must take over this presidency...the man is a corporal drill master...CAF can be on it's way up under his adminstration
posted: 10:12 pm
Hayatou really needs to go. He is so corrupt that African football cannot progress with him at the head. African football is in need of people (past footballers) who have got the desire to move our game to a higher ground. I have known Hayatou since 1988 to be a very biased man. Remember Henry Nwosu's header being ruled out in Maroc 88 Final when Nigeria played against Cameroon, his native country.
posted: 10:36 pm
Let African youths start a signature campaign to oust this corrupt criminal Issa Hayatou. Let's start it here and boo him when ever he appears in any stadium in Africa. What goes?
posted: 11:44 pm
CAF is a hopeless,incompetent and corrupt organisation.It has it's plan to make sure Nigeria did not make it out of the group stage,to achieve that they had to employ the service a referee that has been indicted in his home country ( Algeria) for corruption and match fixing. When that did not work on the first day of Nigeria's participation in the competition,they had to enploy a different tactic by awording a penalty against Nigeria from a contact between a Nigerian defender and a Zambian forward which occured outside of the 18 yard box."God does not like ugly "that's why he did not allow those antics to affect Nigerian spirit in the competition.They tried directly to eliminate Nigeria,it did not work so they had to try indirectly by eliminating Borkina Faso hoping that Ghana will defeat Nigeria in the Finals. It was clear to everyone,the referee included that Pitroipa was brought down in the box.The Ghana defender's Leg was way above Pitroipa's knees.There is no way the referee could not have seen that.I believe he was working on CAF's instruction to make sure Ghana met Nigeria in the Finals because of their believe that Ghana is a stronger team than Borkina Faso,also that Ghana would defeat Nigeria in the finals which was and is a fantasy and will alway remain a fantasy.The Ghana defender was supposed to get a yellow card at the least for that tackle not Pitroipa.I was surprissed he did not make the Ghana guys retake the penalties the missed in order for CAF to achieve their goal.We are not fooled by CAF so they should stop trying.Would CAF had reversed the outcome of the match had Ghana won the match duo to the blunder caused by the referee and have Borkina Faso play in the finals against Nigeria on sunday? We all know they won't.............................

Caf and the referees have to be investigated for match fixing
posted: 02:40 am
TeellThemmposted: 07:05 pm  |  Report
The ball was rolling nicely, the stadiums filled to it's capacity, Hayotou must be high just like the whole of CAF are always.
Obviously u the one who is high on some cheap glue. Where did u read this hogwash u wrote?
posted: 06:37 am
i wonder who are dis complainant cos as far as i know there is no African country dat compete with wen cumin to hostin,and dat pitch was inspected by Caf b4..
posted: 08:03 am
This guy is well protected by the FIFA Mafia led by Sepp Blatter, because he helps them blunder and re-colonised the continent. So He is going NOWHERE as long as FIFA is still controlled by the Swiss-French Mafia.
@Funky_bee ,Zambian
posted: 08:17 am
The dictator has spoken..big up to SA for hosting a great tournament as usual..I jst wish this was'nt a CAF tournament...great showing by Bafana Bafana,,and jst like I wanted a final not invoving the so called big teams,,,Proudly African
posted: 09:56 am
Death is not fair at all. This guy should be dead by now
posted: 11:33 am
Mr President let us face facts , The Bombela pitch was in bad condition and to blame rain for this is not right because it did not rain in Neslpruit only but it also rained in Johannesburg , Durban and PE and none of the stadiums there were as bad as Bombela , u will also remember that the National Stadium (FNB) was also destroyed by Lady Gaga and her fans just few weeks before the openening game so let us not blame rain for the incompetence of those manned with the task of looking after the stadiums , as for the crowd attendance things could have been better but compared to 1996 attendance I would say the crowd was a little better this time around
posted: 12:34 pm
Both the teams at the final played their group games at Mbombela. Isn't that an interesting observation? Maybe that pitch isn't too bad after all.
posted: 12:43 pm
CAF is chronically disorganized. First of all tickets sold don't necessarilly mean bums on the seats. What we need is actual attendence stats from each game so we can do our own maths and draw our own conclusions. CAF leadership acts like a bunch of dictators. The don't give us an raw info and expect us to simply accept what they want us to hear. Oh please, we are not children. The only reason you're happy is because of the commercial muscle of sponsorships in SA. Footbal wise this tournament will soon be forgotten, and that is for the best,
posted: 06:32 pm
Start your comment hereMugabe number two
posted: 06:41 pm
Black Lion
posted: 08:22 pm
This goat always lies, due to natural disaster and algae mbombela was up to shyt which caf (kak) could have switched to other stadiums and when it comes to attendances all matches involving SA were up to expectations not to forget Ethiopian fixtures, beside that we haven't seen any of the stadiums even quarter full this ass hayatu must stop lying to us .... but final rocks
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