Adebayor and Togo allegedly robbed in Sun City

Posted: 22 January 2013 Time: 03:56 pm

After showing reluctance to travel to South Africa because of “safety concerns”, Emmanuel Adebayor has allegedly been the victim of a robbery at his Sun City Hotel – along with his Togo teammates.

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MTNFootball reports that The Hawks were robbed shortly after their arrival in South Africa for the Africa Nations Cup.

The details of the case are unknown at this point, although some cash and personal belongings are said to have been taken.

"Police are conducting an investigation, therefore we are waiting for the latter to be completed before releasing any comments," an official told MTNFootball.

Togo are up against Ivory Coast this evening in their Group D opener at Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg.

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posted: 03:58 pm
Welcome to Jozi
The Ghost
posted: 03:59 pm
You just wonder if this was staged ...
posted: 04:01 pm
rats criminal Andile Jali and Mabhena
Gucci Man
posted: 04:04 pm
posted: 04:01 pm | Report

rats criminal Andile Jali and Mabhena
Ha ha ha ha ......nice one ha ha ha
posted: 04:04 pm
Puh...Lease. Dude was saying he does not feel for his safety before and now this? These Togo people are just pathetic. There is no merit to this story. This is just another attempt by the whinny boys to justify the beating from IC. Adebayor, just shut up and play. you suck anyways.
Sir eeemzaa-walikhosi
posted: 04:05 pm
Okonkwo has never been far from this kind of scandals since he pointed Roger Dlisa with a brown okapi in the dressing room, investigations must be conducted at Mayfair

K4L : let's hear
posted: 04:05 pm
I wonder if the media is not sensationalising this, just because this dude was not keen to come to SA for safety reasons. I say let's wait and hear the whole story,,there's something that I dont get ka this story
Double Treble Champ-Marapo
posted: 04:06 pm
Eish maan Bobby!!!!!!!
posted: 04:08 pm

I like you my friend. You got brains. You are so unlike Kaizer Chiefs Tortoises who are like your description of Togo people.

Big ups Champ
posted: 04:11 pm
Jali and Mabena are behind this. They are the only thieves who can have access to these players.I bet jewellery is among the stuff stolen and all the jewelery thieves are Jali and company
Milutin Sredojević (HLABARINTO)
posted: 04:11 pm
Once upon a time there was a midget from Matatiela
posted: 04:12 pm
There is crime everywhere. Police should interrogate Mamadu.
Happy Person
posted: 04:14 pm
MTNFootball reports that The Hawks were robbed shortly after their arrival in South Africa for the Africa Nations Cup.
None other than Bobby Motaung, he thought this was the chance to still his dockets.

Sorry Bobby you stole from wrong Hawks, these ones are soccer players not the police.
The Phefeni Boy
posted: 04:15 pm
Is it Adebayor the same player who complained about his safety in our country prior to the tournament?

Can they rob him again please....uyaphapha lo.....I think they set them up
Reclaiming The Glory
posted: 04:22 pm
Mr Editor u Liar
posted: 04:23 pm
Onkonkwo pointed Roger Dlisa with a brown okapi
Khoza hav AK47
lucky lekgwathi stab lelo mbele
what Khoza want khoza get ha ha ha ha criminal
Navigator Wonder
posted: 04:23 pm
Its Bobby and his friends eish
posted: 04:24 pm
The Togolese always have something going on...they were shot in Angola, now they are robbed?

I dont believe this...
steff wa likhosi
posted: 04:24 pm


Navigator Wonder
posted: 04:25 pm
Bobby is to blame
posted: 04:25 pm
They once did that to zambia after Mbesuma humilated their overrated golie cownw.
posted: 04:33 pm
The Hawks of Togo led by Addebayor stole a point from the Elephants of Ivory Coast led by Didier Drogba after it was allegedly reported that they were also robbed at Sun City Hotel, much to the dissapointment of the LOC and Hotel Management as the claims was made up by a local community radio station.
posted: 04:39 pm
posted: 04:41 pm
@ Anti-zebra you stupid #### that aint Jozi and i believe you had something to do with it. Its people like you we condem in this country. I pray the culprits be found
posted: 04:41 pm
Phil Jones Setshedi has done it again!!
posted: 04:56 pm
Oh well.... I made a geographical blunder and these Zebras are crucifying me for it.

posted: 05:10 pm
This was staged to bring down our reputation..clearly he made up this accusations
posted: 05:22 pm
Cafulele, who is HE?? Typical south african denialism. We know the history of teams being robbed and stolen from by hotel staff in SA. Poverty
posted: 05:25 pm
The story doesnt say it is adebayor who made the allegation. It just says he and his team mates were victims of this crime. Now why are clowns here pointing fingers at adebayor?? Did u do any comprehensionbin school??????
El Kampion
posted: 05:27 pm
Serves this pre-madona just right...

We hosted the best players in the world,abo Messi,Iniesta,Ronaldo etc and they never complained about their safety(at least on media)...
Matt/ Tremble4Da2ndStarChamps
posted: 05:27 pm
Happy Personposted: 04:14 pm | Report MTNFootball reports that The Hawks were robbed shortly after their arrival in South Africa for the Africa Nations Cup.
None other than Bobby Motaung, he thought this was the chance to still his dockets.

Sorry Bobby you stole from wrong Hawks, these ones are soccer players not the police.
Brilliant! Hahahahahahahaha
Khosi my Religion - 2012/2013 PSL Champions
posted: 05:54 pm
what nonsense, this was def staged i mean this imbecile never wanted to come here in the first place 'fearing for his safety'. irinically it's us South African who should fear for our safety given the foreign invasion our country has suffered ie point in durban, hillbrow in jozi and sunnyside in pretoria.
Khosi my Religion - 2012/2013 PSL Champions
posted: 05:56 pm
i smell a RAT, kwaaaa excuse the pun.
Gcwabe(The Bank Robber)
posted: 06:08 pm
I'm sure Nigerians are behind this, I dnt know why they don't just fuckoff 2 the cave Abuja!
posted: 06:28 pm
These guyz are followed by badluck wherever they go.
The Ghost
posted: 07:16 pm
Eish some of your kaizer chiefs fanatics are so stupid wa tseba, someone insults your country but NO you can't see past your foolishness and bring things into the picture that have absolutely no bearing with what's at hand, are you really still so bitter that Pirates won SIX, let me repeat SIX CHAMPIONSHIPS in a row while you won NOTHING, and let me repeat that NOTHING ... no need to answer that question, because the answer is obvious.
posted: 07:49 pm
oh dear!!!
posted: 07:58 pm
definatley staged robbery.
Benito Mussolini
posted: 08:29 pm
this is Bobby's school of excellence, producing criminals everywhere. Sorry Togo, the Hawks will arrest these chimpz.
Lacoste (Khosi by Birth)
posted: 08:56 pm
This KENKABA #### with his big headed Tongolese can go to hell. We do not kill multitudes of people like in their countries. They see such facilities overseas and here are just on our door steps. This stupids spend money gambling and they want refunds kuphi khona. They paid over inflaited prices komarhosha. First time they see a sea inland. They must just not qualify and leave our beloved country.
posted: 10:57 pm
They were robbed by their Togolese supporters who are currently in Rustenburg fr da AFCON.
posted: 05:20 am
Start your comment here kenkaba g0 home and suffer in poverty and hunger jou ngosta!
posted: 05:23 am
Nigerians are the real criminals in sa wish they would all just g0 h0me..hate them more than pie-rats.
Khosi toot Khoza goes bk home to Mozambique
posted: 07:24 am
Bloody liar! Ayikho leyonto!!!
posted: 07:55 am
shame on south africa every little thy think of stelling lazy fools
posted: 08:43 am
Kanti isecurity iphi?eish these afcon loc sucks!!! i said it and i will say it again if i hv 2
Skelem Gemer wa Lekhosi
posted: 09:59 am
Owaai, Togo are pulling the Egyptians stunt during the confed cup
posted: 10:05 am
You stupid bantu educated idiots can say all you like. Your average players will keep being rejected by ukranian clubs because they get there and balloon coz of over eating. They see something different from tastic rice and they think theyre in heaven. SHAPA ANGOLA SHAPAAAAAA!!!!
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