Pirates’ Champions League squad list

Posted: 18 January 2013 Time: 04:14 pm

KickOff.com can reveal Orlando Pirates’ squad list for the CAF Champions League campaign.

Registrations for the competition closed earlier this week, meaning any potential new signings for The Buccaneers will not be able to participate for the first few rounds.

Notable absentees on the list include the injured Rooi Mahamutsa, while Robyn Johannes and Bongani Ndulula, whose days at the club look limited, have also missed out.

Goalkeepers: Moeneeb Josephs, Senzo Meyiwa, Brighton Mhlongo

Defenders: Lucky Lekgwathi, Siyabonga Sangweni, Ayanda Gcaba, Patrick Phungwayo, Bheki Nzunga, Happy Jele, Thabo Matlaba

Midfielders: Lehlogonolo Masalesa, Onyekachi Okonkwo, Khethokwake Masuku, Mpho Makola, Andile Jali, Daine Klate, Oupa Manyisa, Rudolf Bester, Sifiso Myeni, Mark Mayambela, Thandani Ntshumayelo, Tlou Segolela

Forwards: Thulasizwe Mbuyane, Takesure Chinyama, Collins Mbesuma, Benni McCarthy, Ndumiso Mabena

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posted: 04:17 pm
Good luck to the Bucs! Shine for Mzansi.
Tibos [Khosi-FOUR-Life]
posted: 04:19 pm
they look strong all the best and make the nation proud

The Ghost
posted: 04:19 pm
GO GET THEM BOYS!!!! We have conquered the domestic scene now we gun for Afrikan glory. UP THE BUCS and f$%ck the haters; the more they hate the better we become, and they hate because we are good and they are at the bottom looking up - up at the BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!
MjeyB wa le Khosi
posted: 04:20 pm
hope they don't get lobolified in the first round this time..
posted: 04:24 pm
We shall come back with it......up the bucs
Aldair Applegates
posted: 04:24 pm
who cares
Treble brace Champ \"Superbrand\"
posted: 04:24 pm
Eish that Red, black and white is beautiful.....no wonder we are "The Beautiful Champs". I have no doubt that we can go all the way to the final and show the likes of Ingasende how to conquer Africa.
posted: 04:25 pm
Y mabena mara,eish gudluck boys up da bucs harrismith branch
posted: 04:26 pm
does this mean Mayambela is going nowhere??
Treble brace Champ \"Superbrand\"
posted: 04:26 pm
I am glad to see Masalesa's name in the list, it means he is not going to Sunflops. I was wishing for the depature of Mayambela and Mabena.
posted: 04:26 pm
Good Luck to the bucs ship

Pirates Hae Jewe Feela(Tau Ya Matshega)
k2-wa 5 skippas
posted: 04:26 pm
Good luck my boys, eish Mabena o batlang mxm
Lord Vincent
posted: 04:27 pm
The Red Fury!

Football 101 was indoctrinated at the University of Orlando

Up the Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted: 04:29 pm
Gud squad, all da best boys. Dis team can win it, dis is da only hope 4 african glory 4 mzansi.
posted: 04:29 pm
Where is Kalaba...toothless one was just giving ratties false hope
League medal
posted: 04:31 pm
All the best, wish you had a better coach, then you'll put SA back on the top of the continent, unfortunately.
posted: 04:33 pm
Buch of Cows!!!!!!!!!!!.
posted: 04:35 pm
No players here, how can you take these average donkeys that cant even beat Chippa United? they escaped by the skin of their teeth against Chippa United, Chippa missed 10 clear cut chances, they all get collected behind the keeper in Champions league, no lucky escapes there, if you dont believe me ask Libolo, Gaborone United etc...where is Kalaba by the way? they have been signing him since the first of January...next week he will sign...nest week he will sign...in the next 48 hours he will sign blah blah blah mnxxxxm
posted: 04:36 pm
Hope u won't embarrass ure fans again.. knocking out by a semi professional league team....
jabu pule
posted: 04:39 pm
Who cares ...
Treble brace Champ \"Superbrand\"
posted: 04:40 pm
Timitayolposted: 04:33 pm | Report Buch of Cows!!!!!!!!!!!.


1.Why are the bunch of stars at naturena not qualifying to play in the Champions league?
2. When last did these stars of Naturena play in the champions league?

1. Because they are the real bunch of cows failing to win the domestic championship
2. More than 7 years ago.
CJB Ramses III
posted: 04:42 pm
Now this is where semi-final mandates are possible...

What a formidable team....

I'd just like to say to the boys...: 2013 is gonna be a very hectic & stressful year...

Come Champions league South Africa is expecting....

Come 2014 World Cup qualifiers South Africa is expecting...( we are hopeful that this AFCON will be last we see off the current generation of failures...)

Without stating the obvious, unfortunately 2013 Confed cup will be an unwanted rest period....

The Ghost expects the formality of the league as well as the 3 cups 2013 has on offer....

Our youngsters will be needed for 2016 Olympic qualifiers....

It's going to be a tough & momentus years for The Dream Team....

All there is left to say is that.... as much as The Dream Team has bitten off a huge chunk, History is still there for the taking Boys....
jabu pule
posted: 04:42 pm
Competition is really tight...kalaba and awal and erusmus didn't even make it....lol...cows
posted: 04:45 pm
they should have left Mayambela, but im happy for Mabena, he deserves it...
posted: 04:45 pm
RVP Mabena all de way, mara I feel for Drogba.
Anyway I see the Iron Duke could not sign Kalaba in time for him to make the CL squad.
The CV Chef MUST Die
posted: 04:46 pm
This OP team can POWERLINE Gordon11 any day!!
Soweto Giant
posted: 04:47 pm

Your comment shows how ignorant you are.
You should know by now that
Kalaba is a done deal baba.

#Yekela umbedo wakho
o wukhulumayo njengamanje#
Matt/ Tremble4Da2ndStarChamps
posted: 04:49 pm
Roger That! Let me prophesise...

Moses Mabhida will be the First Leg of our CAF Champs League Final; or should I say second and final leg (And by leg I'm not referring to Nyawana's right leg you dimwit tortoises).

What a kick in the groin it'll be to our haters from next door when we lift this trophy in front of a packed Moses Mabhida Stadium while the fellow Bucs supporters and all the First Class (you can pay for school but you can't buy class) dignitaries celebrating with us.

On that evening we don't want no Zebras around or anything yellow or dark yellow (they confuse dark yellow for gold forgetting their jersey colour is the same colour yamasimba anenyongo). Hence we say these animals from NaZoorena bakhuluma inyongo!

Zebras, you are most NOT welcome to the Party of the Century! Last but not least, WHAT IN HELL'S KITCHEN IS MABENA DOING THERE? Yeses........

Up the Bucs...
Skhumba Touch
posted: 04:49 pm
All the best Bucaneers, the pride of Mzansi and Southern africa, Shapa Bhakajuju, forget Amakhosikazi Kowzer Chicks
posted: 04:51 pm
I gues Mark Yambi Yambi in not going anywhere...
Bucs rules PSL
posted: 04:52 pm
Others are busy negotiating fixture postponment while we are preparing to conquer africa. I have a feeling that we will do well this season.up the bucs!!!
Lord Vincent
posted: 04:53 pm
iPirates wumanqoba; angeke balunge; angeke basimele
Bhakaniya! Bhakaniya! Bhakaniya! Bhakaniya! Bhakaniya!

Robbie Malinga did a great job on that song
Frank White (The Khosi Extremist )
posted: 04:54 pm
excuse me Kickoff but exactly why should we give a f**k? This team is not even from south africa for goodness sake. Last time i checked its either from zambia or ivory coast. PS : we all know these gorillas will be eliminated by a club from either chad , mauritania and madagascar. So please spare us.
posted: 04:54 pm
'Good team that can emulate the success of 95'

Although i still feel we need a lethal GOALSCORER upfront,NOT A STRIKER.

Someone who is ruthless infront of goals..especially in Africa.

Yes Takesure might be that GOALSCORER but there's an element of laziness from him.

Good Luck Champs...
Champ Khosiyaz
posted: 05:02 pm
So Skomora will beat these Rats without Droga Ndulula
posted: 05:03 pm
Manti MAholo?
posted: 05:04 pm
Hail addidas
posted: 05:06 pm
Me editor please release the macufe cup squad list for those who are angry asking 'who cares'.
posted: 05:06 pm
Mr editor please release the macufe cup squad list for those who are angry asking 'who cares'.
Herbert "herbs" semenya
posted: 05:12 pm
Sifuna second star dis tym........kuzonyiwa.......dtc i remain
Milutin Sredojević (HLABARINTO)
posted: 05:21 pm
They were waiting to see Kalaba & Awal on the list only to be presented with Mabena, Masuku & Nzunga...
King Leonidas
posted: 05:28 pm
You can win this boys, you just have to want it more, forget about the millions you receive at bucs and just go out there and give it all you got, each game you play, 1 game at a time, come on BOYS you are the best in this continent. make us proud, make ur fam' proud, make ourselves proud! BELIEVE
posted: 05:29 pm
Timitayolposted: 04:33 pm  |  Report
Buch of Cows!!!!!!!!!!!.....................
You talking about Champions here yoù fool show some respect. A team that's going to represent Mzansi in Africa. If they are bunch of cows I wonder what that makes that bunch of donkeys who were eliminated in the 1st round of every single cup they played, those who could even make it to the second spot while we were busy celebrating DTC. I'll wait for your answer or you can ask your fellow stupid brothers to answer on your behalf.
tshipi ka bo yellow
posted: 05:31 pm
I don't see difference here. Same squard that was trashed 3-0 in 20 minutes by Rasca at Nelson Mandela Bay last year!! I doubt if they will make it the next stage.
True Fuckn Player.
posted: 05:35 pm
These fools will disgrace the nation again
posted: 05:38 pm
let me sit back and watch their early exit
posted: 05:41 pm
let me sit back and watch their early exit
Commander Of The Ship Cpt. Black Beard
posted: 05:43 pm
Amabhakinya amhle.
Ezimnyama ngenkani.
Ezagebhula umhlaba kamaspala zawubhekisa phansi.
Black & White will inflict a Red substance on opponents & leave nay-sayers Green. Tsentsho banna. BB4Afcon
posted: 05:44 pm
please mr editor give us the zebra team for the AFRICAN QMPIONSHIP LEAGUE we are waiting
posted: 05:44 pm
Good luck Bucaneers, and shame on those teams that gave Bucs a hard time when they wanted to bolster their squad for CAF. Anyway, all best Bucanners, i wish the same for you and my Glamour Boys@Dembare.
*Khosi i remain*
posted: 05:48 pm
Hlabarintoposted: 05:21 pm | Report
They were waiting to see Kalaba & Awal on the list only to be presented with Mabena, Masuku & Nzunga
Its still early for Kalaba as the media reports talk about a week or so conclusion of the deal. As for Awal M.United will surely wait for what will transpire of the AFCON tournament, as they did when waiting of what would transpire of USA interest for Diof , afterwhich they concluded a deal with SSU when it fell through
posted: 05:50 pm
Ndulula is far better than Mabena anyway make mzansi proud bucs.Khosi4life
posted: 05:54 pm
Meszculiposted: 05:50 pm | Report Ndulula is far better than Mabena anyway make mzansi proud bucs.Khosi4life
Ndulula is a target man, while Mabena a supporting / shadow striker, two different players
J_majestic juju
posted: 05:54 pm
now this is something worth smiling about. THE MIGHTIEST OF THEM ALL BHAKANIYA, BHAKAJUJU. i have full confidence in this team.

Khosi-Prince II
posted: 06:02 pm
WHO CARES......Ke di kgomo excluding McCfatty,Matlaba,Jele,Jali,Ace,meyiwa & mum Ruby. Go rats n embarass Mzansi
posted: 06:18 pm
We wil concore afrika dis year
posted: 06:28 pm
Roger has given everybody on that chance except Mark Mayambela,Brighton Mhlongo is a 3rd choice goalkeeper so at least,the coach should give Mark a chance
posted: 06:48 pm
Start your comment here

nyc1 bhakabhaka
Soweto Giant
posted: 07:08 pm
@ManCowster fan

Talking about cows.
Your donkeys @ZOOturena couldn't even defend the Macufe pot.
Show some respect you
posted: 07:14 pm
Masalesa and Mayambela in the list.

Now Mabhakaniya Dr Khoza deserve our praise. No players is unhappy at Bucs.

Johannes must be swaped for Mokeke n Drogba must realise that when Celtics dumped him n no one wanted him, Only Khoza n Njenje unleashed in the Yebo Yes structure n until Njenje again recommended him to Master Kroll who developed his game. This must just Chill, we love n believe even when he is not playing.

Again dankie Dokotela Khoza.
The creator
posted: 07:16 pm
Who cares...amakhosi 4 lyf
Captain Jack Sparrow
posted: 07:17 pm
Look at that monate-ness! Just the swag ntoana. Heeeeeeyi!!! Ke di CHAMPIONS.
posted: 07:30 pm
Yambi Yambi n Viera are going to Africa, something which remain a dream to Chiefs players.
posted: 07:36 pm
Make SA proud
posted: 07:46 pm
So RDS has plans for Professor Yambi umsaba ungamazi.

Haleluja this year will be great.
posted: 07:57 pm
gud luk cows!try hdr myb u wil go tru de scnd rwnd....lol
posted: 07:58 pm
Guys I got two extra tickets on a first come first served situation. Whoever is interested drop me mail on obyjas@gmail.com
posted: 08:03 pm
But where is Rainford Kalaba ?
posted: 08:15 pm
I still ask you dimpya ke lona....where is Rainford Kalaba ?

These fools sang about the signing of Rainford Kalaba the same way they sang about beating the Mighty Chiefs 3-0 on December 08.
Soweto Giant
posted: 08:22 pm

Hey jou gat! The negotiations
between kalaba and Pirates
where still ongoing hence his
name isn't on the squad.
U are not the firs Ape to spew bile about the Kalaba situation

#Mpya ke wena.
Gcwabe(The Bank Robber)
posted: 08:43 pm
Bwagagagaga! Mabena!
posted: 08:56 pm
tseeekkk! all the haters
posted: 09:17 pm
Gud luck lilobolo, heheheheeee
posted: 09:32 pm
mxm umabena ufunani la benomakola nonzunga why bengafaki ugumede mxm anyway gud luck boys ayiibuye le champions league. up da bucs
Frank White (The Khosi Extremist )
posted: 10:02 pm
why are we still discussing this team from zambia or ivory coast ? We all know bo sista bettina mccowthy and co will be eiliminated during the preliminary rounds cos khoza cnt pimp sonono to every club participating in this rubbish issa hayatou tournament cos her ''resource'' will be exhausted
Frank White (The Khosi Extremist )
posted: 10:05 pm
i guarantee everyone this masepa trash team will be eliminated by another unknown team from sierra leone thats only known by those players family members. Pie rats are basically hookers who give it up cheaply to these african teams .....
Soweto Giant
posted: 11:12 pm
@Frank White

Go to sleep u fool. and
leave the champs the
hell alone.
Focus on that corruption
of yours.

#bloody Ape#
posted: 01:31 am
Where's Mahamutsa???
Asernal 4 ever----Amen.
posted: 01:59 am
All the best Mabhakania...........fly high the Mzantsi flag.
posted: 05:45 am
posted: 06:05 am
@Nkanylm you are an idiot, u r probably a chiefs fan. You are busy criticing bt yu are overlooking the fact that only bucks will b playing the champions while the so-called big teams are trophiless this season
posted: 07:27 am
Manti Moholo?
Lacoste (Khosi by Birth)
posted: 07:51 am
Ok, now RD wanted to make sure that they will not pass the first round.
Soweto Giant
posted: 07:59 am
Mabhakaniya we are behind u
all the way. 1rst leg:
PIRATES 3-1 Djabal, 2nd
Djabal 1-1 PIRATES.
Aggregate score
PIRATES 4-2 Djabal.
posted: 09:46 am
Where is Ndulula?
posted: 11:01 am
gd luck 2 u sea robbies we r bhind as e nation
posted: 01:18 pm
Strong one indeed wish u all the best..
posted: 01:21 pm
People need to support bucs once and for all and stop criticism because their uselesssss teams are nowhere.
Cup Kings of SA Soccer
posted: 02:16 pm
editor where is Cowlaba and cowhammed awal?
Sizwe Rhee
posted: 02:49 pm
This time pirates will do better, by looking at the squard u can see that they might bring the champion home,UP THE BUCS.
posted: 02:58 pm
Goodluck boys keep it up Once&Always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benito Mussolini
posted: 05:58 pm
"Pirates is not 1 skipper"....Good-enough

Bring It home boys...

Once & Always a SEA ROBBER!
posted: 11:36 pm
Feel us Africa i have faith with this squad all the best guys,this is the time for us Mabhakaniya to conquer Africa
posted: 10:48 am
gud luck amabhakhaniya...
posted: 01:47 pm
Inyanga ka Mabena hayi iyamsebenzela qha hayi nje indaba yokudlala coz lomntu akakwazi ukudlala ibhola.
posted: 01:48 pm
Where's Manti Maholo?
Champions League 2nd Star (Back-To-Back Double Treble Success)
posted: 11:28 am
Great team..!!
posted: 03:09 pm
posted: 03:11 pm
Champions League 2nd Star (Back-To-Back Double Treble Success)
posted: 10:04 am
Goodluck Bucs..!!
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