Mosimane on Sibeko call-up

Posted: 21 May 2008 Time: 04:34 pm

Bafana Bafana assistant coach Pitso Mosimane says that the decision to hand Gerald Sibeko his first ever senior national call-up is based on the Kaizer Chiefs midfielder’s superb form, even though he has no international experience.

Due to turn 29 in July, Sibeko has never been called up for Bafana Bafana in the past. He has also never played in any junior national team since arriving at Chiefs from the School of Excellence eight years ago.

“There is always a first time for every player,” says Mosimane.

“If Sibeko is in form, why shouldn’t we call him up even though he has never played for Bafana before? We selected him on the good form that he has been showing at Chiefs. His age doesn’t matter, but what counts is how well he is playing at his club.

“His club mate David Mathebula has also been playing very well at Chiefs, but we couldn’t call both of them because they possess a bit of similar qualities. People have to understand that there are many players worthy of playing for Bafana but at the moment we believe in the ones that we have called up,” said Mosimane.

The former Supersport United mentor also took time to explain the decision to omit Elrio van Heerden and Nasief Morris, while including Steven Pienaar who has in recent times been reported to be struggling with injury.

“We always make a check list on players before we send call-ups. Nasief has just had an abdominal operation, while Elrio is also out injured and will even miss his club’s pre-season.

“Pienaar played and finished the last game for his club against Newcastle and that is why we selected him.”

Mosimane added that the door was not closed yet for other European-based players.

“The door is not closed as yet for players like Matthew Booth. Remember, we are not going to Nigeria to experiment, and we will not be experimenting in the next four games that we will play.”

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posted: 04:38 pm

Hehehe – don’t worry… I wont come to Sundwons game… phela I’m gonna spend my money tonite at the bar! MAN UTD VS CHELSEA! And it’s the Vodacom Cup in July so I’ll be moving around Mzansi to check Chiefs & Pirates…
posted: 04:38 pm
Sibeko is sooooooooooooooo lucky to me in the squad! Mathebula should have been in Sibeko’s position!
posted: 04:40 pm
Now Pitso is drinking too much of Madigage`s holy Tea jaslaik!
its clear that the squad was his selection Santana only watched 1 game
1.Mabizela is far better than Benson the Donkey Mhlongo,plus i heard that this Ferreira guy 4rom Ajax is eligible to play 4 Bafana why not him
2.Nale far better than Gerald the goat
3.The Santos duo of Isaacs & Rogers will do better than Thembicow Fanteni for Mdledle,Sibaya & Tsotetsi Pitso was high on that herbal tea when he called up their names
posted: 04:41 pm
PITSO say SIBEKO play similar to MATHEBULA i guess we are watching different games.PITSO and PROFFESSOR are watching satelite TV.
posted: 04:42 pm
Mpumalanga Black Aces assistant coach Dumisa Ngobe believes 'Amazayoni' will have a trick or two up their sleeves when they meet favourites Mamelodi Sundowns in the Nedbank Cup Final at the Johannesburg Stadium on Saturday.

Mbulelo 'OJ' Mabizela could be the stumbling block between Mpumalanga Black Aces and cup glory when 'Amazayoni' meet Mamelodi Sundowns in the Nedbank Cup final on Saturday.

Moloto confident of cup success:
It will be back to business for Mamelodi Sundowns when they face First Division giantkillers, Mpumalanga Black Aces, in the final of the Nedbank Cup at the Johannesburg Stadium this Saturday.

Mpumalanga Black Aces - 4
Mamelodi Sundowns - 0
posted: 04:44 pm
2.Nale far better than Gerald the goat
U are comparing the uncompared players.u need DRNDIVHUWO here at 10am tommorow.
posted: 04:45 pm
posted: 05:01 pm
It is obvious that Pitso has been watching different games from the ones we've seen this season, Sibeko has been playing well? You got to be kidding me, Mathebula plays far better than Sibeko, you can't even compare the two players. Pitso what are you smoking chief? I don't even know what to say, I am SHOCKED!!!!!!
posted: 05:11 pm
To be honest Pitso, I just dont buy it. You selecting Benson and Sibeko over Booth and you telling us that you taking these games seriously? You having a laugh. Sibeko at 29 has no future in Bafana. Anele from Racing Genk would have been a better option. And Please have a look at Lwasi from FC Fyn (Denmark 2nd division) the boy is doing wonders as an attacking midfielder. So glad you aint Head Coach.
posted: 05:25 pm
Stanton Lewis, Modubi and Ntuka these players are the future for 2010 not Benson
posted: 05:42 pm
Pareirra has not even settled in brazil and already these guys have started to dismantle the team. the selection of Sibeko not only lacks vision and inspiration, but logic as well. what are they aiming to acheve with selecting somebody who has never been selected at any national level. age is against the decision. that this selection laks logic is supported by the defensive approach that the coaches have taken soon after the selection.

Parreira has hardly settled and we already miss him.
posted: 06:23 pm
Is Pitso and gang on some kind of cheap drugs? Nobody can ever justify the eclusion of: Mabizela, Mathebula or even Khenyeza. Somebody needs to take their unrine samples please!!!!
posted: 06:23 pm
Is Pitso and gang on some kind of cheap drugs? Nobody can ever justify the eclusion of: Mabizela, Mathebula or even Khenyeza. Somebody needs to take their urine samples please!!!!
posted: 06:23 pm
Is Pitso and gang on some kind of cheap drugs? Nobody can ever justify the eclusion of: Mabizela, Mathebula or even Khenyeza. Somebody needs to take their urine samples please!!!!
posted: 06:23 pm
Is Pitso and gang on some kind of cheap drugs? Nobody can ever justify the eclusion of: Mabizela, Mathebula or even Khenyeza. Somebody needs to take their urine samples please!!!!
posted: 06:25 pm
I am a Chiefs fan, but cannot believe Sibeko has been called up.

Perhaps I am blind, but for me Sibeko is one of the reasons Chiefs looked ordinary at times in the midfield.
posted: 07:20 pm
Pitso is no head-coach of Bafana Bafana. Why criticise him and not Sathana?
posted: 11:39 pm
Before Sibeko shaved his dreads even commentators couldn't tell hi and Mathebula apart, I think its the same case of mistaken identity here. Ceratainly, he wasn't at his best for his team and there are numerous SA midfield players with better form!!! We can't blame Santana yet, because it is obviously the assistants who made the selection based on form or is it lack thereof?
posted: 11:58 pm
Svai, we are criticising Pitso because he is the one who is justifying the inclusion of Sibeko, hello, read the article holmes.
posted: 08:00 am
I am a Chiefs fan but I really think Sibeko hasn't done anything to deserve a call up. Golden Arrows has better mildfielders.
posted: 08:07 am
Pitso is high on nyaope, even Sibeko himself is surprised bcoz he knows he's not the Bafana material,
posted: 08:13 am
I'm a Sandawana and my believe is that the following players do not derseve a call up, Mhlongo,Sibeko,Tsotetsi and to a lesser extent, Walaza. Pitso has lost the plot completely.
posted: 08:19 am
i'm a bucs suppoter but I think Pitso is crazy how can he compare Mathebula and Sibeko, there is a big difference between this players Mathebula is far better than sibeko and as far as i know pitso is not a head coach and there are many players who doesn't deserve a call up namely Sibeko, Gaxa, Mhlongo and Sibaya. Please Pitso don't select your friends where is Zuma, zothwane
posted: 08:52 am
i'm on the nigerian kickoff site,they say we are gonna pay bcoz of the xenophobic attacks so all those fans who r going to nigeria plz beware....
posted: 09:18 am
Don't come back in SA.
Die in Nigeria
Poor squad.

We definitely need to beef up our security coz the moment we touch down in Nigeria we're dead meat. All South Africans are Africa's number one enermy and all this is because of few barnaric shor-sighted individuals and now the rest of us have to pay the price. Mr Thabo Mbeki just sign the damn paper so that the SADF can assist the "over-stretched" police before this become triabalism. We know what that will mean. Remember Rwanda genocide?
How can you burn someone alive? That’s devil spirit, cruel. Where is the spirit of Ubuntu?

Wish Nigeria people to burn you alive immediately you touch down.
An eye for an Eye will work out. i mean an eye for an eye is the best solution.
They should beat you, so that you'll see the importance of treating others as human beings.

Zulu's are beating nigerians and Mozambicans.
No way must they revenge.
Zulu's must leave only in South Africa, don't visit our countries coz, will revenge.
How do u burn someone alive, just because u are jealous of their success. You don’t equip yourselves educationally and otherwise to compete in the modern world.
We were pained by the actions of aparthied,and we felt your pain, and contributed in no small measure to secure your freedom, either directly by sending money for the struggle, or indirectly by prayers and moral support. We hated the fact that africans are being subjugated in their own continment..but now. It is still happening. Can Africa ever be united?,not with u low minded and big headed south Africans still in d continent. Imagine d combo, low mind and big headed. Recipe for disaster

Where is Najaboy today?
He is In Nigeria, what i know.
He is a Nigerian.
Burn them Najaboy.
He Najaboy in Nigeria you have a lot Of Petrol and Oil. So burn them.
Proffesor: 2008-05-21 10:17
Why are they increasing security for this dude! Its not like he is MR. MAMILLIONS! We will be given him our money! Useless SAFA at it again!
Proffesor: 2008-05-21 10:17
Bafana needs 1000 soldiers when we land in Nigeria!

posted: 09:21 am
Surely Pitso is out of his Mind. I am a Khosi Fan and I always was voiced by disssaitfaction in the way Sibeko is used or is playing.The role is that he is given is almost the same role that Nengomashe is playing, so chiefs is using double 6, in the field, nothinh wrong with that, but when you use this kind option, it should given you strong ammunition going forward, which Chiefs really lacked. He should be more creative and help in pushing forward eqaully to his defensive role, which he is not doing. His selection is flawed. Pitso's explanation resembles the expanation of just an ordinary fan who Just love his team not understanding the dynamics of football. Surely Sibeko and Mathebula are not the same, and do not have similar qualities, Mathebula is creative and aggressive, he is an attacker and an entertainer. There is no an Explanation for the ommission of Lerato Chabangu(Is he injured)? If we are not experimenting why take Walaza instead of Paulse. Where is Papi Zothwane? Why are we going backwards? Why Sibiya, Sibeko, Mhlongo, Tsotetsi(Issa goals specialist). ANyway GoodLuck. Nigeria is very slow, we need experienced pacy players to expose and beat Nigeria.

As for Fellow African, Nigerians, please bare with South African sick society for this barbaric acts they have been meting out to foreign nationals in our country, it is really embarrassing. There are millions decent South Africans who will never stoop as as low as some of our fellows did. Not of all of us are xenophobic, yes there is that element in our society as you have seen but we dealing with it and soon I think authority we issues an apology to our fellow africans and show remorse for this acts. WE ARE INDEED EMBARRASED
posted: 09:24 am
Sibeko's inclusion is puzzling to say the least. It took him many years to crack into the first team of chiefs and over the years he was not even the best playes in the chiefs midfielders. He has done well recently but will he add value to nigeria's game? Mathebula is a far more a better player than Sibeko. Pitso is reasoning is flawed by even try to draw comparions between the two players. Sibeko is a ok but not great. Pitso should call Tso Vilakazi...we have invested a lot in him and it would be foolish to drop him now!
posted: 09:30 am
Police say a group armed with sticks and bottles attacked Nigerians drinking in a tavern overnight.

Bafana Bafana won't come back.I bet.
posted: 10:04 am
Asked why Lerato Chabangu was dropped, Leal said they wanted to have a look at other players. Mosimane and Leal have recalled MacBeth Sibaya and Delron Buckley, with Gerald Sibeko getting his first call-up.

Hey Leal: This is not the time to check players. the time for checking players is over after AFCON 2008.
posted: 12:00 pm
Pitso can not say there are "similarities between Mathebula and Sibeko". Its like compairing chalk and cheese. Gerald has no pace, skill, vision, lacks creativity and his passing is also not good while on the other hand Mathebula posses all the above mentioned. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against Gerald he's just not BB nor Chiefs material. He's 1 of the reasons why Chiefs did not do good this season cause he lacks creativity as our attacking midfielder.

Pitso must not make blunders and when trying to cover them insult players like Mathebula when compairing him with Sibeko.

posted: 12:51 pm
Pitso must be on drugs to mention that Sibeko and Mathebula play similar , he needs help. He must be rehabilitated. it does not mean we don't know the Game. I wish to know what criteria they are using when it comes selection. Why did they left out Papi Zothwane compare(ohoo...Benson "slow coach" Mhlongo).
posted: 01:45 pm
Some comments posted here are just plain shortsightedness and myopic. There are very many South Africans working for SA based firm on the continent and indeed in Nigeria.....despite this not one South African has been threatened in these countries. In the next two days the Presidents as well as Vice Presidents of both countries will be meeting to ensure that strong bonds of relationships are not tarnished by actions of a few.

South Africa's hosting of the World Cup had the full backing of the major footballing nations on this continent with some even serving as ambassadors. Now why in their wildest dreams will Nigeria seek to start an international incident by attacking South African players or supporters. Risk the wrath of FIFA and miss out on the possibility of participating in a World Cup to be held in Africa? Or have FIFA withdraw Nigeria's rights to host the 2009 U-17 World Cup? I definitely think not.

Rather than retaliation and vengeance, many across the African continent are perplexed by events here and hope that it is sorted out. The actions of a few should not cast a pall over the majority who are peace loving and will be the face of Africa when hosting of 2010 comes through.

This is a qualifying game and as old adversaries Nigeria would like to qualify and not to wreck some sort of barbaric vengeance on South African players none of whom was involved in the events of the past week.

Think about would Yakubu and Yobo feel if their Everton teammate -the ever silk and skillful Pinnear is attacked? Players such as Amokachi [now assitant coach of the Eagles], Siasia [coach of the U-23s] have always come here to play in legends games that honor Madiba.....would they support such violence given the welcome they received whilst here?

Nigerians are supporters of the beautiful game of football and even follow events in the well run South African league. Violence against SA would simply be a huge tarnishing of Nigeria's proud football history and for that mere fact, it would not happen.

Knowledge is power and I think comments posted here should be well informed.

Nigerian in SA!
posted: 02:18 pm
Good point Mzolo, I mean we all know what disastrous ACN 2008 Benson Mhlongo but chosen ahead of the players like Papi Zothwane who is always on fire. Pitso is not making sense at all.
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