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Nigeria knocked out of Confederations Cup by Spain

Posted: 23 June 2013 Time: 23:20

Spain beat Nigeria 3-0 at the Estadio Castelao Fortaleza to top Group B and make the Confederations Cup semi-finals.

There were signs of promise from Stephen Keshi’s young Super Eagles, but their finishing often let them down, and it seemed as if Spain never really got out of third gear.

Jordi Alba opened the scoring early on, finishing off a flowing move by the Spaniards. Alba received a neat pass from his Barcelona clubmate Andreas Iniesta and skipped past three Nigerian defenders, with a lucky rebound along the way, before slotting home.

The Super Eagles caused problems for Spain’s defence in the first half. John Mikel Obi was set up by some good work from Joseph Akpala, but his attempt was thwarted by Sergio Ramos.

Sunday Mba next came close, with build-up play by Ideye Brown, but his stinging effort was edged out by Victor Valdes.

Spain doubled their advantage on the hour mark, when substitute Fernando Torres capitalised on some poor defending to head home two minutes after coming onto the pitch.

Ahmed Musa set up substitute Muhammad Gambo, who somehow managed to hit wide with only the keeper to beat, after his first touch let him down badly.

Alba sealed the win with two minutes to go, rounding Vincent Enyeama after a long pass from David Silva.

Stephen Keshi team will leave Brazil with a solitary win over Tahiti, finishing third in Group B behind Uruguay.

Spain top Group B with nine points, and face Itay in a rematch of last year’s Euro 2012 Final in the semi-final on Thursday.

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waka pass
posted: 09:02 am
Whilst the SA team is been beaten black and blue by an inferior Ethiopia team, some SA morons are here making jest of a tournament made up of champions of every continent. Should i remind you who the champion of africa is again? And where did you lot rank at this tournament you hosted? Oh i forgot you are only good at hosting.... Hahaha. That was funny.
posted: 09:08 am
Keshi should be proud with the display shown by de boys,,,,we all knew that they won't beat Spain. This nijas performed beyond my expectation. Dey created gud scoring chances, on a gud day could have scored three goals. NFF should keep this humble guy......igwe!!!!!!!!!
posted: 09:25 am
Those who unnecesarily praise Eagles for this mediocrity are the real hypocrites. A country of Nigeria standard went to a competition without plans to score and you are saying i should cheer?
This team is obviously good, the fight, the play out their heart but they are not the best we can get . A blind man in Nigeria knows that most of the players in this team does not have business playing for super Eagles. Atleast not in confederation cup may be WAFU cup. Gambo Mohammed for Ike Uche? Joseph Akpala for Osaze Odewingie? Babatunde Michael for Obafemi Martins? Joseph Akpala for Victor Anichebe? Anthony Ujah for Obinna Nsofor? . something is wrong somewhere.
what will happen if we encourage competion for postion like:
A situation where Efe will know if they keep scoring from his wing then a Nedum Onuoha or Chibuzo Okonkwo will take his place.
A situation where Echegile will continue to do well knowing that there is a Taiwo and Suswan gearing for opportunity to take his place.
What about experience of Yobo and Apam in the central defence ?
wouldnt Omeruo and Oboabona maintain their focus knowing they are not better than those on the bench.
Do you remember Onazi coming to take position from Ogude and Obiora Nwankwo during AFCON? that is what competion for a place does.
Do you not know that Joel Obi is better than Mba and Ogu?
what happens if Mikel gets Red card or injured? reasons for Lukman Haruna and Uche Kalu to be around to compete for a place.
Do you know that Odewingie is not as bad as Balotelli? Balotelli plays for Italy, why can't a good manager manage one of our best imports who chose Nigeria ahead of Uzbeks and Russia and have Musa and Oduamadi learn from him.
Why is Nigeria making it seem like Emenike is our only good striker. His presence would certainly have made a difference in this team because we create chances and dont take them. But because injury is still part of football then a good tactician most have a replacement for a very good player. that bring to question why Anichebe must be re-convinced to change his mind. if he didnt like Nigeria he wont play for Nigeria in the first place. yes! something went wrong after his injury playing for national team. If Ike Uche is truely finished beause he a had bad AFCON then Ideye should never wear green white green after confederation cup. Do you know that in the last four years, that no Nigeria striker has done better than Ike. Is Martins that bad because of kenya match? I believe age is certainly telling on him but in the absence of Emenike he would certainly have made a difference.
Do you know that in the absence of Moses that an Obinna Nsofor would have replaced him well. then a fit Chinedu Obasi can equally compete for a place. yes! 3 or more players for each wing with Mikel as the captain would do the team good.
I hope Keshi gets to read this and have a rethink because if we make it to the world cup, we will still meet Spain and the likes or May be we would plan to use world cup to prepare for AFCON qualifier. Keshi must stop acting like he is the coach of Keshiria and not Nigeria. good coach, knows how to get the best from gis guys, played good football but you need your best to compete with the world.
Before igo, what about the homebased Eagles that played in AFCON qualifier and AFCON proper that secured clubs abroad? Gabriel Reuben, papis idris, Kalu Uche, Ejike Uzoenyi?
Could it be that the plans are to get clubs for the likes of solomon Kwambe, Emeka Eze, Azubuike Egwueke,Benjamin Francis , Gambo Mohammed etc before they are dropped. Not insinuating a damn thing! think they are good players but for the future and Friendly matches and WAFU cup will do well to shape them not confederation cup.
posted: 09:44 am
The SE were taught a football lesson last night. Spain made football look easy by playing the effiecient one-touch football and only Iniesta was allowed to hold on to the ball. Whilst, with SE every player wanted to have 5 touches on the ball, sometimes running with the ball instead of realising the ball earlier. Second half the SE got tired quickly because it's unsustainable to run with the ball for 90 minutes in a pitch which is 110 metres long and 90 mitre wide. The SE were made to chase the ball. Stephen Keshi must go back to basics and swallow his pride and recall Martins, Odimwingie and Victor Moses. These are experienced players, you can't rely on spring chickens that were on display last night.
posted: 10:00 am
Spain really played as if they are in a practice match. There was no urgency that we know, neither of their players ever sweated in the whole match.
posted: 10:01 am
From reading the comments on this site, its quite clear that the vast majority of Nigerians are completely ignorant and delusional about the game. Recognising the extent of your stupidity pains me greatly.

There is no shame in losing to Spain!! Especially in the manner that we did. Truth be told, the score line flattered the Spanish, their clean sheet was definitely as a result of good fortune (and bad fortune in Nigeria’s case).

Progress has definitely been made with this team. If in doubt please watch clips from Nigeria’s games between year 2002 and 2012. Kudos have to go to Keshi for the work done so far, but improving the team even further will take alot more work and sacrifice.

The team to Brazil was missing 3 definite starters (Emenike, Moses, Onazi). Will they have made a difference? I say, yes definitely. Without these 3 perhaps we may not have made it to the Confed Cup in the first place!

I think all being fit and in decent form , Keshi has a very strong starting 11. His work on finding capable and trusted alternatives is not going to be easy. Because there are so many ‘talented’ players knocking on the door of this team. He is right to give a few of these a chance to prove their capable and can be trusted when the chips are down....Only a few will be able to take this chance.

e.g Oduamadi has taken it. Ujah and Akpala haven’t. These two will be given a chance to build their club careers further before they may return to the fold.

When next we have a competitive game (against Malawi) the missing 3 from above will be back and there will be another 3 or 4 new faces who will have their chance to prove their mettle. From what we’ve seen in this competition, I will recommend that the new faces are mostly in the striking department and maybe 1 in midfield.

The likes of Anichebe, Joel Obi, Chinedu Obasi, Obinna Nsofor should be allowed to get back into regular action before being considered. I know not everyone (Anichebe) wants to be called up anyway.

Obafemi Martins, Osaze Odemwingie, Joseph Yobo quite rightly should not be given priority in the rebuilding process. Good one Keshi.

For me I’ll give Haruna Lukman, Ezekiel Imoh, Ekhigo Ehiosun and Osariemen Ebagua a call up and also keep Michael Eneramo on Standby.

The team also needs a very good psychologist!!

I am sure we will be okay!

Wise words from Big O.....................
posted: 10:12 am
niaja should draw positives from the perfomance. steven keshi is doing something right i should say. not many teams can play and lose only by 3-0 against spain particulalry african teams. nigeria should sure keep this guy
meyer lansky
posted: 11:17 am
people seem to have forgetten the reason keshi brought these players here, he wants to test the pool of players at his disposal.....he wants to see who can be trusted in high stakes games.....in my opinion oduamadi, elderson, and omeruo are some of the young players who will take the experience on board and come back to world cup (God willing) as more polished articles. We all know if our main players were there we would have put up a better fight but atleast we have seen how our squad as a whole looks..............UP EAGLES
posted: 11:26 am
posted: 01:16 pm
Mr. Keshi i hope no more useless players from you anymore, i hope you invite players now base on merit and not sentiment and wanting to sell players through the national team. Tournament are for mature mind and not for chaff like gambo, ujah and akpala. Remove sentiment from your selection of players.
posted: 01:44 pm
From what we heard from the coach was that this CONFED was just to prepare players for next year. Unfortunately Nigerians are so harsh and are already saying negetives to the same team that proved them WRONG :)
posted: 02:22 pm
How is Omeruo's shoulder? It amazes me that this young Center Back got injured on the field of play and not even a single person has checked on his health. NAwa!

Ken please get well quick. We need you and goodluck with Chelsea. Oduamadi, wishing you a quick recovery too and good luck with AC Milan. Slyman
posted: 02:47 pm
We played well indeed. We conceded 6 goals and Scored only 5.
Only Nigeria conceded against a bunch of amateurs.
We held possession in our half
No substitution made meaningful impact.
No player from the bench came in to score.

Our strikers made the same mistakes in 4 matches, Ideye kept trying to dribble. The coach didnt think it was his job to advice him to shoot.

Spain used us as a warm up match. They just were tossing the ball around. But for the humid weather, they would have trounced us silly.

No creative midfield.
No game play formation. (Even the tahiti coach read our games)

SHAME SHAME SHAME. Keshi is rebuilding, what is he building exactly? Is it not this same Nigerian team that has over 100 players players in europe? Is it not this Nigeria that Mikel, enyama, Uche brothers and co were playing for?

Keshi is just a liar. When he got the job, his first 3-4 matches were with the Old retired players (Yakubu, Etuhu, Keita and co) why was he not rebuilding then. When he now realised that those guys will fail him as they have nothing to offer, he started the Home based players sentiment.

One thing is for sure, Keshi will not take us to the world cup, he may qualify, but he wont lead us, except he is wishing to become the second fiddle coach behind any foreigner.

The reason ppl keep mentioning Siasia till now, is simply becos keshi is yet to prove anything tangible. Tell me which new player has made a lasting mark in the true sense. Onazi is wasteful, yes he has energy but lacks creative sense. Sunday Mba, flash in the pan. Oboanona, has been hiding behind the prowess of omeruo (and yobo). Gambo Muhammed, need i say much. Ujah, Akpala, and those yeye players he has around him.

Someone should tell me the experience you get from siting on a bench? or from having your visa stamped that you went to usa.

The ConfedCup is not were you build players, Friendlies and Wafu cup are there. infuse them gradually. Siasia only lost one match, but he was a bad coach abi, we said his team played very well, you ppl said playing well dont win matches. Oya now Keshi has lost over 5 matches, drawn 70% of the ones he didnt lose. you ppl are now saying we played well. Just pure sentiments. Keshi is as much Nigerian as siasia, and i dont think he has achieved any medla more than siasia as a player. They both have same medals. being a captain has not reward attached to it. I love siasia, but im growing to dislike keshi with the way ppl are not pragmatic with the truth.

Just a final note. This is my own opinion, pls if you dont like it, just ignore, dont abuse or throw any tantrums at me. Just say yours and lets move on.
posted: 03:03 pm
Anonymous most of the players you called are either injured, recovering from injury or in the case of Anichebe refused to play. Including Ruben, Idriss, Uche Kalu whom you are alleging he sold. Ejike has not played a game since transferring to France in January. The players too have to think of their places in the national teams before making stupid transfers. Juwon was doing well at left back, now he is in the backwaters of Israeli football. Nsofor and Obasi in particular played how many games last season? How many goals have they both scored for Nigeria? This is not age grade football please.
posted: 03:07 pm
TimmyO, you abuse a national hero and say you should not be abused? You are an idiot!
posted: 03:37 pm
@ Apiripah: I have followed your comments on here and of all the critics of Keshi I respect you the most cos I can see you are very analytic in ur criticisms. But bro you too get high standards. However, I want to disagree with sacking Keshi. Ask yourself truthfully, has SE ball play not improved in the past months? Keshi may not be a tactician but his team plays a pressing football and without fear. Just that he has a sentimental selection problem...
posted: 03:53 pm
I don't believe Keshi is being sentimental in his selection at all. If Kalu Uche and Anichebe had accepted their invitation, we might not have missed Emenike so much. Ideye would have paired off Anichebe brilliantly. Somebody rightly pointed out that Keshi did not discard the old guard as soon as he came in. the question is will Osaze, Yobo e.t.c agree to sit on the bench? We all know how that turned out with Yobo. Both Osaze and Taiwo reacted negatively to being subbed in a qualifier. These are the same boys that have been holding us to ransom for a decade and UNDERACHIEVING. What Keshi has done is to widen the pool and you can only do that by developing the home based and helping them move to Europe. Ideally, a responsible FA would sponsor Keshi to Europe to talk to and monitor these players e.g Anichebe, like they do with the white coaches. But because he is local they will not. Instead you will hear of a committee of wise men from the FA touring Europe just for the estacode. Keshi is doing a minor miracle with the Nigerian team and the world is watching. If he is sacked today it will be Nigeria's loss not Keshi's. that I can assure you.
posted: 05:35 pm
mekusdagama your are stupid.
posted: 03:25 pm
Please ignore TimmyO...going by his comments he knows everything!!! WHat a fool....

Nuff said.
posted: 05:57 pm
Where are d good STRIKERS
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