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20/06/2013 19:00

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Nigeria's Super Eagles were left to rue what might have been after going down 2-1 to Uruguay

Posted: 21 June 2013 Time: 06:12

Nigeria's Super Eagles were left to rue what might have been after going down 2-1 to Uruguay, a result that all but eliminates them from the tournament.

But captain Vincent Enyeama said the players had a lot to be proud of, "You are always disappointed when you lose a game, and we are not happy," Enyeama told KickOffNigeria.com.

"But we played a good game. I would say one of our best games in recent years, so I'm proud of the players today."

Diego Lugano put Uruguay in front with a somewhat fortuitous turn-in as the Nigeria defence went to a sleep.

But John Mikel Obi, on his 50th appearance for Nigeria, made the defender look like a discarded part of the furniture as he drew Nigeria level.

The Chelsea man received a Brown Ideye layup, shimmied away from Lugano with a casual drop of the shoulder and placed home with his weaker left foot.

It was a goal of spell-binding skill, ice-cold calm, exquisite technique and measured precision.

But the last word belonged to Diego Forlan, making his 100th appearance for Uruguay.

From nowhere, the Uruguayan striking trinity clicked into gear as Ahmed Musa gave up a turnover, then found himself on his behind in a failed attempt at retrieval.

Luis Suarez found Edinson Cavani, who swept out wide to the arriving Forlan. The former Manchester United man cracked home an unstoppable thunderbolt to Enyeama's top corner.

It proved enough.

Nigeria: Enyeama - Obobona, Echiejile, Ambrose, Omeruo, Ogu (Mba - 66'), Mikel, Ogude, Musa, Brown (Akpala - 73'), Oduamadi (Babatunde - 45')

Uruguay: Muslera - Lugano, Godin, Pereira, Caceres, Rodriguez (Pereira - 87'), Arevalo, Gonzalez, Suarez (Coates - 83'), Forlan, Cavani

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posted: 03:44 pm
Good game Nigeria....Please, focus on finding a good striker if we finally end up not qualifying for the group stages of the confederation cup. Next challenge is spain...meanwhile, let's all support all African representatives in the U20 world cup.
posted: 03:53 pm
Ok guys just finished the second half:

I must ask you guys again: Whats your Problem with Mba? In my opinion he is a great player, when he came in he added creativity to our game.

To me the man of the match is Kenneth Omero! Hmmmmm ok and Ogbonna! Wow this boys played a briliiant defence. Forlans goals was a mircale... you couldnt do anything. But after that wowwww they stopped the Uruguay strikers completely. Wow Wow Wow really good Job from Kenneth and Ogbonna!

My Team Rating, 1 - 10points:

- Enyema 7 points: Had bad luck I think he didnt do anything wrong. But two goals are two goals....

- Ogbonna 9 points: Wow the boy is great. Played a very good match. This was his first match that wasnt a friendly in which he played against really top stars. I thank Keshi for giving him a chance. You really have to think twice before you bench a player like Yobo for a NPL player...

- Kenneth O. 9 points: Again Wow! Hope Chelsea saw this game. This boy is our future!

- Ambrose 7 points: Played a very good game but I expect more flankes from him to our strikers when he goes forward. he have to push harder. But his mains work is the defence and all together he did a very good job. But the mistake against Forlan cost a goal...

- Elderson 8 points: Not one Attack came from Uruguay from his left side! Not one! Plus he also tried to go forward and really played good together with Musa!

- Ogu 7: Played not bad! But i expect a bit more from him. I must say he did a solid Job and hope for him he uses this chance to show the world through the Super Eagles what he can do.

- Ogude 8 points: I know people dont see how important this Bull is, but he does the dirty work. Because of him Mikel can go forward..! He played a very good game. I didnt see much from the Uruguayn midlefield!

- Mikel Oba, yes I said it OBA! 9 points: Mikel is a fantastic footballer. He is the engine of this team and showed it once more. I am allready pleased with the outcome of the tournament because of the fact that Mikel scored a goal. The Confed Cup is there to play around and try out some new things and maybe we have gained the old Mikel back through our participation...

- N. Oduamadi ?: a pitty that he got injured. But started not that bad. Which him all the best. He is our future and the NFF shouldnt mess with this Project!

- Musa 8 points: Musa is a good player but must learn to give the ball away in some situations. But the guy played a really good match. Gave his best. And I appriciate the fact that we have such a top player in our ranks!

- Ideye 8 points: He must push harder. But the main Problem is that nobody from the right or leftside feed him with balls! He is a top inteligent footballer who allways thinks 2 steps ahaed. I refuse to give up on him. I think he is a top player. We should be happy to have a player like him. But Nigeria have many strikers who are waiting for their chance. Brown must push harder got damm it..

- Akpala 7 points: When he came in he gave his best. He showed that he is very hungry. But he could create much chances and again our wing players must stop this selfish play and feed our strikers more. You cant expect from Akpala or Ideye to allways create chances themselfes! Akpala is a top guy I would be happy for him if he can use this tournament to prove many people wrong. He only has one game left to do so. Emenike and Anichebe, Kalu Uche and many more.. are waiting. But I think Akpala is good enough for our bench! The striking position is the only position in which I dont see any NPL player. But again Keshi has proved us wrong many times...!

- Babatunde 7 points: I must say he didnt play that bad. Was very strong from the right side. But again not productive enough. We need to feed the strikers with balls God damm it. This is his chance to show what he can.. after this tournament I dont see why Keshi should give him another chance.. We gave him a chance didnt we..?

- Mba 8 points: He is a damm good player and I think he is unique! Dont care what other people say but when I see this guy on the ball.... I see something special!!!!! Why didnt we start him? Ogu can only replace Mikel oder Ogude and not Mba! Mba is a attacking middlefielder and I think we need an attacking middlefielder. Some things i just dont understand. But again he had his chance. But if Ogu uses his chance then Mba may be history.... thats football you know!
posted: 04:14 pm
Good game. I always think no Nigerian footballer is bad! Seriously lol. The team is young and the future is good. We need to find strikers. I was a teen in the 90s when u re almost gurranteed a goal even when Eagles played poorly. We had strikers then, big time poachers! There's this Owobokiri who couldn't get a call up easily n that shows how good they re upfront. I think we can find this missing link in local league if we look hard n patiently. The turning point for Nigeria in the 90s was all African games in Harere. This squad got a bit of similarity n they can go far. I hope Keshi realises that the majority of Nigerians re behind him. He should tread with no fear. I'm happy for the FA too, they getting a bit real. Well done everybody. This was a promising defeat
posted: 04:44 pm
@Mega, heck no! Why do we have to lower our expectations of this team? Me thinks they performed superbly well judging from their ages. They outplayed Uruguay but lacked the clinical finish like a "dead" and outpaced, outclassed Folan did with the only one chance. This team will go places my friend. Watch the match again without any anger and see for yourself. Look at all the statistics and you'll agree.
posted: 05:25 pm
Nigeria shone like a thousand stars in this match given all that this team has been through over the last forth night. This is a solid team that would shine. For the first time in many years I see a team I am proud of as Super Eagles fan. Let us not forget that this team is just a little over year old.
posted: 05:29 pm
They sweat
They bleed
They broke bones..

They fought like men, although nothing (bonuses) was offered to motivate them..
They have one thing at the back of their mind.. TO MAKE NIG n AFRICA PROUD.

Spain be warned!!.. they are coming.. these fierce goal hungry Eagles are coming to test your might.

Now my opinion is that its time Ejide takes over from Enyama.
We still need to inject strikers or train the ones we have to the likes of Eto n Drogba, Who can hit the net from every angle . Mba is very good and dedicated.
posted: 06:04 pm
When you see these names: phatwack, apiripah, slyman, teellthemm, know that Siasia is talking because he writes under these names. We know the tricks. they are quick to tell you that any supporter of the our team is a Keshi worshipper. Hate has eaten them so much that they repeat their hate-diatribe here like the parrot. They are the ones who know a world class coach whose identity they don't even know. Their ignorance reeks in hell. They insult all those who are not in their skewed camp of pull-him-down (PHD). They drop the names of players who can't even wear diapers in their clubs. They are the all-knowing yet wallowing in the suffocated path of cliche. They are the doomsday augurs who fail to wear their caps of divination to the sticking place. They are possessed of the demon feigned-innocence and capitulate when their legion take the reins. Their likes are the reason our nation dances for the umpteenth time the macabre dance. They are a generation of devourer.
posted: 07:24 pm
There are two things that have been evident in a Keshi coached team, one they cant score goals and second the defense is not good. If you look at all the goals that was scored against them it was due to defensive breakdown. Mostly because the defenders dont know much about positioning. Granted once in a while a team will have a breakdown in defense but Nigeria's defense break down all the time and at all the games I have watched.
Another obvious flaw is their ability to maintain possession in the attacking third.
posted: 10:19 pm
Do i need to respond to someone here? Nope. aint got time for rubbish people.
posted: 10:56 pm
Kola US, Santisanti, Naija Obi and Oga you can support blindly all you want to, but the FACT is Nigeria lost yesterday. that means we all lost. What I have been saying is simple, we need MORE OPTIONS upfront and in attacking midfield. Stop reserving positions for certain players. Competition for places only makes the team better. Give the Euro based the same opportunity you give the home based. No player is too old as long as he is still playing regularly in his club.

Slyman speaks for himself. I threw an open challenge to everybody in this forum and warned them after Keshi released his 30 man list for these games without a known attacking midfielder that Nigeria cannot pick 6 points from Kenya and Namibia. I also predicted that there was no way we could win this Confederations Cup because Keshi refused to replace the injured players with quality from Europe. I also added if you do not agree with me you can bet against me 2000 dollars. None of you took the bate. I even put my email out here so I can be contacted so we could deposit the funds with our bank of choice so the winner can be paid at the end. None of you had the balls to put your money up.

The bottom line, you are not intelligent enough to call others names. I do not know it all. But I know that these boys gave their all. Just like the Bible said my people perish from lack of knowledge, our eagles failed because you cannot give what you don't have. The strikers on the field were struggling and instead of our coach to bring in quality strikers that can help them, he brought in the even more useless Akpala and Babatunde. Why? That was all he had. He chose those players, infact, he chose the whole team. The good and the bad. The buck stops with him.

I am repeating this again. I do not want Keshi to be fired but he must accept responsibility for this failure and mend fences with the players he needs so our team can get better. There is no reason to have 8 home based players in the team, when you are only going to use Oboabona and Mba. Nobody is bigger than Nigeria. Our interests as a nation, come first. Slyman
posted: 11:02 pm
When we play badly and get a draw with minnows like Namibia, Keshi supporters claim it is a good result. Now we have lost, oh they played very well. Keshi, throw the camp open so men can take the place of boys. Remember, the Uruguay we lost to have men over 30 in their team and their experience thumped us. Can someone tell me if Osaze is older than the match winner, Diego Forlan? Slyman
posted: 11:43 pm
@Slyman I concur with you jare, we don't want Keshi to go but give us the best legs and learn how to defend leads tooo for future's sake. He gave Ideye so many chance to prove himself yet Martins got only two matches to do the impossible. He just likes yes men. YOU ACTUALLY POINTED OUT, WHY NOT REPLACE INJURED PLAYERS ASAP, KESHI IS A SLOW THINKER. GREAT POST SLYMAN

As soon as Uruguay scored the winning goal, they closed up the game and no more clear cut chances for Nigeria. That is a great input from a great coach
posted: 02:01 am
In my view,keshi has done well,initially our defence was so bad,with some of our defenders helping opponents score,our midfield looks decent,the only problem we got now's d striking force and our bench.This,I profer,Keshi should invite Osaze,Taye,Aluko,Imoh,Anichebe,D Uche brothers,Haruna,Nsofor,first of all broker peace,we need to have peace in that team,some of the aggrevied players should be pacified and brought to terms with the team's new philosophy,we can't continue playing without some of our best players
I look to see a Nigerian23 like this,
Moses,Emenike,Ike Uche,Kalu Uche,Ahmed,Osaze...
Concerning d flying eagles,we should defend well and the strikers should play for each other instead of their selfish games,beyond their trying to get lucrative European contacts,they should know they'r representing Nigeria.
posted: 02:12 am
@Slyman: I am sick of people like you! For Christ sake Keshi himself knows that Odemwingie is one of our best players. But isnt it obvious that Odemwingie lack good character and that the chances are high that he would only bring bad blood in the team! Is there anybody who think otherwise....

We can only complain and complain with our big mouth! Look at our country look at our football infrastructure... Who do we think we are? What did Nigeria archieve with the so called Okocha, Kanu and co.... Did they win any WorldCup? After they spanked Spain in 1998 didnt our so called Super Super Eagles-Defence messed up the Denmark game?!

We talk too much we Nigerians. This forum is getting on my nerve i swear to God.

Why cant we just back young players like Kenneth and co. I mean this our negative mentality will destroy us!

I dont just understand why people like Keshi and Amodu still believe in this system that reject them and prefer a white coach! Yes I said it all you guys want is a white coach to show us the way!

And what is your problem with our NFF? The former NFF was sacked and now this new NFF are also rubbish or what? Do you also want to sack them? Than what...

Hope you are enjoying the u20 WC, the Confed Cup and later u17WC. If our NFF are soooooo bad than how did our Teams get there?
posted: 02:22 am
oga make thunder fire your head there..idiot.................what do u asshole know abt football.......... u dont need to mention my name........moron
posted: 04:04 am
Blackpanther 187, if you are sick of people like me, hahaha. Why don't you take it to the next step and just fall down and die. Shuo, we won't miss you.

You should stop changing the subject here. Keshi knew his top striker and winger were injured the very day they were supposed to report to camp. He should have made changes. To accept this defeat on the bases that they played well is NOT good enough. We knew we were coming to Confederations Cup and will be playing against the best players in the world, there was no reason to bring 8 home based players just to play 2.

Stop talking about Odemwingie being indisciplined, are you better behaved than him? Why are all these teams chasing after him. If he is so bad, why does Keshi insist that Osaze is in his plans. Are you calling Keshi a liar. The fact is, Osaze I saw on BBC presenting the first match, said he is committed to playing for Nigeria.

If Keshi can come out and tell us he does not want Osaze, then why can't he use Obinna Nsofor as a substitute for Oduamadi. Ike Uche for many years has been the best player in the Eagles and was the top scorer for his club, Villareal. He was on fire towards the end of the season (which finished on June 8), he could have joined Eagles in Windhoek. He plays Very well from the right side and could have replaced Musa with his experience and skills. Imoh Ezekiel could have replaced bench warmer GAMBO or Akpala. He is only 19 and scored 16 goals this season. Why can't he get the same chane young ONAZI and OMERUO got? You can't score in 5 straight games in a good European league and your talent still be doubted. Then for attacking midfield, there is the Jos born player, HARUNA, HARUNA, HARUNA. The boy is just a joy to watch. With these guys in camp, we would have overcome Uruguay.

The bigger question you guys should be worried about is why did KEshi waste this opportunity of making his team stronger? Does he plan a quota system of 8 home based players to the World Cup? Why not try out the home based in CHAN? We lost because our forward line lacked talent and experience. Until we fixthat, we will continue to lose games we could have won. Slyman
chris madu
posted: 05:55 am
With the first few comments I have read here, I feel so disappointed with the way we think. People are just content with the way we played and forget about how we lost. Funny!

Do Africans have complex? Or do they just underestimate their potentials? Coaches of most countries who paly against Nigeria most times leave us to do the playing, they organise their defense, and steady their attack, waiting for our moment(s) of indiscipline to catch us.

It is shameful to admit you played well and you lost...it shows that something is very wrong somewhere.
posted: 10:41 am
@Blackpainthr187 you are spot on your last post have made me to make a comment, people ran away from the truth for no reasons but the the truth remains.
posted: 11:44 am
@ Ogbonna, I want to ask you direct questions, why did Nigeria lose? Nigeria and Japan played well but is that enough? Why are we settling for we played well. What can be done to correct this situation going forward? Slyman
posted: 11:56 am
Where is that Judge Dredd character that said Keshi should bench Mikel. Come out now. Some people out of frustration and jealousy just chose to attack others. Yeye dey smell. Slyman
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