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17/06/2013 16:00

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Nigeria beat Tahiti 6-1 in Fifa Confederations Cup

Posted: 17 June 2013 Time: 22:57

Nnamdi Oduamadi scored a hat-trick as Nigeria opened their FIFA Confederations Cup campaign with a 6-1 drubbing of Tahiti.

Uwa Elderson Echiejile had given the Super Eagles a fifth-minute lead, albeit in fortunate circumstances as his shot took a double deflection before sailing past goalkeeper Xavier Samin.

Oduamadi got his first of the night on 16 minutes, capitalising on a poor pass before slotting past the goalie.

It got worse for the Tahitians just before the half-hour mark when Samin failed to hold onto Ahmed Musa’s tame cross, allowing Oduamadi to tap home.

The African champions had a succession of chances to extend their lead but were wasteful in front of goal as they went into the break 3-0 up.

Tahiti then stunned with their first ever goal at a senior FIFA tournament – Jonathan Tehau rising highest at the back-post to head past Vincent Enyeama, playing in his 81st international.

However, the underdogs’ joy was short-lived when the self-same Tehau put a cross from Oduamadi past his own keeper.

And Oduamadi’s night was to get even better when he completed his hat-trick on 77 minutes; in the process becoming only the second player after Fernando Torres in 2009 to score three goals in one match at the Confederations Cup.

Echiejile put the icing on the cake with a sixth goal ten minutes from time, but coach Stephen Keshi will be concerned by the profligacy in front of goal, as well as some slack moments at the back.

Nigeria next face Uruguay, while Tahiti’s task gets even tougher as they take on world champions Spain.

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Kasor Soze Msabe'ungamazi
posted: 07:09 am
Spain is gna thump this team.
I see a powerline FC scoreline

However bafana were gna just score nyl 3 against this team.
The Godfather
posted: 07:18 am
Reading the comments, I gather Nigerian performance was below below par..bt final scoreline is 6-1? Wot r u crazy, are you jealous? Fck pretty football, goals win u games nd Naija did jst dat. Apparently bafana showd guts nd played with structure nd purpose, bt still lost to Ethopia. Forget stats, possesion nd all dat..hw many times did the tahiti goal minder pick the ball frm his own net? 'Many of u hv never kicked a ball in your life' - Johan Neeskens
posted: 07:29 am
Yoh I'm worried about Spain will do to Tahiti. If a mediocre team like Nigeria can hit 6 pass these guys, Spain will have a feast. I won't even watch that game because I'm already embarrassed for Tahiti
Santi Santi
posted: 07:33 am
Denonso didnt you see my comments, must you always call for keshi's sack before you make a reasonable comments, What i saw yesterday was bunch of players with selfish and poor attitude, i wouldnt mind beating Tahiti 1 nil with a better performance, Keshi needs to stand down on this players and remind them some basics in football cos i cant understand why they must dribble a gk before scoring.
Sir eeemzaa-walikhosi
posted: 07:39 am
Anti-Zebraposted: 07:29 am  |  Report
Yoh I'm worried about Spain will do to Tahiti. If a mediocre team like Nigeria can hit 6 pass these guys, Spain will have a feast. I won't even watch that game because I'm already embarrassed for Tahiti


What did Pierats do to Maluti FET??

I'll listen to Ikwekwezi FM

K4L : let's hear
posted: 07:45 am
I am beginning to think Oliver Twist was a Nigerian. When Ahmodu replaced the run away Bonfrere Jo, he had a hundred percent record from hopeless position and qualified us to world cup in 2002, the usual NFA then, now NFF used Onigbinde and Ikeji to distabalised the team at the middle of Nations Cup, we lost concentration and Nigeria as black men blinded by colonial mentality with illogical conclusions sent Ahmodu packing and some his players then refused to play for Nigeria from that day... From then it has been bad for us in FIFA and CAF senior competitions, to the extend that we won golden bronze. Until the re emergence Ahmodu from July 28th 2008 to February 2010, when he moved us up FIFA ranking 34th to 15th and First in Africa with his unbeaten run to World Cup...this same critics with the usual unscientific ways of doing things jettison statistics and all instruments of evaluation to adopt Arsenal method or measurement in judging their team. If Keshi's unbeaten run cannot convince these habitual critics, most of who cannot boast of elementary knowledge of football techniques, then, what then would?
Since Westerhof era, I have learnt to stop calling for players inclusion or exclusion from any team. Mine is by results.... Spain in recent years had got spanked by Argentina and Portugal 4 : 0 each and USA 2:0 and they did not changed the team. About a month ago Spain failed to beat Finland at home in World cup qualifier, Del Bousque did not changed his players.
If we cannot use result to measure our team then, it prove the extend in which we have lost touch with reality... Honestly 20 unbeaten run has never been achieved except, under two coaches both who are part of this set up...
For Siasia apologists, its time you know that age group coaches are yet to prove themselves in international football. Just ask yourself, why is he jobless at his age? In Nigeria, it because he relegated two teams in his first year each and failed to fly with Hearthland that was solidly built by Emeteola.
Again leave Sidney sam and other players born outside Nigeria alone, Victor Moses is not part of them, that was why making decision to play for Nigeria was easy.
The last time Nigeria had a great team ranked 5th in the world, all where players born and brought up in this country, except Efan Ekoku who was even unable to fit into the team play. We should stop these unnecessary distraction and be objective.
It is enought to point at the fact that we would have score more than ten goals against Tahiti, travelling arrangements and team distraction by sabotaging NFF notwithstanding. Because, there is no relation between open net and fatigue with better and easier option opened.
This group is deadly and either Uruguay or Nigeria seems sure candidates for elimination, but only Sunday will decide.. For me I have learnt to use result, because I have taken my time to understand that the last AFCON was not a fluke... Go back and study those sceneriors....
We need to keep the team on their toes with criticisms, but not at the expense of exposing our ignorances, simply because we have access to place our fingers at the keyboard...
skill 10
posted: 07:48 am
disappointing performance 4rm our super eagles,we shd have made it 2 digit score,10goals upward,but the guys chose to play like it was a joke,keshi shd do something and do that it fast,change some players,we need experience in the team,we can't get anywhere with this style of play,very poor.i just hope spain and uruguay doesn't disgrace us,on papers,its clear they will.
posted: 07:52 am
Confed Cup: Onazi returns for Uruguay

The Nigeria Football Federation has said that Ogenyi Onazi will be back in Brazil in time for the Matchday Two game against South American Champions, Uruguay on Thursday.
Futaa.com had exclusively reported that the NFF had refused to name another player to replace the Lazio midfielder, despite instructions from FIFA to do so before the game against Tahiti.

Onazi, who was named in the list of players for the tournament picked up an injury during the World Cup qualifying game against Namibia, and was told he will not be ready to play for another two weeks.
But the player is said to have returned to Nigeria for treatment, and now, the NFF have said another player was not named before the FIFA deadline, because Onazi is expected back before the Uruguay game.
posted: 08:05 am
ideye is not a striker,u cant even score a goal agaist an amateur player what a shame.take a llok at mba,musa,ujah, keshi drops the boys,ujah,mba,as for ideye .he shines with help of emenike.,even the likes of ike uche osaze and kalu uche are thousand times better than brown.the boys are all selfish.eagles where suppose to storm this boy likes 16-0.,let see what they play with uruguay.a win.is ok.cus a draw agaist them spells dom for nigeria.
Tico MP
posted: 08:06 am
tahiti.....is just anada orlando pirates............................simply cows
posted: 08:20 am
Is it not share madness to call for inclusion of a group of Mafia set of players back to a team the team they have played in the last ten years without any pleasant results?
Is it not lack of semantics understanding that led to some of us pointing at players from other continents, as those to have scored hat-trick previously, when the subject is Africa?
It is also part of madness if the criticisms stop, but it is deep madness if such criticisms are baselessly made in beer parlours.
To state that this team did not messed-up yesterday is really an attempt to hide the truth, and to pre-judge them before Sunday's march is okay, but to make hasty conclusion is something else...
To call Siasia back based on those mythical stories created by his elementary followers of football is also madness...
To cure my madness, I go sidon look...celebrate when we win and go on well when we lost...
posted: 08:40 am
The same TAHITI could have beaten Bafana !
Filaz Roger Feutmba...Sandawana
posted: 08:44 am
Well done Nigeria....even though it shouldve been 10-1!!
Well done African giants....
Eish, Uruguay will probably score 14 against this Tahiti team
posted: 08:47 am
We definitely need to savour our moment. We won, we got 3 points, we scored six goals. yes! we need to celebrate.
But to tell you the truth, this Eagles were far from being impressive especially the frontline. Did any body remain what happened in Under 20 when countries were walloping Tahiti and we couldnt do as much?
Musa, good player but very unserious and inconsistent. in My opinion, he should still remain in Super Eagles but shouldnt have a guaranteed starting shirt. Give him fifteen minutes, so when he gets the nod to start, he takes his chances. that means, there has to be an Osaze Odewingie, Chinedu Obasi or Obinna Nsofor on ground to make him seat up.
Brown Ideye, hardworking, skillful but very goal shy and has consistently failed to prove that he is a striker of worth in the colour of Eagles. you dont miss begging chances against Haiti just because Nigeria was leading. what should come to your mind should be that Uruguay and Spain will still play this side and might not miss like Eagles. If this guy must remain in this team, he should be like the 3rd choice behind the likes of Emenike, Anichebe, Ike Uche, Obafemi martins or even Ekhiogu Ehiosun.
Anthony Ujah, has flashes of a good player but not yet a Super Eagles material. so he should go and get a shirt in Mainz or even remain with Cologne get more starting time, score goals then in the future he can be given a look in.
Nnamdi Oduamadi, fanstastic player, skillful, energetic and eager to score. i definetly like his type from the flank. to me, he has guaranteed his stay in Eagles not necessarily a starting shirt all the time becasue we still have Moses coming in.
Sunday Mba, good player energetic, rises on big occasion and scores importanr goals. This guy to me in the recent time should not be guaranteed a starting shirt. Get Joel obi, Uche Kalu and Rabiu Ibrahim to compete with this guy. i believe it will bring the best out of him and promote competition which will be for the good of eagles.
Mikel obi, the marshal, the stalwart and to me the origianl captain of the team. We need Lukman Haruna and Gabriel Reuben to always be around to help.you can not always tell when a player will get injured.
Fegor Ogude, hardworking, strong and energetic but would be a better player for cameroun. Onazi still remained the preferred choice . John Ogu if given a good look in can equally displace Fegor in that wing. then Obiora nwankwo should equally be around to compete.
Echegile and Efe, to tell you the truth, we dont have replacement for this guys in the team and it is not good for eagles. they are defenders and can get injured or caution at any time. We cant be going to Confederation cup to experiment like we are Egypt that always win the nations cup. Convince nedum Onuoha , bring Chibuzor Okonkwo, Ternia Suswan or Taiwo to compete.
Central Defence, to me Oboabona is Keshi's greatest achievement. and Omeruo is very good too. lets start in time to get Thiago Ilori, Apam Onyekachi to compete for a place.
Goalkeeping area, we are ok here but Enyeama must not start all the time.
posted: 09:48 am
@monkeygahana, I will not stoop low to exchange words with u becos ur name says it all. U urself have told everybody in KO that u are "monkey Ghana". Humans don't talk with monkeys !
posted: 09:48 am
@ Perony.... Lolz at your Fegor Ogude comment. The guy fits to be either a Camerounian or perhaps an NFL defense player...
posted: 09:49 am
@monkeygahana, I will not stoop low to exchange words with u becos ur name says it all. U urself have told everybody in KO that u are "monkey Ghana". Humans don't talk with monkeys !
posted: 09:49 am
I only hope Nigeria will not become Tahiti in the hands of Spain...
posted: 09:58 am
I am happy Nigeria has finally seen the light by getting rid of their muscle-men parading as football players. The likes of Yobo, Yakubu and Anichibe were killing Nigerian football. Football is not about how big is your neck but speed, creativity and tactical awereness.

This big thigh, arms and neck football players is so last decade things have evolved so quickly and I see Nigeria is catching up. Look at Spain and Germany all mobile and skillful players.

Mnandi Oudamadi, Brown Ideye, Ahmed Musa wouldn't be playing if the old mindset of big aggresive muscleman with a neck like Mike Tyson still applied.

Well done Naija!!!
posted: 10:20 am
many hypocrites here, this is how people were
calling for Keshi's head after poor performances
during the group stage of the nations cup. After
they won the AFCON, it emerged that the NFF were
actually ready to sack him if they lost to Ivory Coast.
The same people who were calling for Keshi's head turned on NFF for not having confidence in the
coach. Many hypocrites.
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