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Royal Bafokeng Stadium
29/01/2013 19:00

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Match report: Nigeria beat Ethiopia with two penalties from Victor Moses

Posted: 29 January 2013 Time: 21:23

Nigeria are through to the Africa Cup of Nations quarter-finals, after a 2-0 win over Ethiopia in their final Group C match on Tuesday.

Victor Moses scored twice from the penalty spot in the last 10 minutes to send the Super Eagles through.

Nigeria ended in second in Group C, after Burkina Faso and Zambia drew 0-0.

The Super Eagles dominated the first half, as has come to be expected this tournament, but again were unable to make their possession count.

They created plenty of chances, but were not able to turn those opportunities into goals.

Luckily for Nigeria, Ethiopia were as unconvincing in front of goal, creating just one half-chance in the first half, when Saladin Said sent a free header wide of the target.

Efe Ambrose could have headed home from a free-kick early in the match, but sent the ball over the crossbar.

Shortly after, Ikechukwu Uche headed wide after a free-kick from Moses, and a few minutes later Elderson Echiejile forced a save from Ethiopian keeper Sisay Bancha, with a header from a corner.

Just before half-time Kenneth Omeruo had the best chance of the half, as the ball fell at his feet after some confusion in the box, but the defender shot over the bar from close range.

After the restart Omeruo was back in the thick of things, this time with a header on goal, but – again – it went just over the bar.

10 minutes from time Moses was pulled down inside the box by Alula Girma, and coolly converted the spot-kick to put the Nigerians 1-0 up.

Five minutes later Moses went on the counter-attack, and was brought down by Sisay Bancha in the box. The keeper was shown his second yellow card and dismissed.

Ethiopia had made all three of their substitutions, and Addis Hintsu had to take the gloves for Moses’ second penalty. He went the right way, but the ball hit the back of the net and sealed the victory for Nigeria.


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posted: 04:32 am
####### kaizer chiefs no:1 in the UK you are just a fool,no you this no matter how jerlous all africa nations are to nigeria hahahaaha we are gaint of africa no one of you guys can change it ok wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo prisonerspoor idiot animal fool
posted: 04:34 am
Nff shud start searching for a sound foreing coach now. Keshi and amokachi re jus ordinary in terms of football tactics. A coach coming to a huge tournament wit mediocre,sick and unfit players in d name dat he is rebuilding? If keshi is gud enof and has coaching acumen he wud hv known by now dat his best attacking options and partners is ideye and emenike whereby ideye will be coming frm d right flank and emenike as he's point man. In our first match againts bukina faso, the pairing of d above namÉd players worked out well. Musa shud be starting frm d bench whÍle moses shud start frm d left flank. Our midfield is our weakest part of d team, y do we so much rely on mikel so much? Ð creative borden is too much for dis young man and he arguably d best midfield player in dis team buh wud hv done better if he had anoda midfield partner who cud help him to anchor play in d middle of d park whereby a player lyk haruna wud hv done dat very well. Nosa is gud buh since dis tournament started he seems confused in d midfield and really doesn't knw his job as an attcking midfielder. Kenneth omeruo hv impressed me so much, naija and chelsea has a defends trojan in dis young chap. He is composed,tackles well and reads d move of opposiñg attackers very well, d future is bright for our defence. Oboabona is also gud buh needs a move to europe to improve his game. Efe ambrose is my man of d match. AfÞa dis afcon if we re trully rebuilding, players lyk uche and yobo shud not come near our national team again so dat d younger generation shud be given a chance. If ke§hi is reasonable he wud hv used dis tournament to xpose sm young gud talents lyk aluko,imoh ezekeil,leon balogun and john chibuike. He shud also search for attcking midfielders afta dis afcon if he will remain as coach of eagles. We hv one of the best attacking midfielder in greece now, he is 19, plays for veria in d greek first division. His name is michael olaitan. Dis player is been monitored by many big clubs in europe and in no distant tym will be moving to olympiacos. If keshi trully wants to rebuild he shud try out such talents in friedly gAmes.
posted: 04:37 am
@ Football Africionadio, I'm in support of comment 150%. Sia1 is what we actually need for this tourament. Not Business man Keshi. But hey, I'll still support S.E against CIV tho. Trust me, they are equally as scared as us. They wouldn't like to play us now, just as we are trying to avoid them. Anything can happen, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for a miracle on sunday. I almost fell asleep watching today's game against Ethiopia. It appears keshi and his squad had no clue what they were doing today, except for a few players with Victor moses, Emenike, and Enyama topping the list of the people that had a good performance lol
posted: 05:13 am
Nigeria should pack their bags right now. I said it before the tournament started and I will say it again. There is no way this Nigerian team can beat Ivory Coast in the quarterfinals. We could not even score against Ethiopia, we had to depend on 2 penalties. It's a crying shame.

3 teams were eliminated today. Zambia, Ethiopia and Nigeria.
posted: 06:09 am
When I said that most Nigerians are patients of amnesia, some of us see me as being too hash.
Siasia who never know how many goal or results need to qualify to 2012 afcon is thought to be a better coach by this amnesia patients....
Now led be clear, the match against Argentina was one of those match fixed by Asian football gamblers...it is there in FIFA, the draw in Abuja against Guinea was a referee gift, in all fairness we lost that match by 3 goal to 1, as one of our two goals was a claear pass with hand by Eminike to Ike and their third goal had no problem...
Now can we be little fair enough to look at Siasia with all the statistics required? Since he took over the Eagles, as other youth coaches with overlordship mentality, our Rankin kept on dwindling, till date we have not recovered from the 15th position Ahmodu lifted us from... His victory in France over France was a better ranking instrument than the whole result Siasia got in his failed tenure... Those who don't know Siasia will always make noise...
Why is Siasia out of job? Simply because team owners are afraid to have their team relegated as he had done to those teams he had handled...
I think the NFF was right by sacking him because they saw the danger in aloowing a match fixed agent and a pretender as a coach...
Now that Siasia team people talk about was coupled here in Kaduna by the combination of Coach Ganiyu Salami and later Eguavon, today those stupid amnestic supporters of Siasia pretent as if he did not only inherited the team...
In Holand, they have forgotten that Nigeria qualified through wombling and fumbling as best losers, as the third team in the group.... Please leave this Siasiamania out of your brains and focus...though I have just realised that is a waste of time to convince certain virus affected brains...
A Pirate from Orlando
posted: 06:28 am
@TroyBoateng: Hey you west african beggar, Zambia is our neighbour and they are welcome to stay as much as they like in our beautiful S.A. In fact, we want them to stay until the end of the tournament. Thgey are decent people who do not overstay their visit. Unlike you west africans. You stay until your visa expires. Europe is sick n tired of you. You infest every country you get to. Zambians are smart and well off, they don't have torn bags like you. Our jails are full of you. You don't have pride; how can you refuse to leave a man's house when he tells you right in the eye that he doesn't want you? Your pride should tell you to leave.
posted: 06:32 am
Azeebi please get your facts straight. You might be the one having amnesia. In 2005 Nigeria finished second in the group behind Brazil. Brazil has 7 points, Nigeria had 4 while South Korea and Switzerland had 3 points each. I don't care about this Siasia argument but if you want to talk about the history of Nigeria, please don't spread false information.

As for FIFA ranking, please learn how the rank is calculated before you blame any coach on the teams position. FIFA takes the past 4 years into account when calculating points. Matches played in 2013 will weigh more than matches played in 2012 and so on. Teams earn more points for playing in tournaments or world cup qualifiers. Friendlies only earn a few points. You can't blame Siasia for the poor position of Nigeria because the 3 years prior to him being coach were also taken into account. You cannot give all the credit to Amodu either for the exact same reason.

Next time know your Football before you say some of us have amnesia. You clearly do not know much about what you are talking about.
posted: 06:32 am
It is better to play badly as Chelsea did to win the champions league than to play like arsenal and win nothing in many years.... Siasia supporters are saying we should be like that...
Why will a man be in a system for seven years, yet failed to deliver and relegated his nation to non-qualifying status, then we still consider him best...
This man was in the system from 2004 until 2011 and still failed when it matter most...
The coach who won the only world cup trophy for England is the most criticised up to date...but kept on and at last won..
Which type of foreign coach have we not tried?
Win or lose, this team is better to that, which failed to qualify with favourite coach, favourite players, favourite fans, favourite media and favourite failure...
Statistically, Keshi will be ranked by common sense higher than Siasia, simply because youths football is not and cannot be a base for ranking...more ever, 99% of youths coaches have never produce good results when given full international sides...
Led not play like Arsenal of England and led not expect Barcelona style... It is better to play like Italy or champions league winning team Chelsea paraded last year...
Football is about results based on the importance of the match or statusm you can not play Argentina team D and when faced with team B, you failed then kept on making noise... Why are siaone fans silent about JUTH, Bayelsa, Egypt bound Under 20 and his match fixing scandals? ....why can't they tell us that in two to qualify system, he will have been fired in 2005...as he was only third in Holland...
I am angry with my country men....NFF, FAns, media, etc... Can we ever learn to use records as basis for judgement?
posted: 06:47 am
Azeebi, you dey make me dey vex o!!! It was in Egypt 2009 that Nigeria finished as a best loser. They finished their group in third place with 3 points. Stop spreading false information. Abi u don get amnesia?
posted: 06:49 am
@Naijaboy, thank you for that correction, Nigeria was only beaten by south Koreans not overtaken. Thanks.
But I diagreed with your statement about FIFA ranking: Ahmodu was employed on 28th July 2008n when Nigeria was 34th, by February 2010 when he was sacked, Nigeria had been moved up to 15th in the world. When he left, only four months later we nosedived and in less than a year, we were out of top 40. Was that four years based?
I apologised for that error, due to my own carelessness, but all other information about siaone are basically true...
posted: 06:56 am
Yes teams can nosedive after some of their points expire. Take Egypt for example, in 2010 they were ranked very high because they won the nations cup in 2010, 2008 and 2006. In a 4 year span, then they took a dip in 2012 because all the points they earned from the 2006 tournament expired. They will also take a dip next year when the points from the 2008 tournament expire as well. The points lose value, current year is weighed 100%. Second year is 50% third and fourth years are 30% and 20%. That means if Nigeria earns 1500 points for 2013. Next year the value of those points will all to 750 and so on.
posted: 07:09 am
Actually Egypt points from 2008 have already expired so they should've taken a dip. I don't know what they are ranked now but they probably have already fallen.
kaizer chiefs no:1 in the UK
posted: 07:28 am
@Drug lords: Hey you west african beggar, Zambia is our neighbour and they are welcome to stay as much as they like in our beautiful S.A. In fact, we want them to stay until the end of the tournament. Thgey are decent people who do not overstay their visit. Unlike you west africans. You stay until your visa expires. Europe is sick n tired of you. You infest every country you get to. Zambians are smart and well off, they don't have torn bags like you. Our jails are full of you. You don't have pride; how can you refuse to leave a man's house when he tells you right in the eye that he doesn't want you? Your pride should tell you to leave.
posted: 07:56 am
@Naijaboy, I must admit that I have failed to understand FIFA, and their ways. Anyway thanks for the information... We only hope they used current results which is fair than some eulogetic consideration of the past..
We also hope CAF will be fair to us, while we admit that the Super Eagle is not good enough for the trophy, CAF should not use that to influence the play on Sunday. This is because they are conterplating cote de voire vs Ghana or South Africa...
We know what our team can do na matter what they are a team for big occasion, and if such surface against Cote de Voire we should not be robbed...this is because CAF is the architech that made us lie second in that group...with the way the two first two games were officiated...
posted: 08:42 am
A pirate even know how to spell visa? For an idiot whose only travel document was the pass book, thats an achievement
posted: 09:18 am
the kind of coments i hear 4rm my so calld nigerian brodas disgusts me, very negetiv set of pple out hr. let me remind some of u hr dat all d pple in dat team hav servd d country wel includin siasia, so they they all deserv 2 be thr, be it keshi or siasia. dnt 4get dat cot' d vior culd'nt beat dis zambia team whn they wr on thr peak, so hw com som of u hav turnd 2 prophets and alrdy condenmd d SE even b4 d match, plz guys be reasonable and plz talk wit reservation, bcoz d nigerian's i knw r smart n calculativ, and definitely not d one's am listenin 2 ryt hr, so pple use ur plz use ur head wel.
DTC Spiritual Owner AKA Jomo Sono
posted: 09:44 am
The time of complaining is over for Nigerians. NFF has assemble the Team which represent Nigeria. Use your enegergy to suppor the Team rather than to start blaming. You might not be there but spiritual and moral support for your Team is very important.

I am not happy with Bafana Bafana either, but i would rather spend my energy on flying my flag rather than blame the individuals.

Coming back to the Nigeria -Ivory Coast game. what a game that will be. Ivory Coast know very well that Nigeria might not be playing like the Nigeria we know but they will underestimate this Nigerian Team at their own peril.

Nigeria has not raised their game since the tournament started, and i still think this is one game which Nigeria will come to the party. I wornt be suprised if this game is decided on penalties.
posted: 10:06 am


Tico MP
posted: 11:46 am
posted: 01:11 pm
my prediction for Nigeria vrs Ivorian is 4-0 against my darling team...the super chicken hahahahaahahhhahahahahaha
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