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Princess Magogo
10/11/2010 19:30

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AmaZulu and Orlando Pirates end goalless

Posted: 10 November 2010 Time: 21:45

AmaZulu and Orlando Pirates drew 0-0 in a League match on Wednesday evening.

Pirates showed no signs of leg-weariness after their successful exertions against SuperSport United in the Telkom Cup on Saturday night and started this match full of running.

The AmaZulu defence was on high alert from the start as their opponents ran at them at will. Daine Klate and Chiukepo Msowoya put some strain on the AmaZulu back-four in early exchanges.

But it was Msowoya who was the stand-out figure in the first half; the Malawian striker had some great chances to put the Buccaneers ahead but squandered the lot.

In the 17th minute the AmaZulu marking failed to pick him up but he directed his header from Mbuyane’s cross wide.

Msowoya could have made amends five minutes later instead he placed another header off the mark, on this occasion Happy Jele supplied the cross.

Mbuyane powered past Bukasa Kasongo on the right flank in the 36th minute and played a pass into the path of Msowoya.

The striker in turn shrugged off the attentions of defender Carlington Nyandombo and drilled a low shot, but Mbongeni Mzimela in the AmaZulu goals produced an outstanding one-handed save.

By this time Pirates were in a rampant mood and attacked their hosts at will. And from one scramble in the AmaZulu box, the ball broke to Pirates’ Clifford Ngobeni who was position some 25 metres away; the midfielder unleashed a powerful which didn’t miss the target by much, just before the interval.

In spite of still holding the lion’s share of possession in the second half, Pirates were not able to make any purposeful raid which would produce a goal, apart from a well hit strike from Klate that flew just past target in the 75th minute.

AmaZulu were content with absorbing the pressure from their guests and were not able to test Moneeb Josephs throughout this encounter.

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posted: 08:20 am
@swona you are right ....... mr krol have this tendency of over working players wen we have capable players on the bench.... He over played teko through out the other season and nw he aint playing him.. he will do the same to Jali and Ngobeni and Klates .......Sekgolela need 90 minutes once in a while and also mayambela.... and schalkwyk should be introduced again I personally fill the boy can help pirates big time he got the eye for goals
Mriyo (B2B Trebble Champs not a fluke double)
posted: 08:20 am
Bhaka4life: 2010-11-11 04:06

point taken bt i disagree on Mbuyane,luk @ how many crosses he got 2 Msoyoya,i stil tink Mbuyane is a quality winger even tho wasted as a striker n Mabalane shud b benched my felow bhakhaniya.As 4 d coach,u r corect coz dat ting is nt tactical @ al.
One ting i hv noticed is dat we perform on high tempo matches bt fail 2 win on low class ones
Back - To - Back Trebble Champ Mopheme
posted: 08:24 am
Krol should stop being a coward and take chances with the other players and stop this nonsense of overworking players unnecessarily.
Champ Million
posted: 08:30 am
Mriyo I concur with u: Mbuyane is a gud player played out of position. The boy is a very gud winger. He should be playing on Mabalane's position. Msowoya is a real thing.
posted: 09:16 am
We welcome tht vital poit but there is room for improvement,much as am not a coach but i think our most valuable players are overworked and the late sustitution is gona kill us too,it was clear tht amazul went in tht game with one thin in thier mind tht to defend so we needed to introduce players tht wil run @them and play Msowoya as an out and out striker a perferct supply a lot wil bite the dust.

Ha re fele matla tse ntsho,,,lets work hard for the wikend bcos 3 points are on offer.

Tsipa tse ntsho tsipa.
Treble brace Champ \"Superbrand\"
posted: 09:21 am
Amazulu must also be blamed. They defended the entire 90mins at home. It was easy for the defender who was awarded man of the match to defend that way because they were eleven at the back. I do not know why wer encourage such tactics by awarding man of the match to the player from the team that defend the entire 90mins.
Treble brace Champ \"Superbrand\"
posted: 09:29 am
Krol is such a useless coach. He has only one plan. I mean by half time it was obvious that Amazula just want a draw. Jali or Ngobeni should have been sacrifised and replaced by Chansa 10min from the break. Mbuyane and not Msowoya should have been replaced early with Otorogu or Modise. Klate was not supposed to be substituted. This game we should have won, it will haunt us at the end of the season.
posted: 09:40 am
Eish this Krol thing is sinking our ship, our team is so predictable because we don't attack in the middle we only rely on wingers and if they are closed we fail. Our players are always spreading the ball to the wingers even if it's not necessary, we don't attck in numbers which gives Msowoya too much work alone upfront and we play very slow. I miss those days when guys like Tso, Gift, Lebo etc. used to play those quick one two's and creating chances. Krol must change his approach or go
posted: 09:42 am
Since we started playing without a playmaker we haven't been convincing, this Krol is one dimensional. I wonder who are we going to beat if we fail to beat minors like Aces and AmaZulu. Why play two defensive midfielders against AmaZulu?
Treble brace Champ \"Superbrand\"
posted: 09:44 am
Tlou for me cant be ahead of Teko for game time. This boy only runs when he has the ball. His off the boll running is poor. And he does not mark when we lose the boll like Mabalane does. His final decision to shoot, pass or cross the boll is also poor. Thats why he was caught offside still returning to play and his teammates already won the boll back by that time. What counts for him is that he is still young, maybe those areas will improve. The less said about Mayambela the better, this guy falls alone everytime he has the boll and lose it. Whats wrong with him? He must also never be played as a winger, he looked really bad in that position of right wing.
posted: 10:31 am
In yesterdays game we needed TEKO to play behind MSOWOYA, we need creative players to unlock stuborn defences like amazulu. Booby fc could also adopt this defencive nonsense.
posted: 10:46 am
why are u frustrating we Batswana by not using MONYALA, this thing isd niot good and also their is Gert, why not this player cos they are preforming to the best and they score goals. LATE SUBSITUTIONS, um worried about late substitutions whereas your favourites don't score goals. YOU UNDERWEIGH SMALL TEAMS, what happened against Aces will happen again jst like yesterday's unecessary draw. Buccanners i luv u 100% ramokgalo from botswana
posted: 11:25 am
Stanley u r spot on mei bro,i cudnt have said it better,u r spot on with ur analysis,,this site needs people like u,

Krol u need to open u and small the coffe,,u continue with ur staborness kiss the league gud bye,when r gona realise tht ur late subs in not takin us anywhere,why continue playing players out of position,e,g Matambela left footed playin in the right,Segolela right played left,,,how do u expect to score goals with one striker who always have to dig deep to get balls,,

As much we have to suport the coach but he is staebon n stupid.
alphar(i h8 krol n if i had a gun wit 2 bullets i wud shoot him....twice)
posted: 11:34 am
i said it b4 that with this useless krol we must jst 4gt bout winnin the league bt ppl were blinded by those victories which were the either a fluke or the players goin against the coaches instructions*im nt sure which 1 btwn the 2* nyway whoeva wants 2 get bak on the krol must go campaign is welcome 2 join me

on a more + note big up 2 sandawana 4 keepin it real whilst these 2 teams(the 1 wit a useless coach n the 1 which is jst useless period) are preoccupied wit domestic"cup" competitions sandawana focus on wat realy matters which is the championship remember great teams are judged by the number championships*league, champs league* won now those are world football standards!
alphar(i h8 krol n if i had a gun wit 2 bullets i wud shoot him....twice)
posted: 11:39 am
Bhaka4life: 2010-11-11 04:06 [ Report ]

This person writing this match report must really be high on something, the dose must be reduced. He is talking about four clear cut chances for Msowoya, in which game.

As for the coach, win or no win, he is indeed a Cow, second to Mutombo.Bcause Pirates won MTN8 we have to stomach Kraal's mediocrity and lack of insight.Still think he must go, he still remains unpopular for his unpopular decisions. Five points lost between two lousy teams.

On paper, with the kind of players we have, Pirates should be cruising to collect the Absa Premier league but with the choices this COW is making, we really making it difficult for ourself.

As for Mbuyane, I suspect he runs all the errands for the coach(washing Kraal's car, collecting children from school..etc), cannot understand how possible such a liability can remain for 90 minutes on the pitch when players who are likely to score are substituted. This boy is not a Pirates material, he gets lucky once in a while but a liability in a long run.

Where is Otorogu? Where was Chansa, cause really he was more supportive to Msowoya than Mbuyane. Actually this liability only managed one cross into the box the first half he only. His successful pass completion rate is so low it puzzles me why he is even on the starting lineup.

On Saturday, the only difference between us and Chips will be that , we will parade our players(including the liability) and they will parade their coach at work because they certainly do have a coach unlike us.

bra i sallute u u jst said exactly hw i feel
alphar(i h8 krol n if i had a gun wit 2 bullets i wud shoot him....twice)
posted: 11:50 am
wat is malokase doin in the squad wen we hav otogoru nd mahoota*remember the derby is comin up in we nid him 2 be match fit* mabalanes perfomance is way below that of tlous bt he stil plays the majority of the game bt heres the worst y is that useless cow mbuyane*cabbages material* wasting space 4 the entire 90min whilst McTeko n chansa cn do a far beta job afteral we all knw hes done scorin 4 the season nd this thin of urs u cal a coach is gona destroy the great talent we hv in msowoya cz he instructs al 11 players 2 defend instead of allowing our strikers the freedom 2 stay in the box mxm we loosin sportstake nd the fantasy league cz of this krol!
posted: 12:09 pm
Krol must go now because he doesn't listen, for how long must we cry for change? This man is programmed he doesn't substitute according to the game but he just waits for the 70th minute to make a substitution for the sake of substituting. There was no need to keep two defensive midfielders against AmaZulu who came to the game to defend one of them was supposed to be sacrificed for a attacking midfielder. With Krol we'll finish number 7 in the log and I don't see us beating Mazinyo United. Krol please resign
Bhaka4life (2 x Treble Champ)
posted: 06:48 pm
I suppose one thing is certain, Krol is responsible for yesterday's result. Biased selection is always a problem with this coach.He rather play 11 left footed players just to have his favorites on the pitch. Either Teko or Chansa behind Msowoya or twin striking with Otorogu would have produced better results than having both Mabalane and Mbuyane in the same position. He can’t have both at the same time in the field, he is killing one of them at any instance because ultimately one will look useless as they contest for the same ball and the near collisions in yesterday’s game attest to that. At the end we end up blaming innocent players because of this stupid Krol, coming to your point Mriyo about Mbuyane
As for poor Msowoya, look how deep he had to play but one thing good about that boy, he makes himself available and is a fighter.
Overall I still believe we have at least two if not three very good players for every position thanks to our Charmain who broke the cheque book to acquire very good players, so there is no excuse. With our squad we should dominate our league like Barcelona or Real Madrid in Spain, we should not be apologetic when mediocrity prevails, Real Madrid got rid of their previous coach because they had all the players and there was no result, Pirates is not a big club like Sundowns and Chiefs, it’s an institution and that is brought by success. Institutions like Pirates invest in resources to acquire success and the coach is only left to choosing the right set of combination to win, that should not be difficult for this Krol, but it sounds like,
No other team in the world as big as ours would exercise the kind of patience we at the Bucs family have over the years.
Verdict: Our stubborn Krol, must go exchange some notes with Igesund on career limiting moves at Pirates,. It’s time for the coach to shape in or ship out; we have lots of boats to ship him out. He must change his tactics or admit tactical bankruptcy and leave.
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