PSL/NFD Promotion/Relegation

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11/04/2017 14:26 2 0

I've always believed the relegation/promotion criteria for the PSL/NFD has been questionable...i strongly feel it's unfair for NFD teams to play 30 games only to be granted 1 and half places into the PSL. NSL should look into this matter and change this.

2 and half places i think be enough, granting the winners and runner ups an automatic promotion into the PSL and letting the 3rd placed(NFD) then go through playoff matches with the 14th placed(PSL)

Yandisa Mtolo
18/04/2017 16:41 - 0 likes
On top of that.... not looking on further things.. i think the expantion will be very great..taking the teams to 18
Leeu Modise
11/04/2017 18:34 - 0 likes
I agree with you. something should happen about it