Lars Veldwijk

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29/03/2017 10:12 9 0

Veldwijk was flown in from Holland where he hasn't been on form, and didn't even get a minute of action for Bafana. Is he worth a future call-up, or is he being pushed out? Do we go back to Rantie, or give another striker a chance?

Maitri Shah
15/11/2017 16:49 - 0 likes
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hila mary
14/11/2017 11:58 - 0 likes
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WilliamMacfarlane WilliamMacfarlane
04/08/2017 10:52 - 0 likes
Lars should have got few more chances to prove himself. According to research articles in essaymania review indicate that there would be initial nervousness. If that settles one would perform their best.

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18/07/2017 12:18 - 0 likes
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26/06/2017 09:19 - 0 likes
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Daniel Heller
18/04/2017 07:56 - 0 likes
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steve cooper
29/03/2017 10:35 - 0 likes
Seems doff to bring him over and not use him, unless he was muck in training.
Nishant Gaurav
08/06/2017 06:28 - 0 likes
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Nishant Gaurav
08/06/2017 06:29 - 0 likes
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