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READER’S VIEW: Finally, it’s Shakes!

Posted: 5 August 2014 Time: 15:13 reader Walter Matshwi applauds SAFA's decision to appoint Shakes Mashaba as national coach, and believes we're finally headed in the right direction.

Let me also weigh in on the fanfare by applauding SAFA for finally regaining 'consciousness' with their appointment of Ephraim Mashaba as Bafana Bafana coach. Shakes' inauguration as the man at our national team's helm is just what the doctor ordered.

Many of us have correctly anticipated that with the regime change at SAFA house, which saw Dr Danny Jordaan take over from an embattled Kirsten Nematandani, it will bring about a paradigm shift in philosophy and orientation in our national team's character. Jordaan took over after many years of going back and forth without any working formula.

The next step for SAFA should be the appointment of a technical director that understands the origin of our football and the culture of our players, someone in the mould of Clive Barker.

Some pundits have taken to Twitter and other platforms, where there's been a subtle campaign for the appointment of current Kaizer Chiefs coach Stuart Baxter in this role. In my analysis this is the old guard that have always held the view that our football is too casual, therefore we needed to bring in some rigidity and hoof that many European teams where known for. Perhaps we must ask: how many foreign coaches have we brought in since then? And what effect did this have on our national team?

We must take a leaf out of Brazil's book, even after a disastrous World Cup on their home soil, they still went back and appointed a local coach (in former captain Dunga) to replenish their team. This shows that culture and philosophy in football to them is sacrosanct, thus they try all means to protect it from foreign influence.

I have read a report from former Kaizer Chiefs and Mamelodi Sundowns coach Ted Dumitru recently … wherein he came out to say that South African football lacks identity, with the chopping and changing that has characterised our football since our re-admission into international football in 1992, which brought Bafana Bafana's coach-sacking-toll to 24 (including caretakers), one cannot help but agree with the Romanian veteran coach.

Our football culture which used to fill stadiums in the 70s and 80s has been diluted by a lot of foreign influences. Unlike in successful countries like Spain, Germany and Brazil we have seen an influx of foreign managers (some average) taking over our local teams under the guise of helping our teams match European standards, but instead the ploy has seen our standards drop to non-entity.

Many soccer pundits from some sections of the media have been at the forefront of peddling this myth that our players need European influence because "they lack tactical discipline", this has instead chipped at some of the best attributes of our local football - the creativity, decisive dribbling, quick combinations of short passing, the slick movement and triangulation (that earned Mamelodi Sundowns the "Brazilians" tag) which made South African players special/unique, because they gave to international football what some footballing nationalities could not provide.

After so many years of meddling and tinkering without success, perhaps we all now ought to appreciate the fact that we are still at a rudimentary level and rally behind Shakes Mashaba in an effort to restore our football's identity.

By Walter Matshwi

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posted: 2014-08-05 13:33:00

Jah Neh !! people can write........

posted: 2014-08-05 14:22:25

It is true, we need to believe in our own coaches in SA, people who understand the culture of soccer within our country. The coach that will incorporate our Philosophy especially in our national team, we really need Identity. but we also need consistency regarding the coach.  

former buc_champ
posted: 2014-08-05 15:30:27

"Finally, its shakes " I can't wait for the day all these same people that is applauding bra shakes now, wants him out. Its like that here in Mzansi, one minute you're the hero the next a villain. Do we really know what we want and why so impatient to always go for shortcuts? When somebody talks about "long-term we are quick to agree but the minute we are not seeingthe fruits we complain, we sob, we get vviolent and act like hooligans, we destroys anything in our way, forgetting that we agreed on the very thing we fight against, so what do we really want? The world cup quick? Just quit international football for a few years, get the local game up to speed, compete fiercely in Africa and when we boss Africa only then we go international. Unfortunately we will always turn back to the drawing board and end up exactly where we started the time we promised ourselves the world, we always do and for as long as we are only obsessed with turning bafana into a world beater and forget that " its a long and time consuming process, blood sweat, understanding and togetherness " from the ground up, we will just be wasting another few years and come up with some other sick plan to do things. Funny but we are wasting time with bafana and this is now a trend that will continue for long cause we don't want to start at the very bottom. Just forget it! Once and always bucs.

posted: 2014-08-05 15:31:00

Good piece monna.I was all out in KO articles regarding bafana coach and hold shake's name high because he never failed at bafana but released for selecting his best that qualified for afcon.I think the natural flair has decreased largerly because of european influence,rigid desire to go forward(with no purpose but to hope but that some player can score) and players being not comfortable in basics but want to do fancy foot works.I'm KBY but think dolly and nomandela should get the basics rights before they can be esteemed as good player,zongo(same age group?)in his heyday beats them hand down on combining dribbling skills and well learnt basics.any coach local or foreign do not mind the tricky player on his side but not the one who hasn't perfected his passing skills,positioning,marking(even no 9 mark nowadays) then its easier to play frills soccer because you play with your given natural ability and necessary aspects of the game for any player.muller with basic skills mastered is necessary in bayern than a laffor at downs as the latter wants to take on players unnecessarily and holding on the ball to showboat when he rarely traps the ball well,has no clue on positioning himself for a goalscoring opportunity,can't mark and rarely hits a target.I believe in natural flair but only when we have mastered the basics though can it benefit bafana.

posted: 2014-08-05 15:32:41

Walter my friend there is no right track that we are on, as soon as bra shakes decides to pick/not pick someone and the know it all football fans start baying for his head and we fail to qualify for afcon, or go to afcon nd perform badly bra shakes will be shown the door and the next guy will come and the cycle will keep repeating itself like that.

former buc_champ
posted: 2014-08-05 15:37:58

Thami101 my point exactly cause everyone, including bra shakes  will walk the same road, making the same mistakes as in the past. Its in our genes to bump our heads over and over again. We say one thing while doing something completely different from what we should've. As long as this cycle don't change, bra shakes are doomed and will fail. Once and always bucs.

posted: 2014-08-05 15:40:57

To me, the appointment of Mr. Mashaba and release of Mr. Igesund is like prefering a brown bread over white but its still bread. South African soccer does not need this coach or that one. It needs wholistic change, especially at administration. I view all the coaches who had been hired before as proffessional contractors hired and paid big monies to build a mud house. How can any coach build a solid and strong team while there is not even the material to do so. Where in the world do you find a proffessional league with a top scorer of 10 goals? Where in the world do you find foreing players not known even in their own country being stars in a proffessional league? Applying for the Bafana coaching position is just to make money, nothing else.

posted: 2014-08-05 15:51:20

Buc-champ 14 

i agree with u fully mfethu but if i remember well u were one of the main people on this site baying for Gordons head, unjustifiably so i must add. When i refer to know it all 'football fans' in this country i include u.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that gi is a better coach than bra shakes!!! They've both coached in the psl and results are there for all of us to see. Anyhow bra shakes is not a bad coach and if theknow it all football fans and suffer can give him a fair chance and not expect him to perform miracles I'm sure he can help squad to be competitive again and gradually return us into the top 5 teams in Africa. That's unless offcourse his thumb sucked mandate from suffer is to 'reach the semi final of afcon 2015 and to win chan 2016'

posted: 2014-08-05 19:08:20

Shakes...shakes...shakes...plz dont hook on serame neh...hv a complete new approach to bb...wit all repoted storms at bb..serame hs been 2quaet...he wil delay yo plans trying 2tel u wht hapened...ur an archiever from yo playing days...rope in de likes of shoes lesiba neh...its tym now we utilize our experienced real yestertalent wit both ritual n modern knowhow..not media freaks...ask kc 2loan u masango aswell..

posted: 2014-08-06 15:24:18

@Water Matshwi

Water, water, water / Walter watever u r,plz stop ryt there!

''The next step for SAFA should be the appointment of a technical director''.

No Mr Water, i'm sory bt u've got dat 1 wrong.

The nxt step for SAFA shuld b thinking abt de replacement of shakes, sum1 that understands the origin of our football and the culture of our players, someone in the mould of Clive Barker.

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