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Reader’s View: Sundowns killing our football

Posted: 14 June 2012 Time: 15:12

After making some analysis regarding Bafana Bafana, I have reached the following conclusion: Mr [Patrice] Motsepe has turned our football into an auction and it is killing our football.

I will give examples of good players who disappeared after joining Sundowns and which has had a negative impact on Bafana.

Innocent Mdledle and Sibusiso Khumalo are quality left-backs, but they are sitting in the stands because Sundowns signed Punch [Masenamela] and now Tebogo Langerman. People say Bafana have no cover on the left of defence, but we have Bafana material in one team and the rest will always suffer.

Katlego Mphela is playing second fiddle to Nyasha Mushekwi, and former Bafana player Richard Henyekane can’t even make the bench. And now they want to sign Manqele from Free State Stars – another Bafana player. He will be the third-choice striker for Sundowns, so how can we expect him to be selected for Bafana?

We will continue calling for Bhele [Siyabonga Nomvete] and Benni [McCarthy] to be included because at least they are playing week in and week out.

Former Under-23 skipper Ramahlele Mphahlele is sitting in the stands and we talk about continuity, but how can he be selected while sitting in the stands. When he was playing for Swallows he was indeed Bafana material.

They want Kennedy Mweene, the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Goalkeeper of the Tournament and Zambia’s number 1, and then what will happen to Wayne Sandilands, Bafana’s number 2 keeper? He will lose his Bafana position. Just ask Calvin Marlin …

They want to sign Erick Mathoho, another Bafana player, but what will happen to Siyanda Xulu? He will sit on the bench and his Bafana career will be over. The young Sangweni [Thamsanqa] joined Downs, so what happens to Hlompo Kekana?

Good prospects (remember Reagan Noble, Kurt Lentjies, Koketso Mmotong, Franklin Cale, Mabhuti Khenyeza, Matty Pattison, Papi Zothwane) disappear after joining Downs. Money is killing football in South Africa because a player will rather earn R150 000 per month and sit on Downs’ bench. Players will rather drive the latest BMW than play for Bafana?

We should stop blaming SAFA and coaches while Downs should take some blame for Bafana’s lack of quality players.

Concerned Football Fanatic Fuse Tinyiko Mashaba

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posted: 03:37 pm
Every one is entitled to their own opinion, however ill informed it is!!! If you cannot perfrom leave Sundowns, This is a free market Sundwons is free to buy whoever they like. Let the broke people stop complaining. There are no social grants in football!!!
posted: 03:38 pm
Buy Motsepe Buy
Mo G
posted: 03:41 pm
Could have said it better myself Mr. Mashaba
Mfana Wa Style
posted: 03:44 pm
I will be writting a counter arguement to this one Tiyani and i hope you publish it here on KO. you guys have a vendetta against Sundowns yong, sies man. tomorrow i will send my response and i expect you to publish it!!
posted: 03:48 pm
Fuse i am not sure if all your fuses are working but i doubt.

All these players you mentioned whom Sundowns have destroyed their future they had a choice to make and they decided to join Sundowns wether for the money or playing soccer we dont know. Mdledle, Henyekane, Khumalo, Mphahlele all these players were never Bafana regulars so in what way does this affect Bafana's poor performance?

We all know that Bafana's misery has nothing to do with Sundowns but players playing for Bafana with no merit. Players who are crutches but walk staright into the team, players who have no winning mentality but continue playing for the national team, players who are mediocre but made stars by the media is the cause of Bafana's failure bar the coach.

By the way i dont support Sundowns and dont believe Sundowns is doing anything wrong with their money. People will tel you money wont buy you success but when Chelsea finally wins the champions league they keep mum because success can be bought. In short Fuse leave sundowns alone.
posted: 03:58 pm
I second u on this 1 Tinyiko but also the problem is they made their choices so u cant also blame Sunflops
posted: 04:06 pm
Order Mr Fuse. Every former Bafana coach made recommendations to SAFA but nothing happened. It cant be overemphasized that development is a problm here. Bucs won everything but were eliminated in the pre-stage of the champions league. There's nothing wrong with Bucs, it's the std of futbol in this country. It's amazing that ppl think it's good wen the lig is decided on the last day, and not realise the problm of incosistency in this lig.
posted: 04:12 pm
People r in denial Sundowns has indeed killed the national team where are Vilakazi,Zothwane,Ndlela,Ramokala,Mphahlele,Mdledle,Cale,Henyekane the list is endless good prospective Bafana players whose careers were killed by Downs & greediness
posted: 04:20 pm
100% spot on,truth hurts and is shame for south african football considering the amont of talent being wasted there,we like it or not,it affects our national team,...its true,if mweene signs for sunflops,then sandilands gonna be relegated to the bench

the story of four quality leftbacks in one team bears testimony to that and i strongly beleive if another strong leftback emerge from somewhere,punch will findhimself on the bench

the likes of mangoba ngwenya are gone because of this ill advised and illinformed signing spree.....
posted: 04:23 pm
Mashaba yo'moer! You never said a word when your Khoza & Kaizer egree to cancel the Charity Cup to make a space for their Black Label Cup, You never said a word when your Khoza & Kaizer egree to cut 2 teams to remain 16 team in the PSL. Up to now you dont know what to say about all that, you only want to f''k Sundowns with your shit comment. GO TO HELL MASHABA.
posted: 04:27 pm
stupid mashaba u gt no brain sucses of ol nation build on gud youth development ghana ivory coast evn zambia dey gt gud youth structure u overluk crucial point our under 17 20 23 hv neva participate in world championshp recently luk at the clas of 2000 whch compete at olympics dey were core of bafana lyks of benni fortune so get ur facts ryt ppl lyk u who mislead sa ftbol n ur frend jounalist
posted: 04:33 pm
This Fuse guy is an Idiot at Best! How can he link Bafana to Sundowns?? Hahahaha This is hilarious. Does Motsepe point a gun in these players faces to sign players? So this Clown thinks Mdledle is our Saviour hehehe.
This dissappointing from Kickoff editors. How did you come to the conclusion that this "opinion" is worthy of public consumption.
Tomorrow it will be "Sundowns killing Men Se.x Drive"
posted: 04:38 pm
Mashaba GO TO HELL: All sundowns players are happy except you Kaizer chips fan/supporter. You sound like you not living in South Africa bcos you dont know what you talking about, stupit Mashaba.
posted: 04:44 pm
Your are a drunk. Your arguments are of someone who has drunk a cheap homemade beer! Stick to the facts about this article. It is not about carling black label. Eish.
Mr Editor, please sieve out some of these nonsense comments. They waste our time in reading quality feedback. Or run two sections for those who are mentally challenged and those who want to find sense and logic in other people's point of view. Ayeye Sweyts... Thank you.
posted: 04:50 pm
Much as i agree with Fuse that players are wasted at Downs, I disagree that Downs is to blame. Players greed is to blame. Just like our politicians, our players and SAFA are greedy to the detriment of SA football. Can anyone explain how Little Napoleon was misled by Downs to join them? He was just greedy, like the rest of them. Our Bafana players, most from Chiefs and Downs, who have no winning mentality, have no shame of complaining about money while not performing. All this is down to greed, and lack of football passion. Just check at how Shabba and killer celebrate their goals, with no passion at all, and compare to how lekgwathi celebrates. With passion. You can see he really wants to win, while those two imbeciles want to do little dances with their little brains.
posted: 04:53 pm
Hhay Khona Tinyiko, how can you call yoursself a football fanatic, but have such a narrow minded view on Bafana's current state? If Sundowns buys players, and instead of fighting for their position they cower behind full salaries whilst sitting on the stands, would you call that Bafana material?? Many bloggers have said this, that we South Africans like to glorify mediocrity, your so called Bafana Material get bullied to the bench by B-Grade Zim imports(with all due respect to Zim players) You want these players to go to so called minor teams, where your argument will be that they play every week and demand their inclusion to the squad, whereas they failed to compete with the best at Sundowns. What do you say about the players who went head first and came out tops? Those good prospects of yours just didn't make the cut at Sundowns and they went to other teams, they are still playing aren't they? if they choose not to succeed after Sundowns, then why is that Sundowns' fault? Teko no longer made the cut at Pirates, and Sundowns took him in, did he lay back and die like your "Prospects"?? What are we saying about our strike force if our top strikers get relegated to the bench by Nyasha? who is by no means Zimbabwe's best striker. Are you saying those players who fizzled out and died, deserved to play more than the ones who were playing at the time?? At the end of the day a player has to beat the best to be the best, they had a choice, to either stay for the money, fight and beat the best, or go look for greener pastures. When Pirates and Chiefs had all the players, no one complained, how many players are currently warming the benches of these two teams? The real issue is SA FOOTBALL, not Sundowns.
posted: 04:53 pm
It is a very distesfull comment made as Mamelodi Sundowns is not a national squad and has all the right to sign a player of their choice.
If you look at a team you support; are those thirty players (as your favourate team has +-five players in bafana squad I believe) not Bafana Material; how many foreigners in PSL (I am not zenofobic; was Joseph forcible retirement caused by Sundowns. For your information, Zothwane was killed by Bafana Bafana, since his last game for Bafana he never came right again.
Fuse; you are so bitter for your team cannot sign any player not out of contract and you use Bafana Bafana to push your agenda.I suppose you have a BLOODY AGENT mentality.

By the way soccer is nor longer a sport, is a business and career and will you be happy if a player of Mathoho calibre sign for R200 000 instead of his market value of R9.4 Million? People of your thinking need Jomo to sort you out (ask Ajax)
Mr K
posted: 04:58 pm
Mr Motsepe is NOT killing our football, the players GREED is the one killing soccer, Mabalane,Miyeni,Klate chose not to go to Downs so is their greed killing them not Patrice.
posted: 05:01 pm
First of all,is Sundowns the only team with left backs?And if we put the potential left back from the national team,what is Punch doing in the squad?
Secondly,if Mphela is off form and Mushekwi is on form who would you play?Why do you have to call Bhele and Benni?Based on your argument,If Manqele is Bafana material then he should be called.
And the Mweene story is misguieded.Theres no such.
or sure we want Mathoho,and we signed Sangweni,they are quality.Dont you want your team to have good reinforcement.What will happen if Xulu/Hlompho gets injured?
If the "Good prospects" you named were that good then they would have made the cut into any team,and ultimately Bafana.We have 16 teams in the PSL alone.We cant blame one team for aquiring what they deem necessary for their succes.Amen!!
Mr K
posted: 05:03 pm
Bafana was long DEAD, check now the most decorated coaches are still not in the national team but a coach with an achievment of saving a team from religation is our National coach, even Manqoba Mqithi has something better to show off that our current national coach, so Bro please leave Patrice out of this and look deep into WE ARE DEAD(SAFA)
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