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Togo captain Emmanuel Adebayor had some strong words on the state of the pitch at the Mbombela Stadium

Posted: 31 January 2013 Time: 06:47

Togo captain Emmanuel Adebayor had some strong words on the state of the pitch at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

The Tottenham striker saw his side holding on for a 1-1 draw with Tunisia, which was enough to see his side through to the last eight, where they will play against Burkina Faso.

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While he was elated with the result, the lanky marksman had some less than complimentary words about the playing surface.

“Once again we are in Africa - Afcon is a big tournament for Africa - the whole world are watching this, you can’t play on a pitch like this.

“To be honest with you I’m very sorry but it’s a disgrace for our continent to be playing on this pitch when it’s on the TV around the world.”

“Those people that watch the game in Europe, they will be sending sms’s to me tonight asking me, ‘are you playing in the bush or what’, it’s a disgrace to our continent, we can do better.”

The problem arose after soil had been thrown on the pitch to sort out the wet surface which arose after several days of heavy rain - a move which was apparently not sanctioned by the Confederation of African football (CAF).

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Champions League 2nd Star (Back-To-Back Double Treble Success)
posted: 08:18 am
Adebayor and other stars like Katongo and Uche knows we are better than this as South Africans.
Remember some of these stars like Adebayor retired at International level and only agreed to come to South Africa because they knew we had world class stadiums but now they become surprised to find pig-sties when they arrive here..!
It's really unfair fellow South Africans to slam this guys..!!!
Tico MP
posted: 08:21 am
posted: 08:21 am
What I'd suggest is that, whoever is going to pay for the use of that stadium, he/she must make sure that the agreed amount is paid in full or no money is to be paid, the owner should sued for their positive malperformance
Chiefs Zobafenda Bonke 13/14
posted: 08:23 am
wena mdidi dont mix issues of the bad pitch with the stadia, dats not a bush environment wenaa uyadelela lento emnyama okwe nsizi yebodwe
posted: 08:23 am
What I'd suggest is that, whoever is going to pay for the use of that stadium, he/she must make sure that the agreed amount is NOT paid in full or no money is to be paid, the owner should sued for their positive malperformance
posted: 08:23 am
zambia complained and pipo thought its an excuse its ####### sheet pitch usless arganisers shame as if u are playing beach football idoits
posted: 08:25 am
safa poor organising, that pitch its a disgrace vele & the refree mr daniels is also a disgrace
Dooba [Glory Deferred]
posted: 08:26 am
Although Afropessimism seems to be running in most these Africans who will later cry foul when gorillas run a xenophobic moment on them, it should be taken into consideration that CAF itself is to blame here, not to mention the LOC... the Mbombela muni9cpality and Bobby are not to blame here... LOC and CAF should have made arrangements for Mbombela games because you expect project managers to assess the overall risk of staging an event, which also include projecting the risk of natuaral disasters like heavy rains... that is to say they should have always had a Plan B...

So CAF and LOC as project managers should be blamed here! Polkwane is not far, they should have convienienced people to shift their plans to Polokwane in advance!
posted: 08:26 am
but Bobby built the stadium they should tell him that rubbish ..... the fat ngulube ...up the bucs
Double Treble Champ-Marapo
posted: 08:34 am
Do they even have a stadium in Togo, this Chiefs mentality of licking the White azzs shoould stop from our black brothers and sisters. Adebayo should make plastic surgery and voetsek from our continent.

First the Togolese state president had to beg him to come play in his continent and now this. I hate it when people undermine themselves. Yesterday a certain Ma-Eddie was at it also sh*tting about how Sangweni should learn English, thats bulldung.

What has Adebayor done to help the situation? NOTHING!!! so he should shut his stinking mouth or voetsek. He forgets that he grew up in Togo eating lizards and all those funny stuff.
posted: 08:34 am
The decision of NOT taking the AFCON games to Cape Town Stadium, Vodacom Park etc. is a result of FAILURE by the Municipalities to bid for hosting the AFCON game, so plzzz colleagues let us not blame the wrong people
posted: 08:34 am
y pour sand on the grass, don't u know when it rains sand becomes muddy, u want good football but u don't check the ground, ai stop commenting for the sake of it, if you have played soccer you would understand y he is crying foul
CJB Ramses III
posted: 08:35 am
Only a fool can slam Adebayor... only a fool will make comparisons between SA & Togo... Togo is not hosting the damn thing... only a fool will contest that this is a disgrace for Africa...

The groundsmen, all of them, should be charged with high treason....

The excuses are pathetic.... it was not only raining heavily in Mbombela alone, plus there were so many other means to mitigate the situation...

Covers could have been used, flushing the drainage system, nitting artificial grass with the kikuyu grass and every World cup stadium has a standby pitch ready to be relayed should everything else fail...

For how much longer should we tolerate sub-standards in this country....?!
posted: 08:39 am
But this doesn't make sense. The pitch is pathetic, whether or not he comes from Togo.
posted: 08:41 am
Tisetso, its not about whether they have a better pitch in togo. You said u were ready to host. U lied, because that pitch still looks like a bomb site. Its not togo that is hosting
Double Treble Champ-Marapo
posted: 08:42 am
Yes we can all see that Mbombela is not in a good shape but bitching about it with those Europeans and teasing the whole continent is bulldung. We don't have to care about what those white Bit*ches think about us since they don't give a damn about us too.

Adebayor should talk like a good ambassador of the continent, he should talk in a sense that helps the situation not start comparing and calling names. I am going to start hating this chameleon, he is not proud of his roots.

I mean he is even not black but DARK, but he still thinks he is white. Voetsek you black sunday.
khosi&rising 4 life
posted: 08:45 am
Mbombela's pitch looks terrible, i wanda why loc didn't take the games to Peter Mokaba or even Orlando. But to tell us bout Europeans!! come on Adebayor, look at Old Trafford it is one the greatest teams' stadium in the world but the players are struggling to play there. The mistake was made by LOC we have so many World class stadiums here in mzansi i.e. Cape Town, Athlone, Ellis Park, Vodacom Park, Loftus the list is endless wena Adebayor. Eish mara LOC le ya bona jwale le tlo re tentsha ka batho bana?
DTC Spiritual Owner AKA Jomo Sono
posted: 08:47 am
Great Nations Take Criticism to heart, acknowledge their mistake, apologise and work to improve things in future. Adebayo,Katongo et al might be coming from less fortunate economies but have played in some of the best soccer turfs around the world. Most importantly they know what RSA is capable of and they are venting their frustration and anger towards the condition of the Mbombela pitch.

Soccer lovers should refrain from confusing topics, Adebayo and Katongo complained about the Mbombela turf and for my fellow country men and women to attack Togo and Zambia state of economy is irrelevant and childish.


 Mbomble turf is not in good condition
 Rain has spread the whole of RSA so no excuse
 Stadium maintenance management failed in preparing a world standard turf
 In Europe in rains heavily than RSA but still turfs are maintained

Generally the overall organization of this AFCON 2013 was poor, especially given the fact that we have just organized the best world cup ever. So it is normal for people to be surprised as what went wrong all of a sudden.
posted: 08:49 am
Forgive this guy he has seen a lot with AFCON & CAF. 1st in Angola they were attacked by rebels which subsiquently led to them being suspended in the tourney. But is a shame that he is not mentioning the support his team received from local fans in Mbombela. The fans did make up for the nasty pitch.
posted: 08:49 am
South africans will always defend the indefensible. Its that mediocrity thing in their genes. they dont know how silly they sound, poor clowns
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